Media Centers Get Pinched has a Story on cuts in FL school library media centers. The cut backs in school funding are hitting the libraries hard. They talk about the Library Research Service in Colorado study that showed test scores were 18 percent higher in elementary schools and 10 to 15 percent higher in secondary schools with strong media centers.

\"We want to do the right thing and shrink classes, but who picks up those breaks?\" Correll said. \"It\'s awful, and it\'s not going to get any better.\"


Training of information professionals for the corp

Martin De Saulles writes \"Researcha (the global community for information professionals) asks whether library and information schools at US and UK universities are producing the right candidates for the private sector. There appears to be a consensus amongst employers that new graduates are not receiving appropriate training with an emphasis still placed on training candidates for public libraries. A major factor for this deficiency appears to be a lack of commercial experience amongst University faculty.

Visit the Researcha Web site to follow this debate and make your contribution in our Industry Issues discussion forum. Membership to Researcha is free and takes 2 minutes. \"

Man Booked In Library

Found this one on the AP Wire.

A man who got himself trapped inside a library has been booked -- after calling 911 -- for breaking and entering.

Gregory Roberts, 43, was arrested when he called police from a pay phone in the foyer of the library, police Sgt. Joel Cano said.

Officers found his shoeprints on broken glass where he allegedly gained entry by kicking in a window pane, and Roberts apparently cut his hands while dealing with glass shards, Cano said.
Wandering inside the library, Roberts got trapped between the outer and inner doors of the foyer, Cano said. He couldn\'t go back in, and he couldn\'t go back out.
Now Roberts is behind another door -- a jail door.

\"Sometimes,\" Cano said, \"late night studying just doesn\'t pay.\"


Reconstruction of Libraries in Kosovo

Initiatives to begin the reconstruction of public libraries in the
war-torn province of Kosovo were agreed at a recent meeting in The Hague.

Representatives of key players agreed a plan of action, which would
establish a network of mobile libraries throughout the country.
65 library buildings had been destroyed or severely damaged during
the recent conflict. Following the recommendations of a recent report
on libraries in Kosovo [see note], it was agreed that the quickest and
most effective way to serve the needs of people, in the greatest number
of communities, would be a mobile library and information service.

What is librarianship?

Jud Barry writes:

What is librarianship? Your readers might be interested in the Defining Librarianship website, which is looking for the common ground of librarianship-a source of ethical behavior-on which all librarians stand.

All librarians: whether a modified librarian whose body-pierced unconventionality need not mean a lack of professionalism, an anarchist librarian preparing to catalog the revolution, a librarian in frankly pro-censorship China, or a librarian for the equally (but differently) pro-censorship Concerned Women for America.

They can go to Defining Librarianship and help find the common ground.


Copyright Office backs content holders

ZD Net is Reporting more on how the U.S. Copyright Office (part of the Library of Congress) has backed the right of companies to limit access to their content when it is offered on the Internet.
The Copyright Office said people should be able to read filtering software\'s black lists, and allow folks to bypass malfunctioning security features of software and other copyrighted goods they have purchased. This gives copyright holders a whole new level of protection.

\"The decision will \'significantly impede efforts for libraries to continue to provide information in the digital age.\'
-- Miriam Nisbet, American Library Association \"


Liberal Conservatives has an Op-Ed Piece on the political-library climate in Green Bay. The Brown County Board of Supervisors (A conservative bunch?) actually voted to keep a library branch open, even though the money doesn\'t seem to be there.

\"People here may be conservative in many respects, but when it comes to public-policy issues that involve making hard choices, the people they elect to serve on the County Board might just be a bunch of bleeding-heart liberals.


Internet magic has dark side has a Story on the Akron library system consideration of changing the filtering policy. They says the internet has \"put librarians at the vortex of a debate over information and censorship that is forcing them to rethink their role in the electronic age\".

I do like the job descrition in this one though, \"A librarian\'s job finding information for people\".
The Ohio Public Library Information Network says:

\"OPLIN\'s stance is that the state of Ohio shouldn\'t be mucking around telling locally elected boards of trustees and their staffs, who know what\'s going on in their own neighborhood, what to do.

I think Mucking is a librarian-only term.


Surveying the Digital Future

2 Stories take different views on The
\"Surveying the Digital Future\" study by the University of California at Los Angeles Center for Communication Policy.
Says internet users are watching television 4.6 hours less per week than nonusers.

\"The influence of the Internet will dwarf television,\" said Jeffrey Cole, director of the center. \"The Internet has become the fastest-growing electronic technology in world history.\"

Nando Times
Says nearly two-thirds of all Americans have ventured online, and the majority of them deny that the Internet creates social isolation, ah.... denial.

\"What we\'ve found is that almost no one is afraid of the government monitoring us,\" they said. \"They\'re afraid corporations are watching what they do.\"


Science Libraries

Fele Lay

I am majoring engineering and I want to enter a
university that has an excellent science library.

