Porn in planes leading some airlines to filter their Wi-Fi

<a href=",0,1721135.story?track=rss">What's the newest duty for flight attendants</a>? Making sure passengers aren't looking at porn. While JetBlue filters their Wi-Fi connection, American Airlines leaves monitoring up to the in-flight staff. Flight attendants aren't happy about this though:


The title selected for the summary is a little misleading. It's not that there are issues with people viewing pornography, but rather that flight attendants are worried that people might view pornography. Since wi-fi is still a relatively new offering and being tested, they are planning on seeing how much of an issue it becomes. So the headline should be "Possibility of porn" or something.

Of course, last I checked planes have issues with printed pornography and people doing other things *cough* mile-high club*cough* all around the plane. How is this much different? Last I checked the flight attendants do not examine everyone's reading material and then hand it back to them. The article quotes someone from American who makes the same point about sex and planes being an ongoing problem, even without Internet access.

I think more havoc has been wrecked on airline flights by the rivers of booze that keep the cash flowing and the passengers pliable.

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