Palin Speech

Palin is in Omaha giving a speech as I write this. I did not attend the speech but I did go over to see the circus outside the civic center. There were several thousand people in line to see the speech. Across the street there were around a dozen Obama supporters with signs. I thought they would have a more robust showing but in the big picture there was not much point to being there at all. Anybody in line at a Palin event is unlikely to be swayed by someone across the street with a sign. One sign read "Welcome to Obamaha". Another read "I wear lipstick but I will never vote for you". I was hoping someone was going to have a "Golly gee I am not voting for you" or "Gosh darn I a voting for Obama" sign.

Here are some of the pictures:
People in line
Obama supporters
Obama supporter close-up
Other side of building. The line went around the building.

I was hoping that McCain would pick Ms. South Carolina as his running mate.

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It is a good thing that McCain recognized that the minimum age for such is 35 years to stand for election on a presidential ticket. I don't think Ms. South Carolina is there yet.
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Governor Palin is coming to my city in the morning. I will be there at 6AM, which is hard for me because I don't get up until 8.

At they are streaming the Palin speech. It is 6:34 central time and i don't think she has spoken yet. If you go to the website you may be able to see the speech.

This sounds exactly like Bexley, OH where the line wound around the town streets for miles as we slowly made our way into the Athletic Center. A ragged crew of about 10 protestors were standing across the street waving signs, but they couldn't destroy the spirit of the excited supporters.

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