Op ed: Seattle's libraries need a makeover for the digital world


Op-ed by George Hageman. He recently graduated from Harvard University. His father, Bob Hageman, is a retired librarian who worked for Seattle Public Library.

First, we need to change the layout of the branches and prioritize the needs of the modern patron. Nowadays, people come to the library to gather with friends and neighbors, to study in a peaceful environment, to watch DVDs and flip through magazines or to browse the Internet for free. As any librarian will tell you, they rarely come to read books.

Full op-ed here.


His dad is a librarian. Is that a credential? If my dad was an airline pilot would you let me fly you somewhere if I had no training as a pilot?

Strike two is that he went to Harvard. Of course since he went to Harvard he thinks he is qualified to comment on things.

Comments to the op-ed are here.

I've seen this a couple of times. It is unworthwhile.

My incredulity grew with every line of that essay. Especially the hilarious part about how we have Nooks and Wikipedia now, so just put the books in off-site storage because NOBODY actually READS print books...

Harvard used to be selective. Pity.

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