Oregon Voters Choose to End Operation of 98 Year Old Library System

May 18, 2010 Hood River OR County voted not to support the formation of a new Library District. Measure 14-37 was defeated: 46 % voted yes and 54% voted no. As a result, there is no funding to continue library operations and Hood River County Library closes its doors to the public on July 1, 2010.

Branches at Cascade Locks and Parkdale were established in 1912, the same year that the Women’s Club received the Carnegie grant to build the Hood River building. This Library system has been in continuous operation for 98 years.


The voters of that district passed a $3 million bond in 2003 to renovate and expand their library building. Now they voted to completely shut it down. What is this country coming to?

Like, why was a new Library District required?

They were trying to form a district because the County govt. has eliminated funding for the library:


This is hard to believe. Meeting tomorrow morning 8 AM Tuesday May 25th at the Hood River Library to discuss alternatives. Come out in a show of support.

Don't live there, but would be happy to send an email in support of it staying upen. Let me know.

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