North Smithfield Library faces closing

The North Smithfield Public Library in Slatersville, RI is slated to close its doors on July 1, 2010 if the town budget is passed as proposed. Please take action today to help save this essential community resource. We are all living in difficult times. Municipal departments are facing furlough days, greatly depleted budgets, and lay-offs and there is no end in sight for that right now. Unfortunately, the residents of our communities aren’t any better off. Pay cuts and job losses, coming to the end of the unemployment cycle, the end of COBRA—all of these things are devastating families everywhere. Right now, more than ever, there needs to be a place people can go to receive some essential services and resources that can help them. Whether it’s the use of free Internet to apply for government resources, classes in resume writing or online job searching to help them get back on their feet….these are only some of the things people have come to rely on in their public libraries. The North Smithfield Public Library is less than 1% of the Town budget, $26.40 per capita – the cost of a hardcover book or newly released DVD. If the North Smithfield Public Library closes, the The Town of North Smithfield will lose: * A dedicated and qualified staff who’ve provided assistance to all North Smithfield residents * A valuable collection of books, CDs and DVDs * Free broadband Internet access on computers making use of the latest software and resources. * Access from home to online databases that help people learn languages, research their homework projects, or just catch up on current information. * North Smithfield residents will also lose access to the state-wide network of Rhode Island libraries that used to deliver materials they wanted to their local library. * North Smithfield residents will now have to pay approximately $112.00 per person per year to have the same kind of access they were getting at their library for a per capita charge of $26.40 — and they will have to drive to another city or town to have that access. Please email or call the members of the North Smithfield Town Council and urge them to reconsider the town's funding allocation for the library. David Lovett, Chair, 401-769-4907, [email protected] Paul Leclerc, 401-765-3188, [email protected] Lucien Benoit, 401-769-8442, [email protected] Steven Biron, 401-762-9044, [email protected] Paul Zwolenski, 401-766-2189, [email protected] Please share this with friends in NS or any library users you know. To those of you are not NS residents, please help keep the pressure on -- unfortunately, your public library could be next, and the repercussions would be the same.


WHAT will we do if we don't have alot of money to buy are kids books for the summer reading and if they nedd to do projects for school? What this is crazy PLEASE DON"T CLOSE THE LIBARY!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Saccoccio 120 North Main St. Slatersville

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