Recataloging Lance Armstrong Titles in Australia

Sign in the Manly Library Australia reassigns his titles to Fiction

Lance Armstrong's fall from grace after admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs shows no signs of slowing.

The professional cycling fraternity has shunned him, the sponsors have dropped him and just about everyone else he's ever crossed is about to sue him.

And now, his books - once an inspirational story of how to overcome adversity - have been re-shelved and re-categorised from 'must-read autobiography' to 'fiction.'


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Lance Armstrong's books

Lance Armstrong Recataloging & Shifting

What about Mark McGwire & a huge number of other pro athletes?

Or indeed

Or the Bible or any other religious book?

I'd guess the definition of factual is the context in which it was originally written, not what has been proved/disproved since.

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