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Hyperlinked History- Explanations Part Three: The Historians by The Faceless Historian

Welcome to the final episode of the three part Explanations series! This time we cover, what else, the historians and you'll meet three people who influenced my views on history and how it should be presented. There's a short bit at the end regarding the upcoming Hyperlinked History documentary series which will continue to appear here on the LISNews Netcast Network and the Hyperlinked History website.

The New Rig

The move back to Ashtabula has been an interesting one. This is the current general computing rig in play: Desktop One The desktop is a PowerMac G4 (Bondi Blue, even!) that is presently running Ubuntu 9.04. It was fairly difficult to get up and running. Few Linux distributions play nicely with PowerPC chips so selection was a trial-and-error matter. A nice side effect, though, is that it does not appear Ubuntu has had to load any restricted drivers so far. This is the recording rig: The microphone This is greatly scaled back from operations in Nevada. The edges of production may be slightly rough for now. This is what happens in perilous economic times like this where finances of even John Q. Public are questionable. And here is one of our mascots, Purrzy: Barn Cat If you click on any picture above you'll be whisked away to Flickr to view larger sizes. We're not quite there yet in restoring operations for Erie Looking Productions but we will surmount those obstacles soon.
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Hiatus Update For 5 August 2009

While LISTen continues to be on hiatus, an update is offered as to the behind-the-scenes matters in bringing the program back. Creative Commons License

Following LISNews

We're getting closer and closer to the start of another academic year and a new intake of LIS students. A question that arises is how to follow LISNews. Recognizing that people have different interests and also different habits in consuming Internet content, it is necessary to perhaps list some of those tools.

You can subscribe to LISNews via e-mail. A page with an example of an e-mail and the sign-up form can be seen at E-mails normally come out once per weekday.

LISNews has a multitude of RSS feeds. The main stories RSS feed is and you can get wind of new comments by following in your RSS reader. RSS feeds off the blogs do not necessarily function at the moment. A partial list of feeds by topic tag is available at

LISNews posts to Twitter when most new posts are put up. You can find such at

While there is a tweeter on Twitter for LISNews, there is an automatic posting account on Identica. You can find that at Identica provides a variety of data export formats so that you can consume posts in your feed reader.

The feed for the LISNews Netcast Network, presently helmed by Interim Coordinator Daniel Messer, is You can also subscribe to LISNews Netcast Network posts via e-mail. You can find the network's early vodcast efforts at although it should be noted that that effort may be revived, equipment permitting.

As for other specialty content within the LISHost constellation, you can read press releases related to the library realm at LISWire. LISWire can be found at while the feed for your reader is If you have a press release to post, it should go to LISWire first before LISNews.

Also as part of the LISHost constellation for those wanting to get their feet wet with podcasts before investing themselves too much is LISFeeds. LISFeeds is a planet aggregator that brings in show posts into one web page. Click on an episode title to reach the program's own site for playback. You can find that online at In case you are worried that the planet back-end might be stuck and not have updated, this account on Identica is updated when an update cycle concludes:

Hyperlinked History- The Video

When I first conceived the idea for Hyperlinked History and the whole Faceless Historian thing, I wanted it to be an online television show. At the very least I wanted to make an online documentary series with video, music, and the whole bit. So I shot a couple of test things and edited them together. Then I deleted that crap because it was terrible.

A year later, I have skills and equipment I didn't originally possess. So I'm excited to announce that Hyperlinked History will be moving into the realm of online video!

The opening of the show is available online as a sort of teaser/trailer and you'll be able to keep up with the programme both here on LISNews and on the Hyperlinked History site. Episodes should start going online around the end of August, so stay tuned!

Hyperlinked History - Explanations Part Two: The Scientists by The Faceless Historian

Our special three part series, Explanations, continues this week with part two, The Scientists! Join me as I talk about two scientists who changed my views of the world, and the views of millions of other people too. Beyond that, I'll also talk about how what they said, and how they said it, applies to librarians and our profession.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #80

Welcome to the finale for the first series of LISTen: An Podcast. This episode kicks off with a look at the zeitgeist on LISNews over the past week. Profile America makes its final appearance in this series of LISTen. After that there is an interview with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, chairman of the non-profit behind the VideoLAN project. Following that is a chat with Dan Messer about "@alasecrets" and "@alasecrets2009" on Twitter.

Hyperlinked History - Explanations Part One by The Faceless Historian

Hello, everyone and welcome to the first in a series of three special episodes of Hyperlinked History! For the next three episodes, we're going to do something a little different. I'm going to talk about seven people who influenced myself, my work, and my writing. More than that, we'll see how what they say can apply to libraries and library staff. Because these people, in a very real way, explained the world to me, I call this three part series "Explanations."

Scripting, oh scripting...

This is a small tool I am working on: #!/bin/bash # # Snatch -- Script to take a show post URL and derive PDF, PS, TXT, # and sanitized HTML versions for deposit at Internet Archive. The script # also downloads the related MP3 podcast file and creates an Ogg version. # # This script assumes that Enscript dumps its output to standard out # instead of the default printer. Lynx and Ghostscript must also be # installed for this to work as well as sox and aria2c. # # 7 July 2009 -- Stephen Michael Kellat # # This script is released under a BSD license variant. To review it,

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #79

In light of news received on July 5th, the planned program order was delayed until July 13th. LISTen #79 is the penultimate episode of LISTen perhaps. This brief episode outlines what is going on and why LISTen may well join Tech for Techies in returning to the Twilight Zone on July 13th. It is anticipated that the grand finale that is planned to be LISTen #80 (unless things change) will include after-action reports about Anime Expo and more.


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