Revamped Library Schools

The Chronicle of Higher
has a most interesting
and related Dis
on how library schools are making way for
specialties that train students for high-tech careers in which skills
at handling and organizing vast amounts of information are in
great demand.

\"Today, students seeking master\'s
degrees in information at Michigan represent more than 50
majors, and only about a third of the program\'s graduates will
become traditional librarians. A growing number of them are
preparing for jobs with newfangled titles like information architect
and intelligence manager.\"

How to put words into childrens blood

The Globe and Mail, To mark International Children\'s Book Day, asked celebrated author Tim Wynne-Jones
for tips on feeding the reading gene.


How do you put words into your children\'s blood? Talk to them. Read to them. Not just their books but delightful passages from yours, from magazines, from the newspaper. Keep reading to kids until they close the door on you. Then whisper through the key-hole that sprag isn\'t really an adjective, it\'s a chock or a steel bar used to prevent a car from running backwards on an incline, but it could describe a mountain bike if you wanted it to. Take every opportunity to lower the bucket into the well. Be the well. Give your kid an education mazuma can\'t buy. \"


What do you call a woman who has a black belt in karate?

MSNBC has an interseting write up on a librarian from OK.

“I knew what I wanted to do when I graduated from Braggs High School,” Donelson said. “At Braggs, our library was a tiny little room and I’d already gone through all the books before I graduated. We had our 30th reunion recently, and no one was surprised at what I went into. The karate part is what they found a little difficult to believe. I didn’t know if I was in the right class. They were all talking grandchildren and I was talking about my karate class.”


E-book publishers writing new chapters

The Chicago Tribune
has a nice report on E-Books, past, present and future.

When Jim Sachs took a few magazines for a 12-hour airplane ride back from Hong Kong in the fall of 1995, he had no idea that his folly would spawn an entire industry. After reading through the magazines, he faced a long flight with nothing to do but stare at the seatback in front of him.

Sachs, then general manager of the technology group at Hasbro Inc., said he would have needed to fill an entire carry-on bag with books to have enough reading material for the flight. If all the books were digitized and stored on his laptop computer, he thought, how much easier would that be than hauling around a small library?

Too bad reading on a laptop wasn\'t easier.

Stop harassing Librarians

Amnesty International released a report today entitled \"Cuba: Short Term Detention and Harassment of Dissidents.\" The 24-page report notes that \"freedom of expression, association and assembly are severely limited in law and in practice\" for Cuban citizens. \"Those who attempt to express views, organize meetings or form organizations that conflict with government policy are frequently subjected to punitive measures.\" Independent librarians are listed among the groups of Cuban citizens whom Amnesty says have been subject to intensified repression in recent months.


New Library Idea Bank

The Consortium for public library networking EARL\'s New Library Ideas Bank is our forum for discussion and information about the development of New Library content. On these pages you will find a mini-gateway of useful links to help you with the whole process of electronic content creation, an Ideas Xchange space where you can share your thoughts and some terrific examples that will inspire you
Check out The Ideabank Web Site for more.


Paper and EBooks

Publishersweekly has an intersting story on E-Boos.With more than 130 of its titles available as downloadable electronic editions, St. Martin\'s Press plans to release many more of its titles simultaneously in print and electronic editions. This could be the new standard for publishers. They are already saying Cryptography Is an Urgent Need.

New digital archive at MIT carried a story on
Hewlett-Packard and the MIT Libraries. They announced a $1.8 million joint project to build a digital archive at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that could serve as a model for other universities.
The archive will be capable of holding the approximately 10,000 articles produced by MIT authors annually, including a large amount of multimedia content.

Search engine on your computer

Kenjin was launched officially this week. They claim \"Autonomy Kenjin is the first Internet information service that delivers the right information to you exactly when you need it – no matter where it happens to be. From the Web, from your hard drive or from people who know.\"It works like a search engine, but the program is on your computer. They make it sound like it\'ll kill off Yahoo. I\'ll be downloading and trying it soon.


Paper as Portal

I\'m not sure what to make of this. It scares me, and at the same time, it could be used for good, more than evil.

\"Digimarc, a company previously involved with watermarking technologies, has developed an extremely intriguing application for the PC camera which enables direct print-to-web advertising. The technology, dubbed MediaBridge, incorporates the PC camera, the Internet and print media into one streamlined advertising process. ... the MediaBridge technology is an important example of how PC cameras can be used outside of the traditional video mail, web posting and videoconferencing applications.\"

This allows you to put ads into a book that appear on a computer screen, \"Paper as Portal\" they call it.Check it out and let us know what you think!


