Quiet Please the TV Show?

Scott Douglas blogs about his brief attempts to sell "Quiet, Please" to Hollywood, and posts the first episode to a TV Pilot based on the book: http://www.scottdouglas.org/tvpilot.htm. Scott's original blog post is found at http://speakquietly.blogspot.com/2009/01/quiet-please-tv-show.html.

The script is available for direct download. Perhaps the pilot could be adapted into a short for The Dam Short Film Festival or CineVegas Film Festival?


All to often the media is concerned about the young.Channel 4 is the worst offender it shows endless repeats of Friends. They could not act their way of a paper bag. Then comes Big Brother, OH PLEASE, that is an insult to our intelligence, this programme is a rip off.The only time I would watch such garbage if they all got shot.If viewers vote for this con. then they deserve all that they get. Then there is the Wright Stuff UGH|||
Then of course there is Breakfast that should have been scrapped years ago.
TV at is worst is ageist,nothing for the old at all.