One fitness story with two librarians

Sometimes, saying yes instead of no, or veering right when the map says left, turns our lives onto a trail we never even saw. And we are changed forever. Such is the way it can happen with fitness, as it did for the four people you're about to meet. For the most part, we let them do the talking. <a href="">So read on. </a>Then let us know how you got started.


Thanks for this. I haven't exercised in ages and have been trying to find motivation to do so. This article reminded me of why I started exercising in the first place and how good it used to make me feel. I'm going to start again.

My library has many employees participate in a Interlibrary Lanes bowling group on Facebook that someone put together for our area (Denton, Texas). We get together with library employees in the areas from other libraries to bowl every once in a while. It's more socializing than an actual strenuous workout, but every little bit helps.

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