Stephen King Hacked already

Riding the Bullet\" Stephen King\'s new E-Book has been released for free on the Internet. The book widely available for a download-only (the file’s encryption disabled printing) fee of $2.50 through many online booksellers, or free from Amazon or Barnes &, was a huge success, overloading many of the servers it was on when it was released. Unknown parties cracked the file’s copyright protections and released PDF versions that were available on many Web sites. has more on this story

Columbus to direct Potter Movie

The highly anticipated film adaptation of \"Harry Potter\" will be directed by Chris Columbus, Warner Bros. Pictures announced Tuesday.

You may remember him from such films as Bicentennial Man, Stepmom, Nine Months, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Only the Lonely, Home Alone Heartbreak Hotel, Adventures in Babysitting


Anti-porn software company ends lawsuit

The guys who wrote the CP Hack program that showed how to bypass Cyber Patrol, the \"cphack\" program also discloses the list of sites the product blocks users from viewing.

Earlier this month, the company sued and Judge Edward Harrington issued a preliminary court order ordering a halt to the distribution of the program.

The judge also blocked distribution of the software by \"those persons in active concert or participation with them.\" Microsystems lawyers said the order extended to any Web sites that \"mirrored\" -- or made copies available -- of the \"cphack\" software.

So what will happen with the program? It was originally released under the GPL, so technically it should be alive and well.


Columbine being rebuilt

A couple of stories are running in the Denverpost on the Columbine High School Library.

Story 1Construction is set to start May 29 on the new Columbine High library, with many of the contractors - including those working on the new Denver Broncos stadium - donating their services to help offset the $3.1 million cost.

Story 2A group of average people has organized a not-so-average event to help raise some of the $3.1 million needed to build a new library for Columbine High School.

Donations can be sent to HOPE Columbine Atrium and Library Fund, c/o The Denver Foundation, P.O. Box 24035, Denver 80224. Make checks payable to HOPE.

Mold causes new problem for UNLV library

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a report on troubling mold in the library at UNLV.

\"UNLV\'s troubled Lied Library has suffered another setback with the discovery of dangerous molds growing in the unfinished building.
Workers this week are trying to get rid of moldy materials that otherwise would pose a threat to the students, librarians and books that this summer are expected to fill the $53 million facility. \"


School bans Harry Potter

THe BBC is carrying a story on A primary school in England that is banning pupils from reading the best-selling Harry Potter children\'s books because she says they go against the Bible\'s teachings.

\"As a head teacher I have a responsibility to ensure that we give the children the best that we possibly can.

\"We are a Church of England aided primary school which means the church ethos is very important to what we do,\" she said.


Austria has 186,000 books looted by Nazis

This story is making the rounds from Reuters.Demonstrating the wide reach of Holocaust restitution efforts, the World Jewish Congress said Wednesday that Austria\'s libraries had 186,000 books that the Nazis had stolen from Holocaust victims.
``The documents made clear that the books are almost entirely of Jewish origin -- that is, having been seized from Jewish victims in Austria and the Netherlands,\'\' Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, told Reuters.

Yahoo! News has the entire story.


Interesting new search engine

I was just checking out a new serach engine called It\'s a graphical interface, more so than most sites, Unlike other search engines, in MetaClic you create your search queries by dragging and dropping icons, the icons are then a graphical representaion of your boolean search. Dragging and dropping icons is neat idea for a search engine. You can create your own new directory for a very targeted topic you may be interested in which can then be made into a shared directory for others to use. I\'ll leave judgement on the site up to you, please let me know what you think.


Booksellers disavow content of controversial title has a story on a move by and to post statements that say they don\'t endorse the views expressed in \"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,\". The actions are already drawing criticism from an online civil rights group.

\"The book is anti-Semitic (and) used by haters every day of the week to promote their ideology,\" said Myrna Shinbaum, the ADL director of media relations. She said the ADL contacted the booksellers after receiving hundreds of complaints.\"


Parents who protested book pull kids from school

This is a follow up to This Story on an ugly battle to ban the book \"My Brother Sam is Dead\" in an Oregon Elementary School. The parents have now decided to pull their children from the school.

``We have lost all faith in the public schools,\'\' Kelly Dunn said. ``Look what they can assign without our knowledge.\'\'

Read the full story at The Register Gaurd



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