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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #125

This week's somewhat (still) delayed episode brings a zeitgeist review, a news miscellany, an essay, and a notice of a possible future event.

Programming Notice for LISTen 125

Due to circumstance beyond our control and by decision of the Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, episode #125 of LISTen: An Podcast shall be delayed in its release until 2130 Eastern Time on October 18th. To convert this to your own local time, please consult at this link: We apologize for any inconvenience caused hereby.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #123

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #122

This week's episode is not graced by that man of mystery, Blake Carver. In lieu thereof we check the zeitgeist for stories AND blog posts, bring an essay about the comments debate on-site, and a quick news miscellany.

Eventually Blake will be making an appearance. We're working on it.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #121

This week's program brings a zeitgeist update and a miscellany of news items.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #120

This week's episode brings a zeitgeist recap, a programming note apologizing for a deviation from forecast content, a book review in the segment-sized Tech for Techies, and a packed miscellany.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #119

This week's episode is truncated due to the Labor Day holiday. A recap of the LISNews zeitgeist as well as a miscellany of things we found on the web is presented. There are no public service announcements aired during this episode.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #118

This week's episode is a quick look at last week's zeitgeist, highlights of the "slushpile", and an editorial from Mike Kellat, the owner of Erie Looking Productions. A related commentary released online by Ontario public broadcaster TVO from commentator Jesse Brown connected to the editorial can be found here directly as an M4V video file. Due to communications complications the audio payload was originally uploaded over GPRS via a Nokia E71x. Cable broadband is having issues locally apparently relative to throughput. Related links: Matt Welch on FTC regulating online reviews The Ohio News Network on teen texting Nielsen on mobile phone usage stats Keith Cowing at NASA Watch about the reach of The results of the tool Cowing referenced concerning turned to instead Gnash Release Leo Laporte versus Social Media Leo Laporte on the Google Buzz bug


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