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Content Still Leaks Through Filter Programs

The LA Times has a rather interesting look at filtering programs. It\'s a look at programs for use at home, by parents, as a way to control what their children see.The author, Lawrence J. Magid , compares the pros and cons of several popular filters.

\"Whether you use a filtering program, be sure to talk with your kids about safety on the Internet. Remind them to never give out any personal information or arrange a face-to-face visit with anyone they encounter online. Filtering technology has its place, but it\'s no substitute for old-fashioned parenting.\"


He will make at least $450,000

This weeks Time Magazine cover story is about E-Books, and how Stephen King has really changed things. King has some very interesting things to say on the subject, not the least of which is he expects to make $450,000 on the E-Book.
Check out for the entire story.

\"\"There\'s a lot of plumage here, but I wonder if the beast underneath isn\'t still pretty scrawny,\" he says, pointing out that the Net is still too slow and hard for many people to use.\"

Library employees file lawsuit

2 Librarians in Las Vegas have filed suit saying they were treated unfairly after they complained of a co-worker and his pornography. He was looking at porn on computers, and employees endured harassing comments and when new issues of playboy came in. There is a short story here on MSNBC

\"Executive Director Daniel Walter told News 3, “it is absolutely against library policy to download pornography. A violation of that policy is subject to discipline. We have a no-tolerance policy for harassment.”

DO they get Playboy at that library?


XIX Brazilian Congress of Library Science

Information on the XIX Brazilian Congress of Library Science and Documentation, the III Latin-American Congress of Library Science and Documentation, and the VII National Meeting of Legal Documentation and Information can be found at:

The event will take place in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from 24 to 30 September 2000, at the Convention Center of the Pontifica Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS.
Main Topic: Information for Citizenship.


Vanlue rescinds banning of book

You may have seen the story last week about the principal in OH that banned a book after someone compalined the language in the book made her uncomfortable as did \"the behavior of the characters and the referral to drugs, alcohol, and sex, etc.\" The school superintendent has now changed his mind, after the teacher using the book put up a fight, and the book is back in. You can read the story at Toledo

\"After much careful thought, lengthy discussion, and debate, as superintendent, I am hereby overturning Principal Jeffrey L. Snook\'s decision to ban the book Hoops by Walter Dean Myers,\" Mr. Puchta said. \"In the interest of putting the students of our district first, it\'s time to put this matter behind us so the educational process can continue.\"


Harry has two fathers

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the potter action. Now a childhood friend of JK Rowling says HE was the inspiration for Harry Potter in this story from Book Magazine.

\"Speaking from his home in the English West Country on Saturday, Ian Potter, a childhood friend of author JK Rowling, said he would be annoyed by anyone who claimed that Harry Potter–the incredibly popular fictional character created by Rowling–was inspired by a Potter other than himself.\"


Bezos and Oreilly Fight on Patents

In a follow up to infodude\'s great Story on and patents, you may want to check out the exchange between Jeff Bezos and Tim o\'Rielly.

Jeff has his open letter on and Tim O\'Reilly has his on

Health Education Library for People

Dr Aniruddha Malpani wrote in from India with this:

We feel health libraries can serve as catalysts to
empowering patients with information in developing
countries, and the HELP model could be replicated in most
parts of the world.

HELP - the Health Education Library for People, India\'s
first Consumer Health Education Resource Center , and one
of the world’s largest consumer health libraries ( as
determined by the Medical Library Association , USA ) was
established in 1997 to empower people by providing them with
the information they need to promote their health , and
prevent and treat medical problems in the family in
partnership with their doctor. We are a registered
charitable trust and a non-profit organisation. HELP has
become a prototype of the modern digital library. Our
website at is India’s leading health portal, and receives over half
a million hits.


Librarian Sing Along

Diane M. O\'Keefe a librarian at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in MI sent in this wonderful song parody.

I am the very model of computerized Librarian.
I seek out information zoologic to agrarian.
I know each subject that is found in an encyclopedia
I handle every AV tool and every type of media.
My online databases can locate each journal article.
In physics texts, I can define each elemental particle.
In atlases and online maps, I find the way to Timbuktu.
Identify each capital from Bogota to Katmandu.

It goes on......


Potter author being sued

ABC News was one of the many sites with this story on Harry Potter.

Nancy K. Stouffer of Camp Hill, Pa., argues in her lawsuit that ideas for the Potter series were lifted from her 1984 book The Legend of Rah and the Muggles, which includes a character named Larry Potter.

“I think coincidences happen, but I still say if it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s a duck,” said Stouffer, who also claims she owns rights to the word “muggle.”


