THIS is not the future of libraries


See how much of THIS you agree with...

Unlikely To Be Librarians
Unlikely to be traditional paraprofessional
Likely to come out of IT
Likely to be PHD's


Someone just killed his career. Seriously, I hope he plans to retire at his current place of employment.

I like the part about "Skills we haven't even thought of." Dude, you're blowin' my mind!

Oh good, IT geeks. Speak to Black Boxes, have no concept of how to deal with human beings. This guy has no clue.


Seems to be the future of at least one library, a very well-regarded one that's critical to its university, that doesn't need to argue for it's value, because it seems to be making a constant demonstration of its value. If this is our future, it looks pretty bright. If this is not, in fact, our future, we may have a serious problem.

The idea of new hires is a bit of pie in the skyness anyway

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