The Parking Lot Movie

Over the course of three years, filmmaker Meghan Eckman tracked the comings and goings of a solitary parking lot in Charlottesville, Va., chronicling the lives of the attendants who were working there. This inspiring documentary is the result. Hanging tough as they navigate the range of human emotion -- from hope to frustration, from a sense of limitless possibilities to stagnation -- the film's subjects embody the pursuit of the American Dream.



And another:

If you have Netflix you can see this movie in the "Watch it Instantly" section.

One good line in the movie roughly goes - What is the existential reality of your job? Here is a clip that has that language - (First attendant talking in this clip is a librarian)

Link to DVD on Amazon:

Librarian featured in movie:

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Looks like a very interesting film I will have to check out

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