LAMA Student Writing and Development Award

Karen Muller writes \"LAMA/YBP Student Writing and Development Award deadline is March 31

Students in American Library Association (ALA) accredited library and information studies programs are invited to submit articles in a Student Writing and Development Award competition sponsored by the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) and YBP, Inc. The deadline for entries is March 31, 2000.
For more information, article guidelines, criteria and an application, consult the LAMA web site at or contact Beatrice Calvin at 312/280-5036 or email: [email protected].

King Fallout Continues

With just one book, Stephen King may have changed how books are treated forever. His 66-page e-book racked up 400,000 orders during its first 24 hours for sale.For awhile now we\'ve been reporting how the E-Book will come around sooner or later, well, Sooner may be here now. Story after story, people are now writing about how the Ebook has already come of age.
I recently saw that at least one library is circulating an E-Book Reader beacause of the King book. The latest word is he will do it again, and certainly other big authors can\'t be far behind.

Check out these stories for more:

Business Week
Ecommerce Times
Direct Marketing News

Sylvia Plath Journals To Be Printed

Everyone will finally know the real Silvia Plath.

The diaries, which are being serialized in London\'s The Guardian newspaper this week, provide new details about Plath and her turbulent marriage to British poet Ted Hughes. Plath gassed herself in her kitchen at the age of 30 a few months after Hughes left her for another woman.
After Plath\'s death,Ted Hughes maintained control over her journals and permitted only a much-edited version to be published in 1982. The couple\'s children are now permitting publication of the complete diaries.

\'\'The Journals of Sylvia Plath,\'\' will be published on April 3. You can read about the at


Tax-time help overdue

The Detroit Free Press has an interesting story on the crushing burden that tax time puts on some librarians.

\"Sally Arrivee, head reference librarian, calls it her \"hundred days of hell.\" And she\'s sick of it.\"

Getting your staff to use your intranet pages

Philip Keane writes \"Dear colleagues

I\'m preparing a paper on getting your library users to move to using your intranet pages.

We\'re a Medical Library serving both clinicians and research staff, and have many links to electronic journals, OVID Medline, specialised lists of websites relevant to areas served by the institution.

I\'d be interested to hear from other librarians on lisnews on their experiences and their approaches to stimulating use of intranet-delivered information services.

My contact details are as follows:

Philip J Keane,
Head, Library & Educational Information Services,
Royal Adelaide Hospital-IMVS Library,
Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science,
PO Box 14, Rundle Mall SA 5000
Phone 08 8222 3224
Fax 08 8222 3152
Mobile 0418 301 529

[email protected]


Partnership links home with library

Bob Cox sent in a A Story on partnerships from the Detroit News.

Project PULSE -- Partnerships Uniting Libraries and Schools Electronically -- is a federal education project that provides money to participating libraries. Teachers start off by designing a personalized Web site. The second phase of the program will allow youngsters to talk to each other with their computers about assignments.
Canton library Director Jean Tabor said Project PULSE \"raises the awareness of our library system.
\"We think this is the next phase of technology,\" she said.


Cyber school on the horizon

Read this story from the BBC News.

Scotland will be home to Britain\'s first \"cyber school\" which is to be in operation by August.

Up to 60 pupils at a time will get connected at the wired academy when it opens its doors for the first time in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, as children go back to school.


Sex Pistols creator to quit London mayor race

All hopes for endless supplies of Guinness in public libraries are dashed. Read this story from Yahoo UK.

Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols pop guru who was campaigning to become mayor of London, is to pull out of the race and back another candidate, the Independent newspaper has reported.

McLaren, whose best-publicised policies were to legalise brothels and cannabis and install bars to serve alcohol in libraries, will announce next week that he is standing aside to support independent candidate Ken Livingstone, the paper said.

Couple to Make Home in Old Ralston Library

The Omaha World-Herald has this interesting story about a couple who have decided to live in an old library. Of course many of us already feel like we live in an old library.

If atmosphere has anything to do with it, Orhan and Robin Seran\'s firstborn sure will like to read.

The child is due in September, and on Sunday Orhan Seran bought the former Ralston library at an auction for $125,000. The couple will convert the airy, two-story building into a residence.

A Ralston native who now lives with his wife outside Council Bluffs, Seran, 35, was a frequent visitor to the old building at 7900 Park Lane as a youngster.


Public Library Rating Reports

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. writes \"The second edition of the HAPLR Index was featured in the September 1999 issue of American Libraries magazine. The author, Thomas J. Hennen Jr. of Wisconsin, uses data provided by nearly 9,000 public libraries in the United States to create comparative rankings. The comparisons are in broad population categories. It provides a comparative rating system that librarians, trustees and the public can use to improve and extend library services in the third millennium.

Also available on the site is information expanding the Thomas J. Hennen Jr.\'s call for national library standards in the March 2000 issue of American Libraries.
The site is available at:\"

Did your library make The Top 100?


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