60 Gadgets in 60 Minutes

From the Law Library Resource Exchange, Roger Skalback writes...

\"In today\'s world, technology gadgets are everywhere: the workplace, home, stores, churches, schools and government. Gadgets can make our lives easier, or as others have said, give us anxiety of gadget overload. At a panel presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, four speakers picked their favorite gadgets to share with attending librarians and information managers. Granted, as time goes by, some of these gadgets will be outdated but still usable, just the same as gadgets in a kitchen. For the panel presentation, four people were asked to each select fifteen gadgets to display and discuss. Each speaker had one minute to display a specific gadget, highlighting aspects of each gadget that could be useful in a legal or library setting. The members of this panel presentation were as follows:\" Check it out.


Returning Scientific Publishing to Scientists

The Public Library of Science-organized boycott of journals not allowing free distribution after six months of the articles they\'ve published begins September 1. Here\'s a useful round-up of those pushing for freer, cheaper distribution of scientific information:

Out of old bookes, in good faithe,
Cometh al this new science that men lere.

--Geoffrey Chaucer, The Assembly of Fowles
Taking License

As Chaucer\'s \"old bookes\" give way to the Information Age, I\'ve been asking myself whether or not these books -- and today, principally journals -- have morphed into something else entirely. Scientific communication is increasingly driven by factors that have little to do with researchers and more to do with commercial publishers\' profits. Even amid talk of the Internet-driven rise of scientific publishing, the researcher and the lab -- where scientific communication originates -- seem to be forgotten entirely. Restoring the researcher in research publishing requires long-term, cultural shifts to right the balance in favor of the scientist.

(More from the Journal of Electronic Publishing. Thanks again to New Breed.)

Clinton Library will be Most Expensive in History

Under intense scrutiny and controversy over how it\'s being funded and also the fact that they are literally stealing some guy\'s land in order to build it, it looks like construction will definitely begin on Willy\'s library. Some people can fall into it and come out smelling like a rose every time. more... from The Nando Times. and here\'s still more from The New York Times. but don\'t forget your free subscription.


Libraries to Die For

Junk e-mail goddess strikes again...

Yomiuri Shimbun writing for The Daily Yomiuri reports that pacemakers could malfunction as a result of anti-theft devices in libraries. I didn\'t think this was new news, but it may be to some. I guess a would-be library thief wearing a pacemaker could literally be stopped dead in his tracks. more...


Public Libraries and Public Health in Canada

A short piece from the Canadian Health Network on their effort to increase access to health information in the wake of Canada\'s connection of all of its schools and public libraries to the Web:

In 1999, Canada became the first country in the world to have all its public libraries and schools connected to the Internet . Public libraries have always been leaders at providing information to Canadians. To librarians the Internet is just another form of information and culture, along with books, videos, CDs, microfilm and magazines. So it\'s natural that they wanted to make the Internet available to Canadians. What does this have to do with CHN (the Canadian Health Network)? Plenty. The aim of CHN is to help everyone find reliable Canadian health information. The decision at CHN was to provide health information only via the Internet to begin with. This would be a problem if not all Canadians were connected! But by 1999, when the CHN was up and running, many people in Canada now had access to the Internet through their public library.

More from the Canadian Health Network. Thanks again to wood s lot.


Amazon, eBay Shareholders Sue Analyst for Biased Research

Found this one posted at CNet News.

\"Mary Meeker, the Morgan Stanley analyst once dubbed \"Queen of the Internet\" for her bullish reports on the industry, was named as a defendant in a pair of lawsuits Wednesday alleging she provided biased research on eBay and Amazon.com.\" more...


Harry\'s Birthday Party was a Blast

For The Union Tribune, Jennifer Dobner writes...

\"It was a birthday party like any other. There were games, prizes and a giant sheet cake covered in creamy, sweet frosting. But not one guest brought a gift. Instead, they brought brooms. The right broom is essential to a good game of Quidditch. And there is no better way to celebrate the 15th birthday of the world\'s most popular boy, than with a scrimmage of his favorite high-speed, high-flying game. It doesn\'t matter that Harry Potter is a fictional literary character, or that Quidditch is an imaginary game. It doesn\'t matter, because Harry\'s adventures as a wizard-in-training at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have won the affection of kids worldwide.\" more...


Of the 20th Century\'s Top 100 Novels, Only 9 Were Written by Women

More from the desk of the junk e-mail goddess...
Kristin Bakke and Laurel Rayburn compiled the following for Ms Magazine.
\"Of the Modern Library\'s top 100 novels of the twentieth century, only nine were written by women, and only two made the top 50: Virginia Woolf\'s To The Lighthouse and Carson McCullers\' The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. No book by a woman of color is on the list. more...


Rare Darwin Book Returned to Boston Public Library

From the junk e-mail goddess...
Someone writes...

\"A rare first-edition copy of Charles Darwin\'s seminal work on natural selection has been returned to the Boston Public Library after disappearing at least eight decades ago.
An 1859 copy of Darwin\'s \"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection\" was returned last week after a woman found the book while cleaning out a relative\'s home, Roberta Zonghi, the library\'s keeper of rare books, said on Wednesday. The library received the book in the 1860s as a gift, Zonghi said. The library noted that the book was missing in 1933, but it could have vanished a decade earlier.\" more...
The folks at ABCNews have this one


Nonprofit Firm Could Guide \'.us\'

For The Washington Post, Jonathan Krim writes...

\"Three companies bidding for the right to manage \".us\" Internet addresses have agreed to let a coalition of nonprofit and quasi-governmental groups help set policy for the little-used domain-name suffix. The .us domain is used primarily by state and local agencies and quasi-public organizations, including government departments, schools, libraries and museums. But with \".com\" and \".net\" addresses reaching saturation, and with domain-name registration becoming big business, the Commerce Department is seeking new management to make greater commercial use of the domain.\" more...


