Remembering Librarians Kathy Krasniewicz and Kate McClelland

The Greenwich Times profiles the two librarians killed in the tragic crash reported here earlier today. The two were headed home to CT from ALA when the taxi van they were riding in was slammed into by another driver.

The library's head of youth services, Kathy Krasniewicz, 54, of Palmer Hill Road, Riverside, and former youth services director Kate McClelland, 71, of Dorchester Lane, Riverside, were killed in the accident, cause by an alleged drunk driver.

"We received the tragic news of the passing of our colleagues in Denver today," said library Director Kevin McCarthy, who declined to comment further Wednesday evening. "It's too raw at the moment. The shock has not worn off yet."


I have known Kathy for over 25 years. Her second youngest daughter was in our wedding, for which Kathy made a beautiful dress for her to wear. She was my sisters best friend and this is so sad. I still cant believe its true.

Kathy we will miss you.

Alan and Judi Schectman

I went to school with Kathy in Bronxville. I am so sorry for her family's broken heart. It sounds like she was beloved by many people.
My prayers go out to her family.

Barbara Dempsey

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