Harry Potter, Internet fuel library boom

The Digital Missourian has an encouraging Story on libraries and how well (or is it good?) they are doing now. Nice to see the popular press not sounding the death bells for libraries for a change.

\"Maybe reports of the death of the book in the age of the Internet were greatly exaggerated.
It seems public libraries are attracting crowds of children and adults as never before. And that is translating into expanded hours, renovations and construction of new libraries in Kansas City and the surrounding area.


Filtering Update

The Nando Times has this article on recent developments in the filtering controversy.\"In recent weeks, the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed measures to cut off federal funds to any public library or school that refuses to install filtering devices on computers used by people under 18.\"



ICANN has aanounced they will be bringing in some new top level domains (like the current .com, .net, and .edu) one of ICANN\'s working groups has already proposed domain names ranging from \'\'.banc,\'\' \'\'.museum,\'\' .\'\'union,\'\' \'\'.travel,\'\' to \'\'.sex.\'\', though they have not settled on the exact names yet.


Web users have case of short-term memory

This article from the New York Times discusses how the Internet has effected how we percieve history, and how new information on the web outweighs historical data by an enormous number.\"It doesn\'t give any sense of time because almost everything on the Web is about events and articles in the last five years,\" Herring said. \"It doesn\'t give students the impression that they\'re sitting on the shoulders of giants. It gives them the impression that they\'re giants.\"


Are Libraries Providng a Dating Service?

I wonder what happened to tradional romance... Why are more people using chat lines in the library to meet a mate?
Do you think any librarians out there are getting paid a matchmaker\'s fee? I don\'t think so.


The Marrying Librarian

Some librarians have interesting other careers-such as being a minister. Reverend Ingrid Kalchthaler gets business for her church and her library. I am evidence of this as she \"recruited\" me at the library to perform my wedding ceremony on May 6th.


Students clicking on to knowledge

Steven J. Bell sent in this Story from Daily
News Los Angeles.com
that talks about how
are adding more computers and other fancy, shiny,
beeping things.

\"We call it the cybrary, instead of
the library,\" said Susan Newcomer, library media
teacher at Glendale\'s Clark Magnet High School where
students can roam the World Wide Web, view
CD-ROMs and search an online catalog for books

Keeping up with the field

Steven J. Bell writes: I have recently made
public a web site that aims to help
primarily academic, \"keep up\" with the literature of
several fields
pertinent to library work and technology matters. The
basic philosophy is
that to \"keep up\" a librarian must go beyond the
constraints of library
literature. The site points users to sources such as free
e-zines and web
sites with technology (and other) news.

If you are interested the site is found at staff.philau


The Library Hotel

R Hadden Wrote :\"According to \"Special
Background Report\" the front page of the Wall
Street Journal, July 13, 2000, the Library Hotel that is
opening soon, and
which is located near the New York Public Library, will
categorize the
floors and room numbers according to the Dewey
Decimal System. What\'s the
Cutter table number for \"elevator\"?\"

I did some
searching and found a little information on the new


Library Discards LP\'s

According to this article in Cadillac News, a library had decided to rid itself of its LP collection.\"The record collection is being stopped for two reasons: we couldn\'t buy them anymore and the demand wasn\'t there (from patrons)\"


ALA Erotica program

Someone sent in this: \"Found this following a link from the American Family Association site. Call to action against ALA.

Librarians Discuss Stocking Erotica \"

From the story

\"Public universities appear to be taking the lead in developing erotica collections, but many community librarians have now been emboldened by the ALA seminar.

To make matters worse, the ALA favors giving children the same access to explicit materials that is afforded adults.


Reading habit has declined in Sri Lanka

This Story tells us reading is declining in Sri Lanka due to lack of interest in reading and leisure. Is this happening in other countries?

\"The survey was conducted under the direction of Cultural and Religious Affairs Ministry. The report on the survey says that 63.7 per cent admitted that their reading habit has dropped. Most Sri Lankans are monolingual. Their principal language of communication is Sinhala, only 16.1 percent of them could read English and 0.9 percent Tamil. Of those who consider Tamil as their principle language of communication 35.4 percent could read Sinhala and 4.8 percent English.


The dot matters

More problems with filters, this one with AOL. You can get past the filtering software by adding a dot at the end of the URL. The article appeared on New Jersey Online\"members designated as mature teens cannot access the Web site Sex.com. However, under the workaround, if a mature teen using AOL simply enters a \".\" at the end of \"www.sex.com,\" the site becomes accessible.\"


Friday Updates

Friday updates for this week include Missing Pages in Harry Potter, Bill Gates\'s Money, Ugly Library Building, Library Lemonade Stand, Save the Bookmobile, Contentville.com, Library of the Future, a Broken Library, the Secret to Harry Potter, Netlibrary News, More Stealing from Libraries, and the Quote of the Week!! Enjoy!!

Digital Audio Books

Wired has this story on the next generation of talking books.\"...digital talking books, users can navigate through different pages, chapters, or even sentences. People can search for a given word, or start the audio at any given point using a special keypad.\"


Top 10 Signs You Did Not Learn Anything In LIbrary School

This is dedicated to Blake, who I think could use a
laugh after this rough week.
You know you did not learn much in library
school is you think a MARC record is something that
once belonged in a stereo.


Web Bugs

A Story from News.com tells the dangers of \"Web Bugs\", Web bugs are little electronic tags that help Web sites and advertisers track visitors, rather than using cookies, they use little tiny images to track you.

\"A Web bug \"is like a beacon, so that every time you hit a Web page it sends a ping or call-back to the server saying \'Hi, this is who I am and this is where I am,\'\" said Craig Nathan\"


Wasting money on Potter?

Brian Smith writes \"Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn plays the role of wet-blanket grump and asks whether the money libraries are spending on multiple copies of Goblet of Fire would have gone to better use buying a bunch of other books.
Story at The Chicago Tribune

Also in today\'s Tribune, a letter-writing muggle repeats the dumb-ass warning that Potter=Wicca=danger.



All Computers Filtered Except One

The St. Petersburg Times has this article on a decision in a library to filter all computers but one. There might as well be a sign over the one unfiltered terminal that reads View Porn Here!!.\"It\'s censorship -- it\'s bald-faced censorship -- and that is what the First Amendment is supposed to protect us from,\" said Joe Redner, a nude-nightclub owner and county commission candidate.\"


E-Rate a Success

It looks like filling out all of those E-rate forms has paid off. Computer User has this article on a report by the Education and Library Networks Coalition.\"The report released today by EDLINC is another confirmation that the E-rate program is a very powerful tool in leveling the playing field for everyone in our country, regardless of economic or geographic background,\" FCC Chairman William Kennard said in a statement released today.\"



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