A star dims in the SF galaxy

Slashdot brings us the sad news that SF master Poul Anderson has passed away. As one wag said, he probably faked his death to cover up his recruitment by the Time Patrol...


Untelling the Truth - Will Libraries Assist?

ALA Councilor at large Mark Rosenzweig has called for libraries to refuse to cooperate with the U.S. Government\'s attempts to recall an accidently released report that reveals its long-denied connections to Indonesian death squads:

My question is: will libraries which have received or ordered this book allow themselves to be complicit in the UNTELLING of the story of the US responsibility for the Indonesian massacre and military dictatorship,because the State Department has decided the release of the book was
\"ill-timed\"(something to do with the fact that the new President of Indonesia is the daughter of the US deposed George Wahington of Indonesia, Sukarno)?

Would it be possible for the Excecutive Board, the Executive Director, the President of ALA, the OIF, to issue a recommendation that American libraries NOt cooperate with any program for the removal of this book from libraries, the return of these volumes, the cancellation of orders, and more positively issue a statement that libraries are not in thebusiness of controlling information by government dictat, nor in the supression of a document which finaly makes accessible the proof of long-alleged US State
Department, CIA, Armed Forces etc involvement in one of the great debacles of the late 2Oth Century? (More from Library Juice .)

More from an earlier article posted here.

Books On Our Shelves Define Us As Much As the Clothes On Our Backs

From the Plattsburg, (NY) Press Republican, Diane Petryck Bloom writes...

\"When a flood burst through the doors of the little library in Lincoln, VT, three generations of the townsfolk, ages 8 to 80, lined up old-fashioned bucket-brigade style to save what books they could. \'Despite the water in their own basements,\' said author Chris Bohjalian, who lives in the 1,000-resident town, \'the people thought that was the most important thing to be doing.\' Bohjalian, in Plattsburgh recently to address a gathering of the Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System staff and friends, used the story to promote his belief that no mere e-text of any kind will supplant the traditional book.\" more...


Anchorage Gay Pride Display Revisited

For The Anchorage Daily News, Tim Pryor writes...

\"The city\'s Library Advisory Board endorsed a new policy for library exhibits on Tuesday that its chairwoman called tighter and less ambiguous than the previous policy. But it doesn\'t address a suggestion by Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch. The board\'s new policy, which the library would use to review exhibits of materials from outside the library, says exhibitors should describe displays specifically. It also prevents the city from excluding exhibits for being promotional.\" more...


Clinton To Share Library Plans

For The Times Record, Elizabeth Caldwell writes...

\"Former President Clinton will speak Thursday at the Aerospace Education Center, where he will give his first major speech regarding his plans and vision for the Clinton Presidential Library and Center.\" Geez, um, I feel privileged, don\'t you all? I wonder if he\'ll include a collection of memoirs, including a grouping of portraits, entitled, \"To all the Girls I\'ve Loved Before...\" with Monica at the head. more...


San Diego Union-Tribune Chops Archive

sent along This Story on the San
Diego Union-Tribune blocking access to all of the
archive\'s contents created prior to Jan. 1, 2000 in
response To the \'Tasini\' Decision.

They cited the logistical nightmare of sorting through
thousands of electronically archived free-lance stories
dating back to 1983, limited economic gain, and a
class-action suit brought by the National Writers Union
(NWU) that includes the Union-Tribune as a defendant.


The Dusty Bookshelf

Sometimes ya find the Darndest things trolling around
your friends Sites.
Rory has put
together something he calls The Dusty
. It\'s a collection of ancient library
oriented articles from Library Journal and other places.
Most are from the very early 1900\'s and late 1800\'s and
cover some very interesting topics.
The Telegraph in The Library, The Library as a Social
Centre, and Remarks on the Art of Using a Library, are
just a few. His introduction:

\"To know where we\'re going (or decide where
we\'re going) it helps to take a look at the past. What has
changed and what has stayed the same? What is really
new and what is really old? What works? I compiled
this collection of fourteen out-of-copyright articles about
libraries and librarianship for LISSweb, the website for
the SJSU SLIS Student Organization (LISS). I think the
articles can help in the process of reflection on
librarianship, and are entertaining and thought
provoking as well.\"


Spiffy Librarian Duds

You may already have some cool Librarian Duds but The Laughing Librarian has some mighty spiffy new T-Shirt designs.

La Bibliothèque ... Oh-La-La!, Zen Librarian and Lucifer\'s Library.

So join in and Help him stay unemployed! If just 1,287 people a month buy t-shirts and other stuff he won\'t have to get a job!

Though a Job Offer might be even better...


Passing time till Harry

HoustonChronicle.com has a Funny Little List of ways to make time disappear while you\'re waiting for the Nov. 16 release of the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone.

\"Write an operations manual for the Nimbus 2000 and save Harry from the broomstick police! A British White Witches high priest in Sussex, England, told Reuters our boy wizard is riding his Nimbus backward in the trailer for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone.\"


Public access computer used to send nude photos to teen

This one isn\'t exactly the type of story I normally post, but it has some interesting details.

A 20-year-old man sat at a public access Internet computer above the West Side branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library and e-mailed nude photos of himself to a 14-year-old Cedar Springs girl.

On May 9, Mullin used a Media Center computer to create a \"Fans of John Mullin\" Yahoo Club site. The free home page contains an archive of photos and a profile of Mullin that lists his occupation as \"giving women foot massages for free.\"

Thanks to the great and powerful Bob Cox for this one.



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