Out go librarians, in come "libraries customer service officers" in the UK

Camden LIBRARIANS face job cuts after council chiefs announced at least 14 posts are set to be cut.
The Town Hall finally announced the exact number of potential job losses on Friday after months of speculation as part of the "Growing Your Library" overhaul of the service.

[Update] I was off by a couple thousand Miles, this has nothing to do with NJ! Sorry.


This doesn't look like it's New Jersey -- it's in the UK.

Using "NJ" is very misleading. "NJ = New Journal, not New Jersey. This is very much the UK. At first glance, most people would read this as Camden, New Jersey because, well, there is a Camden, New Jersey. I wonder if this article was even read entirely by the person who posted it to LISNews.

I made that same error reading--and was relieved that it was NOT Camden NJ.

Not sure that I like that new title though, regardless of the location.