Argus Associates Ceasing Operations

A sad message just came across SIGIA-L.
Argus Associates is the latest victim of the down.turn.
Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville did a wonderful job in bringing Information Architecture into the mainstream over the past few years.

They say they will continue participating in the development of the IA Community and hope to maintain the Argus Center for Information Architecture

What they say they did:
* Writing a best-selling O\'Reilly book that expanded awareness of the
practice and value of information architecture.

* Growing a consistently profitable (10 years in a row) consulting practice
that designed IA solutions for more than 100 clients, including some of the
world\'s largest corporations.

* Participating in the creation of a new community of information architects
through ACIA and ASIS&T publications and events.

* Building the strongest co-located team of information architects in the

A Look Around The Web

When you 8673 enough to send the very best ...

Brian from writes \"The Register has an Interview with cyberpunk author Pat Cadigan, who mentions an unusual bit of indexing done at the greeting card company where she used to work:

\"In my last year at Hallmark we finally began putting verses on computer. They had to assign a 4 digit serial number to each sentiment, for each area of feeling.\"

Ah, I just love 432543\'s Day.... the flowers.. the candy...


Novelist Ludlum Dies at 73

This sad note comes via The Nando Times... Spy novelist Robert Ludlum, author of the Jason Bourne series of suspense thrillers and \"The Matarese Circle,\" died Monday at the age of 73. According to a representative from Ludlum\'s publisher, St. Martin\'s Press, the cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.


New Harry Books

J.K. Rowling has created two little companion books ``Quidditch Through the Ages,\'\' and ``Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,\'\' were released Monday by Scholastic for $3.99, with the proceeds going to charity.

The BuffaloNews has the Story


Nupedia and Project Gutenberg Directors Interview

Slashdot has a double interview with Michael Hart of the Project Gutenberg and Jimmy Wales of the Nupedia open content encyclopedia project. There\'s alot of talk on on the nature of copyright and online publishing, interesting stuff.


Clinton Library Foundation Members Want to Just Say No to Bubba and Wife

Board members of the foundation raising funds for the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, are so upset about the ongoing pardon scandal, which has called attention to their own activities, that they want to hang a \"Keep Out\" sign on the 3,000 square foot living space which was to be designated as the Clinton\'s residence in Little Rock.

The fear that the apartment, which is to be located within the library, could easily become a center for controversy and speculation, has caused some board members to recommend that the plans for the Clinton\'s living area be eliminated altogether.


California Court Says Libraries Can\'t be Forced to Limit Web Access

The American Civil Liberties Union has backed a ruling by a California court that states, that libraries cannot be forced to restrict Internet use by parents of minors. According to the state appeals court, this type of restriction is \"untenable under state and federal law.\" [more...]


His & Hers Clinton Quotes Make Bartlett\'s Familiar Quotations

The utterances of former President Bill Clinton and New York Senator Hillary Clinton will be among the newest entries into Bartlett\'s Familiar Quotations.

And, they ain\'t pretty ones either...It seems the folks at Bartlett have chosen to quote Bubba and spouse on marajuana, sex, the definition of the word \"is\" and what it means to stand by your man. Strangely enough, there are no quotations from any of the former President\'s hundreds of speeches over the years on important issues such as welfare reform, health care, foreign policy, taxes, or the size and role of government in society.

Now, that\'s not to say that other famous...or infamous individuals, depending upon the school of thought from whence you come, have always been quoted favorably by Bartlett\'s, however, I think the majority will agree that the Clintons have taken the proverbial cake when it comes to opening their mouths and inserting...well you know...unless your name is Monica...
Click Here for more of this story from Fox News.

AOL Narrowly Escapes Conviction 4-3 in Child Porn Case

David McGuire writes...

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday narrowly absolved America Online in a child pornography case, ruling 4-3 that the Internet giant should not be held responsible for the illicit activities of its customers. [more...] from NewsBytes.


