Open Source Saving Libraries Money

Open source</a> advocates have been claiming that libraries can save money by making the switch from proprietary solutions to open source alternatives. Two libraries are reporting that open source did just that - saved them money. <ul><li><a href="">Green Mountain Library Consortium saved over $143,000 w/ Koha</a></li> <li><a href="">Georgia PINES saves Georgia's Public Libraries Millions</a></li> </ul>


At least in the case of the green mountain libraries - there was no comparison of going with an open source solution vs a proprietary solution. It's just saying how much they saved making the purchase as a consortium rather than each library doing it separately. I'm not saying that open source can't save funds - it could - but this item doesn't say that.

For almost 7 of the 10 years the savings were generated with Sirsi Dynix. This article should be retitled the savings generated by the economies of scale.

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