Readers Are Abandoning Print, Yet Don’t Trust the Web

A new report finds that even as people abandon print publications, they distrust the information they read online.

Full piece at the NYT Bits Blog


Depends what you are talking about. For example I trust what BBC News tells me but I would be more wary of something I read on Digital Spy's forums, or Fark. I trust Snopes but don't trust anything on Fox News.
By lumping in everything online you can't have a fair understanding of what people do and don't trust. It needs to be broken down even more. Like a direct comparison of online sites and their print editions. Do you trust the print edition of a paper less than it's online version? Maybe you should if it is out of date, or incorrect and uncorrected. But if you don't know it's out of date or incorrect what about then?

People should always be distrustful of what they read, even in print. Isn't that part of information literacy to evaluate the sources of information?

Yes, but I think it's wrong to make the generalised statement that article does.
If it said that people distrust 50% of the 'professional' resources that is a more important point that just saying they don't believe 50% of everything they see online.
I need it broken down to make it a proper assessment.
If people are evaluating resources and thinking they are distrustful we need to know why and what can be done to help. Also just because someone doesn't trust something doesn't mean it shouldn't be trusted of course.

I don't believe any of this!

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