Oregon mom now says she'll return "Bunny Suicides" to school library

An Oregon woman who refused to return "The Book of Bunny Suicides" has changed her mind.

Taffey Anderson says she will make the book available for the Central Linn School District's review committee to screen. The Halsey woman recently said she would burn the book rather than take a chance on it returning to a shelf at the Central Linn High School library.


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Is the book actually out of it's lending period yet anyway?

If it is there'll be the fine to pay and she'll probably kick up a stink about that.

Well, how magnanimous of

Well, how magnanimous of her, darn deadbeat. And before anyone flames, sorry but if you don't return stuff you borrowed (i.e. not yours), you are a thief, pure and simple. I wonder what they threatened her with to get her to return it.

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