Pupils\' dreams of a better world win book contest

jen writes \"Months before the recent attacks on the United States, Hameeda Qadafi\'s students at Pershing Elementary School in University City wrote and illustrated a book about peace and how to make the world better.
Last week, representatives of Scholastic, a children\'s book publishing company, said that the book had been picked from 2,000 entries nationwide to win a national contest. The company has published 50,000 copies of the book, which will be sold at school book fairs and in bookstores.
Full Story over at SLToday.\"


Library\'s Art Display Disturbs Men, Amuses Women

From the Rocky Mountain News...

Carol Ripley, Director of Cultural Programs for the Boulder (CO) Public Library doesn\'t understand what all the fuss is about. \"If it\'s any consolation, from a distance they look like socks hanging on a clothesline.\" She says of an art display being housed in the library. The display, entitled \"Hung Out to Dry\" depicts certain \"men\'s appendages\" being hung from a clothesline. more


Smithsonian Museum and E-Bay Acquire Florida\'s Voting Machines

One of the voting machines used in the Florida year-2000 Presidential election is being immortalized in the Smithsonian Institute\'s Museum of American History. The remaining 3,499 machines are being auctioned off on E-Bay. \"The county is asking a minimum bid of $300 for a voting machine with brass plaque, a butterfly ballot, a certificate of authenticity, 25 sample punch-card ballots and a signed photo of the canvassing board. For a $600 minimum bid, they\'ll throw in all that, plus an aluminum ballot box.\"

Internet Public Library in the News

Stumbled across this one today in a New Hampshire newspaper. It\'s about the Internet Public Library.

Here\'s the pitch...
\"It\'s always been difficult to separate the good information from the bad on the Internet. That\'s where the Internet Public Library steps in. The site, begun by library studies graduate students at the University of Michigan, separates the chaff from the wheat. The IPL shows the way to academic periodicals and complete online texts (the writings of Abraham Lincoln, for example), offers tips for students writing papers, provides librarians with valuable resources, and much more.\" The article also provides a list of links and summaries to a few web sites, such as The Car Connection, Bob & Ray, Monsters, Inc, and more.


Illinois Launches Early Learning Web Site

The Illinois State Board of Education is funding a Web site geared toward early learning and intervention for children. The site includes a keyword and advanced search option for resources related to child learning. There are also tip sheets, FAQs, and more. Although the site contains information about agencies in Illinois, there are also elements useful for anyone involved in, or interested in working with preschoolers. They also link to Futures for Kids. To visit the site, Click Here.


Scholastic to Publish Third E-Book Ahead of Print Version

Scholastic is releasing another of its books in electronic format ahead of the print version. This one is part of the \"Dear America\" Series. According to Michael Jacobs, senior vice president of their trade division \"We\'re approaching all our e-book efforts as ways to promote our printed properties, so we\'re not necessarily going to gauge the success of this e-book project solely on the basis of whether we sell a lot of copies, although we\'d like to do that.\" If you hurry and buy it before Thanksgiving, you can get it for $1.95. more


Pay To Sing

Washington Law Quarterly has A Sad Story on federal copyright law.
They say, if current copyright law is enforced to its narrowest confines, it is likely that nonprofit service or camping organizations may be subject to copyright infringement suits for just signing a song.

They cover the history of copyright, and many other details.
Also note, this is 4 years old, things has gotten much worse since then.


Ziggy for Dummies

I am not sure how long this comic strip will be up, but I was rolling on the floor this morning. Enjoy!!


Pay Equity Under Scrutiny in Australia

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A pay claim being launched today by librarians will test the water for thousands of women who say their work is undervalued because they are female.

The case, in the Industrial Relations Commission, seeking an average 14 per cent pay rise for librarians and similar workers, is the first to test the new principle of gender pay equity, established by the commission last year.

The Public Service Association, representing librarians, library technicians and archivists, will compare their skills, responsibilities and working conditions with other Public Service professions dominated by men.



Author Franzen Grovels Before TV Talk Queen

It seems that Jonathan Franzen has had a change of heart over the issue of Oprah including \"The Corrections\" on her list of picks. Do ya suppose it mighta been the money and recognition that got to him? What was that remark he made about \"artistic purity??\" \"High art literary tradition\" my @&&. Pompous, self-aggrandizing literary snobbery seems more appropriate. more from Mercury Center.
For a related article, Click Here.


