Possible LISNews Meetup In Orlando?

Any LISNewsterz in the Orlando area?

I'm going to be in town for a conference November 17th - 19th.

Maybe if there's any interest we could get together?

[Update 11-10-2008 1:1pm Eastern Time]

So a couple people said they will be in the neighborhood. It looks like I'm booked until 7 on Tuesday, and 6 Wed. and Thurs. I don't know the best place to meet, but I can only assume my hotel, the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, is way too expensive to just have a few drinks. I will have a rental car and I don't mind driving, but I have no idea where would be a good place to meet.

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I am in Orlando now, for a tax conference. I am up to meetup in MCO in a few weeks.

Well, this is a trip I cannot afford. Unless I can get there on a tank or two of gas I am not going much of anywhere. That restricts me to places within Nevada as well as going to Los Angeles on I-15.
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I have about seventeen billion American Airlines frequent flier miles. I don't think there are too many direct LAS-MCO flights, but I know there are a number of connections. I can have them bang out a ticket for that.

Orlando is not far (well in the sense that 90 minutes is not far) from the Tampa area, if anyone needs accomodation in Clearwater (a few miles from Tampa) I am certain those could be arranged. I've even put my lifesize cut out of Gov. Palin in storage (until 2012).

I just left a tax conference with 3000 people at the Marriott World Center I can check into group rates if we need those.

So if anyone is considering going dinner is on mdoneil !

Otherwise I will be in Buffalo in the early part of December.

(I have an annual pass to Universal theme park.) I need to check my work schedule.

But FYI: if you can get to the Mall at Millenia (a couple of exits north on I-4), check out the happy hour bar food at McCormich & Schmick's... it's awesome!!! food is like $3-$5 and it's the same quality as on the regular menu ($$$).
go to mccormick and schmick's website for sample menu (each location has a different menu, but the last time I was in Orlando, their menu was great).
really, it's only 5-10 minutes north of Orlando, so it's worth the drive.
(yes, I bus tables there when I'm not librarianning.)

and Spider-man and...

So if you guys do something on the day (tuesday), don't try to hide from me because I will find you and I will order the biggest damn steak in the place if mdoneil is paying. :)

Orlando is far-ish, but I go a couple times a year to use this annual pass to Universal Studios, so that day is as good as any other. Whether you guys do something or not, my trip won't be wasted.