Remember when libraries circulated books and only books. Welcome to the golf club library. From Honolulu Advertiser\"Castillo came up with the concept while talking to his wife about the tool-lending libraries she grew up with in Alaska. \"I thought it was kind of quaint how the community helped each other,\" Castillo said.\" -- Read More

Community Search Overview

In the July edition of the Search Engine Report, Danny Sullivan has published this useful overview of various emerging services which attempt to harness the contributions of volunteers or relevant communities to build web directories. These include Zeal, Wherewithal, Clip2, Octopus, Quiver, and Hotrate. -- Read More

Internet Keeps Librarians Busy

Hollysue suggested this story\"yahoo! has an instersting story that really shows how the WWW is making librarians more important than ever \"

\"``We figured, `We\'re going to be out of business in 10 years\' because people can look up things for themselves at home,\'\' says Long, who supervises the Ready Reference call-in service at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. ``But people call us more now and they expect more because they figure we can just hit a button and - bllllllip! - we\'ll get the answer.\'\' -- Read More

After Hours Library Service

A colleague and I have this running joke that our library should be turned into a disco at night to raise money. I think this \"after hours\" reference service is a good idea too. From the Daily SouthTown\"So many people have questions (they) come up with in the middle of the night and nobody is there\" to provide answers, said Sara McCambridge, Homer Township reference librarian. Even while watching a game show such as \"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,\" if residents want to check on answers, they can call Night Owl, she said.\" -- Read More

Sale of Chairs Delayed

For those of you who couldn\'t sleep at night awaiting a decision about whether or not those chairs in Newton, PA would be sold, the wait is over. Here is a follow-up story from
\"We\'ve had many sleepless nights over these chairs,\" library President Philip Hagan said Monday night. \"Most library members are passionate about keeping them. We just want people to realize that the history of this library exceeds that of the chairs.\" -- Read More

The Napster library?

The ever inovative San
Francisco Public Library
is starting a 6 month long
Experiment involving E-Books. Folks in SF can
browse, search, borrow, read and return 1,500
electronic books from their home or office. Salon has a very
interesting Story about this big

\"this simple little notice may have blasted
a big, fat hole in the business model of the electronic
book companies that plan to sell digital versions of
bestsellers for download over the Web. If you can
\"borrow\" an e-book for free, why would you ever bother
to buy one? \"

They aren\'t calling for the death of
the library, for a change, just the death of the publishing
industry. -- Read More

Knowledge Management

It seems like the term Knowledge Management or KM
is popping up everyone these days. Knowledge
management is simply the capturing of knowledge
among employees in a company and using it as an
asset. We all know knowledge is power, so why are
businesses suddenly using the term? The answer is
something that librarians have known all along--that
sharing knowledge among others is beneficial to
everyone and unshared knowledge means nothing.
Librarians fit into this scheme because we possess
the wonderful ability to gather, organize, and analyze all
the information effectively. Librarians constantly share
their knowledge with other every day so why should
businesses be any different. -- Read More

Library Juice Supplements to date

This Weeks Library Juice has a Complete List of all the Library Juice Supplements to date.

They include


And much More. Go Read them Now. -- Read More

Future of Libraries Down Under

The ever helpful Bob Cox sent in this Story from The Sydney Morning Herald. The author takes a nice look at the future of libraries as the Australian Parliment brings the copywright laws into the 21st century.

\"The prospect raises profound questions about what used to be quaintly termed the book trade. For instance, is it possible to \"lend\" a digital book? How should authors be compensated for a limitless distribution system? Indeed, what is the future of libraries?\" -- Read More

Future Paper

Slashdot has a link to this Story from Newscientist. Some inventive folks in the UK have invented a video screen that runs on LEPs. This means they can make cheap, bright, easy to read, small, and paper thin video displays. Sort of like a paper replacement. In theory you could print a LEP screen from your printer.

\"But perhaps the most tantalising development on the horizon for LEP technology, says Burroughes, is the possibility of creating video displays for, say, wireless Internet access, that can be rolled up. CDT is working on this research with the DuPont chemical company, which has itself acquired another light-emitting polymer research company called Uniax. \" -- Read More

Libraries draw readers, communities together

Story from The State in SC on how great Public Libraries are. A lengthy glowing article on how the new libraries have changed life in this community.

