Michigan Live has a decent Story on the ol\' R-Rated Video checkout debate. They do a good job covering both sides of the issue. Should libraries \"rent\" R-Rated videos to Kids? If they can\'t do it at Blockbuster why should they be able to do it at a library?

\"Libraries exist to provide a window to the world. How far open the window should be is a matter of debate -- and it\'s not a new one.\"MOre from MI Live

\"Parents must read and sign the following statement before a card can be issued to a child:

\"I agree to be responsible for the supervision of my child\'s use of Library resources, and understand that all materials in the Library, including electronic access to the Internet, are not age-restricted and that it is my responsibility to supervise my child\'s access to this information.\"

Library officials say they haven\'t had any public outcry.

\"We haven\'t heard anyone clamoring for change, so it isn\'t really an issue right now,\" said Carl Meyering, a member of the Grand Rapids library board.

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