Boys Life Turns 90

Every library I\'ve ever visited carries this. I always like reading about how these things get started and how they evolve with the times. It has an interesting little history...for a boy... I never realized the publication was that old. Live long and prosper. read more here. from The Northwestern.


More on the Freelance Front

NewsBytes has this one today. After winning the Supreme Court case against big media, it seems that Jonathan Tasini wants to extend an \"olive branch\" to the New York Times, et. al. The NYT doesn\'t appear to be interested. Read more here.

Clinton Presidential Library News

While Eugene Pfeifer III goes to the Arkansas Supreme Court to try to stop the city of Little Rock from seizing his land to build the Clinton Presidential Liebrary, WJC himself is reviewing building plans. [more...] from The Nando Times. from the [still more...] from The LA Times. For a humorous, opinionated, biased, yet satirical look at the situation, Click on this one(may be offensive to some).

Blake adds, See Also story on Richard Nixon\'s presidential library in Yorba Linda, CA.


Sir James Gobbo to Head National Library of Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that former Victoria governor Sir James Gobbo has been picked to head the National Library of Australia:

The man often called the \"father of multiculturalism\", Sir James Gobbo has been named the new chairman of the National Library of Australia. The Carlton, Melbourne-born son of Italian migrants is the former governor of Victoria and a retired judge.

Feline Finds Sanctuary Among the Stacks

What a cool story. I love these. This cat\'s got it made. Someone at a library in Michigan rescued a cat from some obnoxious kids and a plastic bag. He\'s been adopted by the library. They\'ve named him in Carnegie. Folks have really taken to the furry, four-legged feline. They\'ve received donations and a lifetime supply of kitty chow. Read more from The Jackson Citizen Patriot.


Pillars of the Earth Banned from School Libraries

This one comes by way of The Fairfax Journal. Ken Follet\'s book \"Pillars of the Earth\" has been banned from Fairfax libraries serving kids below the tenth grade because it contains \"graphic descriptions of sex and violence.\" Sounds kind of like the evening news or MTV to me.


Not your average library display

A troupe of Australian performance artists have made their name by spending weeks living in full public view in department store windows in London, Montreal and Chicago. This is reality television but in real life. Next, they\'re moving to a public library in Ireland. Much more from Yahoo News.


Google to go public?

The BBC News reports on rumors that Google may go public before the end of the year.
Meanwhile, has an interesting interview with Google\'s director of research on how they find those 45,283 hits for your search and what they might be doing in the future.


Children\'s librarian travels to Philippines

I just loved this story from the San Jose Mercury News, about Eve Bates, a young children\'s librarian from California, who spent a year working in Palo, on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. She enjoyed it so much that she\'s now going back to visit as she is \"homesick\" for the kids she got to know there.


Millionaires love libraries!

If you ever wondered what happened to the money won by the already-rich and famous on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, then you might be pleased to find out that Drew Carey set up a library fund with his winnings. See the full heart-warming story on
On the same theme, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin has this story on a San Francisco millionaire who has left half his estate ($1.5 million) to two libraries in Hawaii.


When A Book Meets A Book

Cooler than, memepool pointed me to
The \"3 Rs\" of, Read a good book, Register it, then Release it for someone else to read. tregoweth does it again!

\"You know the feeling you get after reading a book that speaks to you, that touches your life, a feeling that you want to share it with someone else? gives you a simple way to share your books with the world, and follow their paths forever more.\"


New study indicates Canadian parents UnAware

Gillian writes \"New study indicates Canadian parents are not fully aware of how their children are
using the

View release online
See Also)


Canadian youth are ahead of their parents - and on their
own - in their
explorations of the Internet, according to research findings released today by the
Awareness Network.

Young Canadians in a Wired World, the most comprehensive and wide-ranging
survey of its kind
conducted in Canada, heard from 5,682 students between the ages of 9 and 17 in
schools across


Science Friday discusses scientific journal access

Ursula writes \"Last Friday, NPR\'s Science Friday radio show covered the issue of access to scientific journals. Information about the show is here:

And here\'s a link to the archived show (RealAudio): \"

US Supreme Court rules in freelance writers case

Someone writes \"The Supreme Court ruled today that database vendors such as LEXIS need the consent of freelance journalists to reproduce their articles and photographs.

Full Story from CNN\"

The court ruled 7-2 that compilation in an electronic database is different from other kinds of archival or library storage of material that once appeared in print. So now companies need writers permission before stories go online. The case is New York Times v. Tasini, 00-201


Another Gay Display Stirs Library Debate

Jill Varney sends the link to [this one] my way...It seems another gay display in the library, this time in Salt Lake City, is causing quite a stir.
[more...] from The Salt Lake Tribune.


\"The Public Library of Science\"

The movement to boycott journal publishers requiring restrictive copyright agreements of their authors is in full swing, as
evidenced by this open letter signed by
an impressive array of scientists and scholars.

We support the establishment of an online public library that would provide the full contents of the published record of research and scholarly discourse in medicine and the life sciences in a freely accessible, fully searchable, interlinked form. . . To encourage the publishers of our journals to support this endeavor, we pledge that, beginning in September, 2001, we will publish in, edit or review for, and personally subscribe to, only those scholarly and scientific journals that have agreed to grant unrestricted free distribution rights to any and all original research reports that they have published . . .

[via New Breed Librarian and The Free Online Scholarship Newsletter]

Study Says Bad Days Ahead for Newspapers

Someone call Nicholson Baker. The Internet is killing newspapers too. [more...] from NewsBytes.


Bringing Teens and Libraries Together

A youth services librarian dedicates himself to bringing teens and books together through special programs at public libraries. Some of the programs are unique and seem to create quite an attraction.[more...] from The Reno-Gazette Journal.


Prison Cuts Library Budget - Inmates Learn to Do Things the Old-Fashioned Way

Rich Tucker writes...

State corrections officials are removing typewriters and word processors from prison law libraries, making it necessary for Florida inmates without attorneys to produce their legal briefs the really old-fashioned way. [more...] from The Florida Times Union.

Library Funding Effort Rejected: EP Will Likely Close Branches

Jamie Stiehm writes
\"A last-minute budget amendment aimed at keeping all 26 city library branches open for another year crumbled this week when Enoch Pratt Free Library\'s director, Carla D. Hayden, rebuffed a City Council member\'s offer to find $1.1 million for that purpose, 5th District Councilwoman Helen L. Holton said.\" [more...] from The Baltimore Sun.



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