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Tech for Techies #10

This week's edition of Tech for Techies talks about the joy of administration in producing content. Content production, while fun, cannot necessarily be divorced from dealing with funding the operation. Historical precedents from the shortwave realm are brought in to illuminate discussion of today's conditions.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #69

This week's episodes deals with biological science. First up we have about five minutes of audio from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta on Swine Flu. Considering that most libraries are contact environments where such things could spread, this was deemed to be rather important. If circumstances warrant, further coverage may air unscheduled during this week.

Tech for Techies #9

Your cranky audio geek, Michael J. Kellat, is off this week. Stephen is covering in lieu thereof. The topic of discussion this week is lessons libraries could learn from the recent Amazon public relations problem. Creative Commons License

Hyperlinked History- At The Gates by The Faceless Historian

My sincere apologies for the tardiness on this episode. We had a family issue come up that necessitated traveling and the chaos that goes with it, so I'm just now getting it online.

This time around, The Faceless Historian ushers you down the aisle of history with some key stops in (THIS... IS...) Sparta(!). Then he provides a dash of poetry and weird books before introducing you to a daughter and a unicycling scientist. Where does it end? Well, I suppose you could use Google to find out.

Sometimes, you don't even know if there is barbarian At The Gates.

LISNews Netcast Network Programming Advisory

Due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control, Hyperlinked History will be delayed this week. The program will post by Thursday morning UTC at the latest.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #68

We're back!

After a week off, the LISNews Netcast Network returns. This week's episode of LISTen is dedicated to recently departed freedom crusader Judith Krug. A news analysis is presented relative to a censorship matter. Coming back from a stand-down, the episode is kept short intentionally.

Tech for Techies #8

Tech for Techies #8 In this episode we are giving you what the audio hardware is that we use and what it costs. This is the hardware that we are using to do the podcast.
From Radio Shack:
2 each  3ft Gold Series Stereo Y-Cable, Phono plugs to 1/8” Jack
	Model: 42-2550      Catalog#: 42-2550     $7.49 
2 each   Mono Phone Jack to ¼” Mono Plug Adapter (2-pack)
	Model: 274-320      Catalog#: 274-320     $5.49
1 each   Gold-Plated Inline 1/8” Mini-Jack Coupler
	Model: 274-886      Catalog#: 274-886     $5.99
1 each	3-Ft. 1/8” Stereo Plug Cable

Stand Down Notice

Transcript of the audio message: By a unanimous vote, that is to say a four to zero vote, of network producers the LISNews Netcast Network is undertaking a stand down period. The stand down begins at 0430 UTC on April 10th and lasts until 0330 UTC on April 20th. During this ten day stand down, network producers will be hard at work catching up on writing features for release. Network programming will resume with LISTen on April 20th being released on or near 0400 UTC.

LISNews Netcast Network Hiatus

By unanimous vote of network program producers, the LISNews Netcast Network is taking a week off. The release of Tech for Techies will still occur at 0400 UTC on April 10th (what is this in my local time). No new programs will be released until 0400 UTC on April 20th (what is this in my local time). Network producers will be taking time to catch up writing features during the hiatus.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. In case you missed it, the most recent episode of LISTen had two big tech interviews while the Faceless Historian presented an expanded version of his recent Ignite Phoenix talk. Catching up during the hiatus is encouraged if you are curious.

Countdown to Xubuntu ( 9.04, by Pasi Lallinaho

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #67

This week's episode is jam-packed. We have an interview with Zonker Brockmeier, community manager for openSUSE at Novell, about that particular Linux distribution and how libraries can leverage it. We also have an interview with Sascha Segan of the PCMag Digital Network about the shift from print writing to writing online. Discussion of the Public Radio Exchange presence newly initiated by the network is also found in the show as it is explained what that means to listeners. Other news items pop up during the course of the program. Related links: One piece about the Binghamton situation Another piece about the Binghamton situation Yet another piece about the Binghamton situation Story by Maggie Reardon about cutting back on broadband The network's profile on Public Radio Exchange Some licensing discussion at PRX NPR affiliate finder PDF file containing a list of all NPR affiliates Zonker Brockmeier's Blog Download page for openSUSE Zonker Brockmeier on Twitter Columns by Sascha Segan on Sascha Segan on Twitter Center for Democracy and Technology on S. 777 Additional material by the Center for Democracy and Technology on S. 777 eWeek report on S. 777 openSUSE Education announcement Installation instructions for the Jaunty Jackalope beta Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud


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