Prayer Request

My learned colleague Liana Lehua serves at the studios of Podango Productions in San Francisco. On October 4th she went radio silent on Twitter. As I feared something to be wrong I recently attempted to make contact.

From what I can gather, Liana is at UCLA Medical dealing with an unknown illness. I fear this may be related to her being admitted to UMC during BlogWorldExpo after fainting at a party. When we had the chance to talk to Liana off the record I did state at BlogWorldExpo that the crew here would be available to help her if she wished such. We still are quite willing to relocate to help keep Podango running.

Podango Productions appears set to liquidate its entire studio in the coming week. If this is the same physical problem that plagued Liana at BlogWorldExpo, then it has been quite a few weeks in which nobody has been able to figure out what is wrong. All in all, this is not a good situation.

The whole New Media landscape in the US would be taking a significant blow if Podango vanished. Key things they provided for various content producers were guidance as well as aid in professionally producing content. Right now they're one of the few vendors out there that provides this sort of service to those who need it. While my crew is able to do some of this on a contract basis we don't nearly have the hardware and facilities to fully match such.

I ask prayers for Liana that she may be restored in health. Right now this is a scary time for her and her family. That health crisis has also put Podango into a crisis. The whole matter is quite messy to say the least.

I really do not want to get into a discussion of theodicy at this point. All I can say is that the situation sucks mightily.

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I'll send it her way. I feel weird saying prayers, because I know, being in a similar situation, having people say "I'll pray for you," while really sweet, well-intentioned, and yes, appreciated, also just leaves me thinking, prayers are nice, empathy better, and a push for an answer/cure/decent treatment is even better. It feels very ungrateful to think that... People do care, and they're telling you... It's still pretty damn lonely.

But she's not alone... and she doesn't know me from the next broad.... and sometimes, both giving the prayers and empathy and receiving it feel a little awkward, and insufficient... She is certainly in my thoughts, prayers, and I can certainly empathize.

I don't know her health situation other than what you've described, Stephen... and I know this sucks to hear... but diagnosing anything -- acute, chronic, terminal, or just a freakin' annoying, totally debilitating condition that won't kill you but makes you believe every single day the Old Testament God is alive, well, and smiting you mightily -- a few weeks is par for the course. It's usually just the beginning of the journey. Many illnesses, especially the autoimmune varieties (there are tons of them, too... that will screw with blood pressure and all sorts of things, and cause a million seemingly unrelated symptoms) take years. Five, ten. In my case, I had a misdiagnosis for twenty, and the hallmark symptom only got unbearable in the last six years. It took five years to figure out what it was. I had the official word given a year ago. We figured out the previous condition was a milder form of the present diagnosis.

On a hopeful note, they are taking her seriously. They generally don't admit to the hospital otherwise. It's scary in any circumstance, but it's really scary when you have no clue what's going on, feel horrible, and actually have doctors tell you you are faking it, or ask you what you are avoiding in life. It will make her diagnosing time shorter, as the first two years of my downturn ended up being a string of doctors who said I was fine, or that every strange test result was a fluke.

She is in my thoughts, and I hope she doesn't have a long haul to find out what it is -- and I hope she finds out it is easily, and completely treatable, if it doesn't have an outright cure. It's frustrating as hell not knowing what's going on. Doctors say a diagnosis doesn't mean much. It does. It is a relief, even if it's something quite nasty, to at least *know* what you're facing.

Every prayer, karma point, and positive thought I have today goes in her direction.

Of course we will keep her in our prayers (conversations w/ Creator)

Mi Takuye Oyacin (We Are ALL Related)

Please pray for me and my familly.

Please lift up Diane in prayer. She has a drinking problem and will not
admit it. Pray that she will see this problem and seek help. Pray that God
will help her and the people that love her.She has given up on life and

my stepdad is in the hospital possibly near death, please pray for his healing, he is in so much pain, he can't breathe well now and can now barely speak, please pray that god will give his another chance at life and that he may follow the right path

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