Polish Librarians...Check Out "Pullover" (Pulowerek.pl)

Pulowerek.pl is the "different" Polish website for librarians....named after a characteristic part of stereotypical librarian uniform (cardigan-vest). Our idea is simple: bring maximum entertainment, maximum fun, maximum auto-irony to the dusty world of professional bookworms.

We publish new articles 6 times a week. News, reviews, comic strips, contests, online games, multimedia selections - always something new to cheer up and inspire librarians. Last year (among other contest) we organized Polish edition of "Pimp my bookcart" competition.

Soon, on May 11th Pulowerek celebrates its 2nd birthday! We invite everyone to visit our site and have some fun [...and use google translate possibilities to enjoy our articles :) ]

Maciej Rynarzewski


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Proud to be librarian from

Proud to be librarian from Poland

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