Intel inside... the library.

Anonymous Patron writes "Another interesting portrayal of a librarian in the popular culture. This time it's an Intel ad featuring Lucy Liu."


Intel inside... the library.

Anonymous Patron writes "Another interesting portrayal of a librarian in the popular culture. This time it's an Intel ad featuring Lucy Liu."


New Domains a Step Closer

Wired is reporting The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has narrowed the field down to 10 finalists in the race to become the new DOT-COM! Check out the final TLD\'s and the folks sponsoring them.

  • Dot-info by Afilias, LLC.

  • Dot-biz by JVTeam, LLC, which is comprised of Neustar and Melbourn IT.

  • Dot-i Sarnoff Corporation and JVTeam, LLC.

  • Dot-name, dot-nom, dot-san, dot-xing by the Global Name Registry, Limited.

  • Dot-pro by RegistryPro, Ltd, which is comprised of, Virtual Internet and Baltimore Tech.

  • Dot-co-op by the Cooperative League of the USA.

  • Dot-museum by the Museum Domain Management Association.

  • Dot-Air by the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques.

  • Dot-geo by SRI International.

  • Dot-coop by Cooperative League of the USA.

The National Book Award winners

Publishers Weekly has the The National Book Award winners.

They include
In America by Susan Sontag
and In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick.


Harry Potter first edition

Charles Davis sent in This Story from on a copy of the first edition of the first Harry Potter that sold for more than £6,000 at auction. They only pressed 500 copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone when it was published three years ago. An 1885 first edition illustrated copy of Robert Louis Stevenson\'s Treasure Island went for just £100.


Clinton Can\'t Catch a Break

Arkansas Online has a Story on the trouble brewing over the new Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. A man there won\'t give up his land so they can build the library because his is mad at Little Rock officials for spending more than $12 million on the land for the library.

\"The city of Little Rock can ill afford this huge expenditure, which has never been approved by the voters,\" Pfeifer said. \"The past two years have proved the ruinous effects the financing scheme has had on our city finances and public confidence.\"

$12 Million does seem like alot of money for this thing.


Mom Wants say in Reading has a Report on some Harry trouble in NH. A woman there is requesting that parents have more say in what teachers read to pupils. She wants teachers to give parents reading lists so they can decide whether their child should leave classrooms when certain books are read aloud.

She said Harry Potter teaches about killing, reincarnation and the occult. To prove her point, she read a segment of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer\'s Stone aloud to the board, and it speaks of drinking blood and damaging the mind and body of a witch.

Is this an unreasable request?


A Misguided Pornography Bill

The NY Times has a short opinion on mandating filtering in libraries that get federal funding. They call is an \"an ill-conceived rider\", absurd and unconstitutional. They say a better way to approach this problem is schools and libraries monitor student use of the Internet while teaching each student how to avoid inappropriate sites.


Video News Report on Public Libraries

NewsNet5 has a video report on libraries that focuses on the typical problems. This story is quite a slam on public libraries.

Check it out here, you\'ll need real player.

This story does not paint a very pretty picture of todays public libraries. If I didn\'t know any better I\'d think the AFA wrote this one.

Your neighborhood library is less like a church and more like a bus station...\"

.health the TLD for quality health information

Al writes \"

Not really a scoop as its ongoing but a nice article on the bbc site about the discussions around the .health TLD:

and the coverage on Slashdot

As always the odd insightful comment worth reading \"

This raises some interesting questions on quality control of web sites, especially medical web sites. Should a government be given control over certain sites to ensure they are reliable? Should anyone really be getting medical advice from a web site to begin with?


PDAK12 - Pocket PC For K-12

John Rappold writes \"PDAK12 is a new web site dedicated to using the Pocket PC Personal Digital Assistants in K-12. The site is geared towards teachers, librarians, technology coordinators, and administrative staff. Topics covered include deploying Pocket PCs, web and database connectivity, eBooks, software reviews, and many others.

The non-profit site is hosted by South Central Ohio Computer Association, one of twenty-four state agencies in Ohio that provide data and Internet services for K-12 districts. PDAK12 can be found at:

Degrees Granted Online May Lack Status

The NY Times has an insteresting Story on the employability of those with degrees from Online-Only Schools. 77% of HR officers said they believe an online degree from a real school, like Stanford or Harvard, is better than one from a school that exists only on the Internet.

\"There\'s some skepticism. Some employers feel like students are getting a degree-lite, or a watered-down degree.\"

I\'ve been on both sides of the online education market (as a student and a teacher) and I still prefer the ol\' classroom.

UK Public Libraries commemorated by coin.

Charles Davis writes \"In August 1850 the Public Libraries Act received Royal Assent, allowing ordinary people to enjoy free access to books and laying the foundations of today\'s national UK network of public libraries.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Act, which brought knowledge and literature within the reach of every member of society, a commemorative 50p coin has been produced by the Royal Mint.
See: \"


For Profit Library?

Questia Media is hoping to entice students to pay as much as
$360 a year for online access to searchable books and
journals. The Chronicle
has the Full
. Questia
says it will have more than 50,000 scholarly books and
journals by January, then they\'ll sell subscriptions for $20
or $30 a month, it allows the students to copy and \"paste\"
much easier.

....the service\'s search-and-copy features
respond to the way students really do their papers. \"They\'re
not reading the books,\" says Troy Williams.

Amazon launches e-books store

has a Story
on Amazon\'s move into the
e-Book market. Amazon\'s new e-book store offers about 1,000
titles, all in the Microsoft Reader format.

\"\"What\'s exciting for readers is that we are just
scratching the surface today with the technology and the
content, and the potential for both is amazing,\" said Lyn
Blake, Amazon Books general manager.\"

I just like her

Latino Librarian Dispels Stodgy Image

Yahoo News has a

on Martin Gomez, executive director of the
Brooklyn Public Library. It\'s a neat little story on our
image, the proffesion, and how things are

\"\"In a crowd of librarians, I stand out,\" he
said. \"The old ideas about librarians is slowly changing.
[People of color] are less than 3 percent in the


News flash!

Someone suggested this rather odd story from

Police say a man accused of exposing his private parts at the library used his own library card to take out books at Chardon Public Library.

The man pleaded innocent Monday to a charge of public indecency, he says he only lifted his shirt to show the librarians his stomach and did not expose his genitals.

Note to self: Use someone else\'s library card next time!


Public Library wins Architecture prize

Charles Davis writes \"RIBA Awards 2000
Peckham Library, London wins the
Stirling Prize
and \"

You really need to take a peek at this library, there are three different pics on





Information Architecture Glossary

Need a good definition for \"Knowledge\"? Don\'t understand hieracrchical browsing? Want to impress your friends by using the word \"Bucket\" when describing content?

Argus Associates has the Information Architecture Glossary to help you communicate with all your architect friends, learn about I.A. or just kill some time.

Sorry, .kids

Brian writes \" is one place reporting on ICANN\'s plans for the new TLDs.
\"staff of ICANN recommended Friday that no new top-level domains distinguishing between kid-friendly and kid-unfriendly material be added to the Internet at this time.\" \"

They got 44 proposals on new names, and say only 17 of those are being considered.

\"Because of the inadequacies in the proposed technical and business measures to actually promote kid-friendly content, the evaluation team does not recommend selecting a dot-kids domain in the current phase of the TLD program,\" the staff report said. \"In addition, because of the controversy surrounding, and poor definition of the hoped-for benefits of dot-xxx, we also recommend against its selection at this time.\"



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