Oxford Bibliographies Online: More Rant Than Review


Oxford Bibliographies Online: More Rant Than Review
Oxford is certainly adding value to the work of the scholars who write the content for the OBO. There is significant organizational work (anyone who has edited a scholarly journal knows all about the cat-herding involved) and technical work; I imagine the academics who edit the Subjects do most of the editorial work, and the peer reviewers are minimally compensated. The product looks good and should be easy to use (we haven’t requested a trial). But is Oxford adding value to the tune of $1000 per subject per year? My beloved Jenkins cost me about $40, in paperback (I bought a personal copy), and I don’t have to pay for it annually.


what can you say...

Pathetic for a university such as Oxford to require payment for an on-line bibliography in this day and age. Furthering of knowledge requires Open Access and the sharing of recourses, but I guess knowledge is not really what Oxford is about nowadays. Perhaps they need the cash to increase their £3 billion endowment...