Photo Detectives

Today's Wall Street Journal (October 22, 2008) has a front page story about the el Paso Library, "In Old El Paso, This Detective Story Is Written in Pictures Studio Left 50,000 Portraits Without Names; Mr. Gallegos Spots His Grandfather." EL PASO, Texas -- Claudia Rivers is a librarian by trade, but lately she has become a detective hot on the trail of 50,000 mysteries. Her quarries are the names behind the faces in 50,000 antique negatives left in the town's shuttered Casasola photography studio. Who was the middle-aged matron flirting under a sombrero? Why did the young man with the butterfly tattoo pose bare-chested, clutching a can of spinach? What became of the grim-faced bride? To identify them, Ms. Rivers has turned to the community. She's displaying the portraits -- many of Mexican immigrants taken as early as the 1920s -- on college campuses, at shopping malls and online. She also has turned the mystery into a weekly feature in the El Paso Times that asks, "Do you know the people in this photo?" Read more about it. See:
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