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To whom it may concern;

I am mrsnicelunchlady which is a title given me by children before I finished my degree in education. Yes. Folks I am a licensed teacher in Ohio and the producer of LISTen. I was the publisher for the bulletin also. We opted to go with the less slick print job in order to get more copies in the hands of people so we could get feedback. My e-mail was given for this purpose. I am sure you all remember from elementary school report cards that page of N or S where S is satisfactory and N is needs work. The teacher in me would give librarians a big N in the follows directions category. If you have a comment or problem tell it to the person that could possibly do something about it rather than Blake or Stephen in terms of the Bulletin. Second hand information is open to interpretation and generally sucks as gossip.

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>The teacher in me would give librarians a big N in the follows directions category.

So where are these directions we were supposed to follow?

Why don't you link to whatever you are talking about because I have no idea what you are talking about.

The poster is referring to a print-only publication that is not archived digitally anywhere.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS
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Not entirely sure what this post is about, but scolding the LISNews community like elementary schoolchildren isn't likely to change any behaviors or gain any readership...or respect.

This is how nice people behave? With passive-aggressive bitchiness?

Clearly, the children at your school had a much better grasp of irony than you did then or still do today.

1. Just because you are a teacher != everyone has to be nice to you
2. Print editions != better/wider distribution channel

p.s. Having to *explain* the feedback process = F for implementation
p.p.s. Complaining that nobody followed the directions != extra points

This one was related to a print-only thing of which only 126 copies exist on Earth. I wouldn't worry about it.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

at the very least give those of us who subscribe to this feed to get interesting links a little background so we know what you're talking about - what is LISTen? I have no clue what you are responding to at ALL.

Even though I laid hands on the LISNews Bulletin, a print publication that was made available at CiL, I did not read closely enough to catch that there was an email address for comments. I assumed Stephen Kellat was the key person behind the project, since he posted about it. Since I've been collegial with Stephen in the past via LISNews, I gave him my impressions of what the reception was to the LISNews Bulletin. They were not in the least bit favorable, which I relayed, as I am in the practice of being honest with colleagues. As far as I know, this publication exists solely in print, so that unless you kept a copy that you might have picked up at CiL, you won't have anything to comment on to the correct person mentioned in this post.
Stephen--I am so sorry to have turned this into sh*tstorm. (Yeah....I know, mrsstephensmom---"N" for language.)LISTen is a podcast that Stephen does, but has nothing to do with this discussion, as far as I can tell.
I am an oldster from the LISNews olden days and have to say this is one of the weirdest exchanages I've ever had here. And why I keep my account. That, and I owe Blake my stellar success in this madcap profession.

"Everything I've ever known is a chicken fight."
--David Webb, Gamecock owner

Nothing to worry about, Rochelle.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

As if Rochelle has anything to apologize for. Pfft.

Can someone provide a PDF of the LISNews Bulletin? I would like to see what people are talking about.

nope, nobody can. Its one of those print-only things.

It wasn't made in a word processor?

If it started digital it could be made into a PDF in 3 seconds.

I'm aware of that. Just trying to make a funny comment.

It would be awesome if it was typeset on an old-fashioned printing press, though.

Maybe this should die a timely death?
/flame on

whenever I read threads like this, I wish Blake would disable anonymous comments. but I know that's not realistic. I still post anonymously because I'm too lazy to sign in, but more often because what I want to say is stupid. but I think I would be willing to forfeit some privacy in order to avoid these threads. the.effing.librarian: shoe size 10 1/2. (that's me giving up some privacy.)

So what is up with the picture?

Therefore I will take any instruction given -- except from talking dogs. I saw that movie and I know what they're up to.

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