\"This is something I think the Irmo community has been waiting for, for years, and I think it was long overdue,\" said Irmo branch director Charlie Band. \"It\'s more than just the library. This is the kind of community where the library and the schools are just everything.\" -- Read More

Needed: Radical Change in the Role of Publishing

The Chronicle has a interesting Article on how expensive journals have become. Libraries are being overwhelmed by the rising costs and number of journals. Less money is being spent on books, hurting scholoars chances of being published.

\"every faculty member gets a list of journals that are going to be discontinued at their campus library -- this happens once or twice a year on every campus.\" Said Daryle H. Busch, president of the American Chemical Society -- Read More

All-in-One Search Page with a Twist

David Novak writes \"An All-in-One search page you place on your computer. Many of the elements are new like a single form search engine (which translates syntax) and clickable image maps to international newspapers and search engines.

Comes from The Spire Project, publisher of a large site on research techniques and the Information Research FAQ.

Download it, keep it, pass it to a friend. -- Read More

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Library security guards may soon have the authority to arrest unwieldy patrons in Los Angeles. Read about it here. From the Los Angeles Times\"Under the bill by Sen. Richard Alarcon (D-Sylmar), library security officers could arrest people, execute search warrants and gain access to law enforcement computers that provide individuals\' criminal background.\" -- Read More

Hey bub, that is William Penns Chair Your Sitting On

Here is an interesting story out of It seems that a library wants to auction off chairs that once were owned by William Penn and were donated to them in the early 19th Century. But will people in the town take news sitting down? Nope. They may want the chair to stay in the town.\"people in Newtown are also interested in history, said Hains, and they, too, would be willing to spend the money to help the library and to keep the chairs in town. Hains said that the board should consider other fund-raising options - benefit dinners and concerts, for example - before they sell the chairs.\" -- Read More

The Throwaway Libraries

Asia Week has this nice story on schools in the Philippines that get second and third hand books sent to them from America. The students love it, and so do I. Way to go!!\"In DDU schools, all the students have to read are worn-out books and mimeographed materials, with hardly any pictures or color. The library is a single, dilapidated shelf in a poorly lit room, and the several dozen books in it are under lock and key.\" -- Read More

Tiff Over Asbestos in Libraries

A couple of libraries down in Long Island are having some trouble with asbestos. Library trustees ordered the buildings closed indefinitely until the outdated fire retardant-now considered a carcinogen-is completely removed. But since the work might not be completed until November, town officials ordered on Tuesday the libraries be reopened. So apparently the librarians are now working in an asbestos filled library!

\"Why is it suitable for our library employees to enter these contaminated areas on a regular basis, and yet it is unsafe for the public to enter them only occasionally?\" Thomas Conoscenti, chairman of the library board of trustees, said in a written statement

The Story is at -- Read More

Someone wrote in with this, and it just struck me as really funny.

I was up around midnight two days ago when they finally broke the story
about the new Harry Potter book title (I think the first instance I saw was
on Yahoo news). I immediately attempted to obtain the
goblet_of_fire@?????.com address, but someone beat me to it. However, as
you can see in my sig, I *was* able to scoop goblet_of_fire@????.com. My
daughter (8-years-old) was astounded and delighted. Me, too!

Still, if Rowling e-mailed me and asked to have it, I\'d give it to her, and

And what of the now valuable URL\'s? -- Read More

Public library offers e-books has an encouraging Story on the public libraries plans to begin offering \"Rocket\" eBook readers starting this weekend. They will be offering 60 titles to begin with.

\"We really hope that people who love reading great books and popular fiction will pick it up just as they would pick up a paperback or hardbound copy,\" said Rita Rouse, public relations director for the Public Library of Mecklenburg County. -- Read More

Residents threaten suit over Internet filters (not the beer) has a interesting Story on a group of citizens ready to take the local library to court over filtering. This time they are against the filters. I\'m not sure I\'ve seen citizens fighting to get filters taken off.

\"The system they have now is very arbitrary and it essentially takes the right away from the parents,\" Arthur Ketchen, president of the Nashua-based First Amendment Legal Defense Fund Citizens Against Censorship, said in a telephone interview Thursday. \"And if the library can’t exist for all citizens, it should be private or not exist at all.\" -- Read More

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