Oprah Makes a Correction

Nashville Public Sees Growth Explosion Since Last Year

It would appear, that when it comes to satisfying the masses, the Nashville (TN) Public Library System has discovered the secret formula. Since the realization of the $115 million building project, which resulted in a new main branch, trhe renovation of three smaller branches, as well as the addition of five new branches, the libraries have seen a huge increase in their circulation, up 41% from last year. In the new main branch alone, the number skyrocketed to 95%. More from The Tennessean.


2001 Ezine-Tips Online Publishing Awards

ezine-tips.com has the 2001 Ezine-Tips Online Publishing Awards posted.

These are the main guidelines they used to judge newsletters:
Writing quality, originality, sources and timeliness.
.Format and design that enhance the content.
.Value for readers.
.Mission clarity.

They range from Bent on Waterfowl, about waterfowl hunting, to, Neat Net Tricks, a collection of site, software and search-engine reviews.
These newsletters all have great content, well-written, timely and essential for the target audience. Cool niche stuff for all!

Library Patron Jailed in Child Porn Case

An Illinois man has plead guilty to charges of child pornography after downloading pictures, on a library computer, of children engaging in sexual acts. His wife alerted the police after discovering the photos. more from The Chicago Tribune.


Clinton Gets His Library

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city of Little Rock in the case against Eugene Pfeifer III. The city siezed Pfeifer\'s land after he refused their $400,000 offer to purchase it in order to build the Clinton \"residential\" Library. According to the article, as a result of the city\'s inability to legally claim eminent domain, they simply condemned the property in order to acquire it. more...

Voters Love Libraries

Owing a debt of gratitude to local voters, Cleveland (OH) Area libraries will see a generous increase in funding as the result of a 6-0 vote for a proposed $25 million bond issue for improvement of libraries. Other agencies weren\'t so fortunate. more from The Cleveland Plain Dealer.


UNM Library Dean Placed on Leave Amid Controversy

After the September 11 terror attacks, Richard Berthold, a professor at the University of New Mexico made an inflammatory remark in which he stated, \"Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon has my vote.\" It seems, however, that his remark about the attack on the Pentagon isn\'t the only one that\'s gotten him into trouble. It would appear that he\'s made similar and also threatening remarks toward his colleagues well before 9/11. In an unrelated incident last February, Berthold made a statement about the Dean of the Library, in which he said the Library Dean \"should be shot for the way he was running the library system.\" After the Library Dean threatened to go public with information on how the University was handling the situation with Berthold, the Dean was placed on leave. more from The ABQ Tribune.


BookShare Answers Your Questions

The Fine folks over at BookShare have provided answers to all the questions provided by the ever inquisitive LISNews audience.

Read on below to see how they do things, and why. This is an interesting project, one that could have some impact on some libraries in the future.


Lots O\' Harry Stuff

I seem to have collected a bucket full o\' Harry Potter stories here.

A Small NYTimes Editorial pointed the way to SaveHarry.com, a site to Save Harry from profiteering marketers.

Sexist, satanist, classist on Harry finding himself held responsible for the moral health of the nation\'s children.

SciFi.com has a Small Interview with Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hogwarts groundskeeper Hagrid. He says the film is \"quite shockingly good\".

Movie pirates cash in on Harry Potter mania has details on counterfeit DVDs.

Magic by the books is a general movie story.

And, Ananova tells us fifth book \'shouldn\'t be too long, in which, JK Rowling says the fifth Harry Potter novel should be finished soon.
Ananova also has special Harry Potter and JK Rowling news sections.


Project Aims to Make Cuneiform Collections Available

jen writes \"Assyriology going hi-tech -
The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, a joint venture of
the University of California at Los Angeles and the Max Planck
Institute for the History of Science, in Berlin, will provide scholars
with access to an enormous database of cuneiform inscriptions.
With more than 200,000 tablets scattered throughout museums in
several countries (not counting the steady flow of black-market
items trickling out of Iraq and onto eBay), the world\'s 400
professional Assyriologists have been struggling to keep from being
buried alive by primary documents. The online library promises to
be the single-largest, most organized, and best cataloged repository
of cuneiform inscriptions in the world, according to its director,
Robert K. Englund, a professor of Near Eastern languages and
culture at UCLA.
Full Story from The Chronicle of Higher Ed\"



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