Oregon Library Association versus Pacific Northwest Library Association

Recently the dispute between the Oregon Library Association and the Pacific Northwest Library Association had some new life breathed into it through at least one posting I caught over on LISWire. I've read through what Samantha Hines, PNLA President, has written as well as the statement of reasons by OLA relative to withdrawal as well as the PNLA response to OLA. A quite valid question that could be asked is if said situation will be discussed on LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast. Nope. Separatism within regional structures is a painful thing without a doubt. Just as divorce happens within human couples, this is essentially a divorce between two legal entities. Just as every single divorce is not given more than perhaps just passing mention in a newspaper's "legal news" section, this has not seemed to have risen to the level of frankly an interesting story. That it has dragged on since October 2009 with only occasional statements being issued infrequently by either side casts it either in the light of not being too worrisome of a concern or otherwise too far outside the usual weekly production cycle of the podcast. I hope that both sides reconcile and come to a suitable peace either between them or through reintegration.
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