Now I go to New york public library-science and
industrial and business
library to search books and journals. I do not know
whether it can be
compared with the best science libraies in universities.

Does anyone know of any Library Rankings for
Science Libraries?Or can anyone suggest a good
science library?


The Librarian\'s Image, Unrevised

Sunday\'s NY
has a nice Story from Karen Schneider on the
image of the library profession.

\"Call me a loser,
but I\'ve actually read the same book twice in the same
week, just because I liked it, then took time to discuss it
with friends. \"


Copyrights on Web Content are Backed

Lee Hadden sent this in:

\" An article in the Wall
Street Journal by Anna Wilde Matthews, \"Copyrights
on Web Content Are Backed\" (Friday, Oct. 27, page
B10), discusses a decision
by the Library of Congress\'s Copyright Office, to limit
access to the content
of web pages on the Internet. The argument between
libraries and
entertainment companies has been around for some
time, and the decision will
protect the copyright of commercial endeavors with only
minor exceptions.


Hennen\'s American Public Library Ratings 2000

Hennen\'s American Public Library Ratings 2000

The newly revised HAPLR Web site was re-opened with new data today announced Thomas J. Hennen Jr., its author. HAPLR 2000 is featured in the November 2000 issue of American Libraries magazine, a publication of the American Libraries Association. The previous edition was featured in the September 1999 issue.

Inside Google has an Interview with Sergey Brin from google, who talk about how google works, and their very interesting mission:\"Google\'s mission is to organize the world\'s information, making it universally accessible and useful.

Sounds like a library? They have over 6,000 servers that run RedHat 6.2 linux, serve 50 million searches per day, and over 25,000 websites use their engine!

They [] have a google of interviews with other open source folks, if you\'re interested


Library shelves interfiling has a Story on how The North Carroll library had been experimenting with shelving adult and children\'s nonfiction books together, but now the county library board of trustees has voted to stop interfiling the books. They had consolidated 31,581 adult and childrens nonfiction books into the adult section in June, to make more room for children\'s fiction books in the children\'s section, and to allow patrons to find information in a single place.

\"\"It exposed children to adult materials, We were incredulous that this was being done - it was just so inappropriate.\" said Donna Schott of Manchester, an active library patron.


Naperville has top library in nation again

Our own Thomas Hennen made it into the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday in a little Story. Hennen\'s American Public Library Ratings was released and The Naperville Public Libraries, in IL, was the top of the heap. This is the third straight rating as the best library in the country for its size for Naperville.

You can also check out the full ratings online at the HAPLR 2000 Ratings Page


A wiz of a reading

The Toronto Star has the Full Report on J.K. Rowling\'s huge reading at Sky Dome in T.O. on Monday. 20,000 folks showed up to hear her do some reading even though seats down in front were $235(I think that\'s about 2 bucks in U.S. Dollars).

\"A young boy, maybe 10, sat between his mother and his sister. He wore no costume and made no fuss, but he carried a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

As Rowling read, he followed along. The first time she spoke a line as Harry, he broke into an enormous grin. \"


Forever in blue jeans

Someone sent in this Story from Things must be pretty boring in Neenah, because the Library Board voted 4-3 last week against the implementation of a dress and grooming code. It says the Library Board struggled to develop an acceptable and enforceable code. The first proposal specified 22 items of inappropriate clothing, including underwear worn as outerwear. Is there a fashion trend starting at the libraries in WI?

\"The consideration of a dress code has generated diverse opinions among library employees and has led to the resignation of one circulation clerk.\"


Should Librarians Help Support Masturbation?

Kell Yusuf writes \"...the question seems answered by a recent Rosensweig email in the affirmative.
Given his official ALA association, that\'s the only inference to be made when he writes:

\"`masturbation,\' for example, is not a vice: it\'s a normal sexual outlet and it should be actively described as such to children and they should be taught about it by trained professionals! That\'s pedagogically and medically sound. That\'s in the best interests of the child. We should, to put it bluntly, be sex-positive, in favor of sex education, of providing information about abortion...\" and \"...ALA [should] find allies in the educational profession, in the legal profession, among politicians, in the social work and child development profession...\"

Why not be more blunt or go further? Let\'s recruit librarians to actively locate and collect net porno and train children to find it on the net to support their sexual curiosity and thus encourage them to use this material for jerkin\' off. What better way to support our allies on these other professions? The full text of his email missive is dated Oct. 11, 2000, a more recent one than the email from him posted before at: \"

Internet filter plan hits snag: it doesn\'t work!

Lois Fundis writes \"Apparently even Congress is beginning to realize that \"The Internet-filtering software pushed by Congress to protect children from smut online is blocking far more than pornography....The software\'s uneven performance puts a snag in the politically attractive solution that Congress is trying to include in an education spending bill before it adjourns.\"

And even a vice-president of SurfCONTROL, maker of CyberPatrol and SurfWatch, admits, \"My chief criticism is that I don\'t think it\'s necessary because schools are already doing what they need to do to protect their students.\"

Yahoo! News has the Full Story



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