Ohio Governor Proposes Slashing Public Library Funding

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has proposed cutting Ohio Public Library Fund by a jaw dropping <strong>$227,000,000</strong> in his biennium budget. This could possibly cause the closure of many libraries relying solely on state support. Ohio is home to many of the nations highest ranked and rated public libraries. More information is available <a href="http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6666479.html">in an article on the Library Journal website</a>.


That's a crying shame.

I propose a 10% pay cut for all of Ohio's elected officials. I'm sure that would help close the budget gap.

I'll second this proposed budget cut.

When did Ohioans learn to read? Maybe you mean the picture menu at McDonald's?

Go Blue

OK, "Chuck". It is a pity you can't set aside your petty,small-minded, childish mentality and see the seriousness of the situation.

Nice job, Ohio. I can't tell who's worse, the Ohio Governor trying to hack off $227 MILLION or the City of Detroit spending their library's money to make payroll. Please mark the double FAIL.on the Midwest's scorecard.

Strickland = democrat. . .

Governor Strickland has also served as a minister and a college professor. He taught psychology at Shawnee State University. See: http://www.governor.ohio.gov/AboutUs/AboutTed/tabid/55/Default.aspx
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
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As far as a teaching psychology....well, those who can't do....teach.

Strickland = Democrat = we will take your money!

The libraries are so important at this time in our lives. So many people use our internet service for job searches and our summer reading program to enhance their reading and keep up with current book titles. It would be a shame to get rid of this crucial resource to our community.

Ohio Libraries can't afford any more cuts! What happened to 'Ohio Reads'?? What a joke. County libraries have become such a valuable resource........with the struggling economy, many families rely on library resources that they cannot afford to have. i.e. internet, newspaper delivery, books. A large number of rural county children rely on the 'summer feeding program' to provide them the one meal they get each day when school is not in session.

I just came from a local library. They have already been loss 20% of funding. If this additional cut is passed the libraries in my county will close.
Let's see...books--help children build vocabulary and increase comprehension skills...learn about lands and people...how-to's for improving self and homes as well as spending and lifestyles...pleasure reading, etc. We look to improve our school testings but want to cut the means for helping children and young adults learn to strengthen reading and all literacy skills.
I am amazed with how little the law makers are willing to have $ cut from their own pockets..salaries, etc. yet can make decisions that will affect those who elected them and justify it with "its' necessary" to balance the budget. It's the Robin Hood plan...take from the poor, disabled, seniors, early children programs, unemployed and give to the rich. those whose salaries are already high and sitting around tables discussing my future in Ohio. There is no balance with that plan!

What a shame to cut funds to one of America's most valuable assets, our libraries.
Cut the salaries of all Ohio's elected officials to help fill but budget deficit.

My county library has already been told to take a $5,000,000 cut next year - and now this?

Tax soda an additional $0.05 per can - problem solved. Oh and somebody get me another governor!

Cut the state officials by 10%, COME ON cut them by 20% Which is the going rate for all workers with this economy. The average work week is now down to 32 hours which is 20% reduction. When the economy is in the toilet People go to the Libraries for entertainment plus The unemployment service require you use a computer and send everyone to the libraries to register. So lets wake up and smell the flowers, and realize that cutting the libraries is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

The county library system provides a valuable asset to counties already strapped by high unemployment and struggling to find ways to fund their state funded new schools! Our previous republican governor hurt our school system by enticing districts to spend spend spend for these new schools. Now our democrat governor is trying to make sure Johnny really can't read by taking away money for our libraries. Don't close our libraries! It may be the only way we can find books to teach our children. Keep up their funding.

This cut is too ridiculous to be serious. It reeks of social engineering.

Any cut, even a 5% cut, happening after what is already a 20% reduction in library budgets due to the shortage in tax revenue, would have been fought.

So how do you cut a budget where any reduction would be fought, and still keep the public happy? You propose something obscene. 50%! Libraries all over Ohio would be closed, and the rest crushed. Generate the outrage. Then… you make a compromise. “We now see how important libraries are to the people… we’ll only cut… 10%!”

You get the cuts you’d *already* planned, but now people who were previously furious (who still lost, mind you…) feel that their outrage accomplished something. “We made a difference!” No… you were played like puppets and were put back in the box satisfied.

Remember this when the new budget is determined.

No different than gas prices. After getting jacked around at prices nearing $5 a gallon, how often do you hear someone upon seeing a pump at $2.80 say “hey, that’s not a bad price!” (Hit them, btw.) Show them the worst, and the bar for what is considered acceptable moves with it.

"Rope A Dope" was a tactic practiced by the Bush White House in its negotiation with Congress.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
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The sort of tactic you describe is called "Rope A Dope".
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

It is so outrageous, let us, the people, vote on the cuts, give us some choices, obviously they are going to cut something. It is criminal is what it is. Taking money from those who need it most. I pay taxes to the State of Ohio not to pay Governor Strickland's salary but to fund services for our state such as roads and libraries. Those in power, with all the money, still do not want to let loose. It's a shame.

Libraries mean a lot to the public, especially in these tough economic times. Don't do it.

Libraries mean a lot to the public, especially in these tough economic times. Don't do it.

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