Read At Work

Librarians do *not* sit around reading books all day but despite that, you might want to check out this cool website from New Zealand "Read at Work" sponsored by the NZ Book Council.


They sit around and read lisnews all day!

Maybe it's just me, but after the opening sequence, I was unwilling to proceed farther as a naive computer user.

Here's what I saw: A 15-30 second wait period, including a Windows "65% loaded" message.

Then a "Windows/bc" logon screen with the book council as a user.

Then what looks like a replica of a fairly busy Windows desktop with icons.

With no real guidance as to what should happen next--but this uneasy feeling that I was in a remote computing environment, with all the potential threats that entails.

Maybe this is one where you need to know the secret handshake before the cool becomes obvious?

It is a little disconcerting.

A site that uses Widows BC? (not Windows)

Geez, where did they learn their web design skills some Russian virus house? :)

I have sent the URL along to HFI, the organization from which I obtained my Certified Usability Analyst certification (one of the few certificates I've found that was not a read a book - take an easy test sort of thing.) They love to discuss unusual designs like this.

I did go to it on a box that I format frequently (just in case), and it is indeed amusing, but they must send out a note with the URL that it is really not going to give them a virus or screw up their computer. It is clever, if you go be sure to click on the start button. It is especially amusing on a non-windows box. I may throw it on a few boxes at work to perplex my co-workers.

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