Red Mars available for free download on Kindle


Here is the Amazon record for the paperback edition of Red Mars (Mars Trilogy) that sells for $7.99

The Kindle edition can be downloaded for free on Amazon: Red Mars (Kindle edition)

This is a good strategy by the publisher. Red Mars is the first book in a trilogy. If people download the first book and really enjoy it they may buy the second and third book. Those sell for $6.39 a piece. Green Mars
Blue Mars


If you have a iPod Touch or iPhone you should be able to get the Kinle software and get these books for free also.

Kindle for IPhone for US only

I wrote a comment about this a couple of weeks ago in the free Harlequin books story.

You can download these books there in other formats. If you have a Sony reader they'll also be available for free there.


Damn. If you have a Sony reader they will also be free in the Sony ebook store.

Here are some other free books from standard publishers.

Ballantine Books: His Majesty's Dragon

Ballantine Books: Settling Accounts Return Engagement: Book One of the Settling Accounts Trilogy

Bantam: Blood Engines

Crossway Books: The Holy Bible English Standard Version (ESV)
Note: The ESV (English Standard Version) translation is not in the public domain so you would typically have to pay to get this version. You can get a bible from Project Gutenberg but it won't be an ESV.

Delacorte Press: Persuader


Baen Books has been doing this for years. Their Free Library has the first (and sometimes more) books in a bunch of series, plus some single novels, by a wide range of their authors. And, no equipment restrictions!

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