CIPA Will Be Put to Legal Test

sent word of This Story from The Standard on twin lawsuits
filed on March 20.
Filed in Philly, against The Children\'s Internet
Protection Act [CIPA], by the ALA and
the ACLU, the
groups hope to overturn the law.


Maurice J. Freedman Answers Your Questions

Mitch Freedman\'s answers to you questions from a
couple months ago have come in. You can read them

In case you missed the first two, or need to refresh
your memory before you send in your ballot:

Ken Haycock\'s answers.

William Sannawald\'s Answers

Also, you can expect final words from all three
candidates, right here, towards the end of the week.


Books That May Make Parents Blush

Washinton Post
has a Story on books aimed
at young adults. The books are testing limits and
pushing envelopes by using \"salty\" language, and
mature themes. They say it\'s the librarians who define,
and drive, the quality of teen literature in America.

\"...his \"edgy teen, sex-drugs-rock-and-roll,
\'Catcher-in-the-Rye\'-esque, troubled-teen-boy-and-girl
kind of fiction,\" as one publishing executive described it,
is mostly found on the Young Adult shelves of local


ACLU on Kathleen R.

The ACLU has a
press release Posted Here on the CA filtering case from last
year. They call it a \"resounding victory for civil liberties\".

In this case an appeals court said a parent may not
force a public library to install filters.

the opinion is Online

This Related Case from FL, where the
Florida Supreme Court said the CDA gives AOL Time
Warner, immunity from a lawsuit filed by a Florida
woman, whose 11-year-old son appeared in a lewd
videotape sold by one AOL subscriber to another.


Casino Niagara Grant to NF (Ont.) P.L.

Andrew Porteus writes \"The
Casino Niagara Cares foundation recently donated
$50,000 to the Niagara Falls (Ont.) Public Library to
establish the \"Casino Niagara Cares Regional
Heritage Collection.\"


Amazon Chair Under Investigation by S.E.C for Possible Inside Trading

From The New York Times

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating stock sales by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chairman of, in early February just before a Wall Street firm released a negative research report on the company, according to a person close to the matter.


Thieves Use Fake Library Cards to Steal Thousands in Materials from Dayton, OH

Criminals using fake library cards have taken $10,000 worth of materials from at 16 libraries around Dayton, OH. About $5000 worth of DVDs, CDs, videos, and books have yet to be recovered, according to the
Dayton Daily News.
The most popular items for theft were new AV materials. One of the affected libraries is considering reduced borrowing limits for new patrons.


The Dreams of Webzines Fizzle Out

Ross Tyner writes \"The article \"The Dreams of Webzines Fizzle Out\" in today\'s New York Times describes the difficulties e-zines like Salon and Slate are having in trying to make a buck. So much so that they\'re trying to entice subscribers by offering their products in other media, e.g. audio and (gasp) print. \"

From the article:
\"\"We realized pretty early that being an independent, Web-only provider was not entirely viable,\" said Michael Hirschorn, editor in chief of \"You had to find other ways to become viable.\"

eBook Quickies

SO what\'s new in the world of eBooks you ask? Well, it seems they are still not sure What Ebook Readers Want (but they have an idea, cheap cheap), of course they may be The Internet\'s Latest Premature Undertaking, since every major New York book publisher is building an e-book, and no one buys the darn things.
Of course that hasn\'t stopped Steven King, he has a DreamCatcher preview online.
One publisher, so far, says No new e-fiction The Future of e-books expected to be in education, information. And the LawSuits are probably just begining!

Librarians reign as speediest spellers

Bob Cox never Stops!

He sent in this Story on the
eighth annual Spelling Bee for Literacy held at the
Airport Hilton in Grand Rapids, MI.
Guess who won?
\"Thursday\'s winners were -- go figure -- a team
from the Kent District Library. \"

And the secret to winning?
\"All I did was just keep reading, which is really
best way to learn how to spell,\"



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