Copyright Law Foes Lose Big

Wired has a good Wrap Up on some bad luck the good guys had in US courts last week.

Wednesday a pair of federal courts siding with the music and record industry, the Electronic Frontier Foundation lost two of its most important intellectual property cases so far.

Many had pinned their hopes on these lawsuits as a way to eviscerate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Conspiracy Theories A Go-Go

I think it was Mefi that pointed me to and This Huge Collection of alternative theories on the 9-11 tragedies. They have a collection of links and questions you\'re not likely to find anywhere else.

Did the U.S. know that the attacks were going to happen?

What are the Bush family\'s business connections in the Middle East?

Who is investigating this travesty?

Who benefits from this war?

And so on...


The Secret Land Of Librarians

0(Zero)format has a Really Cool Story on us \"Online Librarians\".

\"People know about genealogy groups, programming and design communities, diary circles, web rings, and sci-fi/fantasy cinema cults. But who knew about the roiling, secret activities of librarians?

Let\'s talk about librarians. What makes an online group of librarians such a fascinating find?\"

Big ups to Sylvar for pointing the way.


ELectronic Society for Social Scientists

ELSSS, the ELectronic Society for Social Scientists is a new, non-profit-making society, whose mission is to improve scientific communication in the social sciences, especially by the provision of electronic publications of high quality, wide diffusion and low cost for the direct benefit of the academic community (and indirectly for the taxpayer and the general public).
ELSSS is an initiative aimed at:

1. Increasing competition in the academic journal publishing marketplace;
2.Introducing a fairer and more efficient way of producing, distributing, and consuming academic journals
whereby the large surpluses currently being earned by some commercial publishers are redistributed to the individuals who make journals, namely, authors, referees, and editors - with substantial savings for libraries and the academic and student community.

Take part in the survey.
see Also.


Freedman Better Salaries/Pay Equity Task Force

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Minutes, roster, etc. for most significant national campaign for librarians since WW II - first, pay equity - \"

It includes The Open Meeting, A Feedback Form, the Task Force Roster Subcommittees Minutes and A Photo Album.


All the Hu\'s Down in Hu\'ville

It\'s already December (in much of the world), and my mind\'s been filled with thoughts of the man who knows if I\'ve been bad or good, who keeps a list of who\'s naughty or nice, who sees and hears what I say and do.

But in a break from thinking about John Ashcroft, I pulled up my favorite winter-holiday-related Web page:

Welcome Christmas! The Story of a Holiday Hymn

This has been around for a few years, but it\'s still fun to see how many people you can get to believe that the song from the Grinch cartoon is derived from an ancient folk song from a remote area of Norway.

Or, if you want to use the page for good instead of evil, present it as a cautionary example in the next Internet research class you teach.

How a Librarian Can Live Nine Lives in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Brunella Longo has written an article the changing role of librarians. \"Like cats moving through their fabled nine lives, I think that teachers and librarians should redefine their own roles beyond the confines of their respective traditions.\" More


Harry Banned Again

Harry Potter has been Banned from the library at 60 Seventh-Day Adventist Schools in Australia. The book is said to not meet the criteria for acquisition. The school\'s policy existed long before Harry Potter. According to the school\'s director, the Tolkien\'s \"Lord of the Rings\" will likely be allowed in the library. More from The Daily News.


Letters of Support for U.S. Troops Can be Sent Online

From the web site of \"Any Service Member...\" \"Concerns about mail delivery have prompted the military to suspend this year\'s letter-writing campaign for troops abroad. However, the United States Department of the Navy\'s LIFELines Services Network is providing this private and secure online resource that will allow you to send a Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Airman or Coast Guardsman a holiday greeting.\"
Visit the site at


Librarian Arrested as Terror Suspect

\"Italian authorities arrested two people early Thursday and raided several Islamic centers in northern Italy as part of an investigation into an alleged terrorist cell linked to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network. One of the men arrested was a librarian at the Islamic Cultural Center.\" More from MSNBC.

Federal Judge Donates Rare Lincoln Docs to State Collection

Someone writes...
\"A federal judge from Missouri has donated a document signed by Abraham Lincoln to the Illinois State Historical Library to be displayed in the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Senior U.S. Judge Edward Filippine donated the document on Wednesday to the state’s Henry Horner Lincoln Collection. The document is dated Nov. 5, 1864, three days before Lincoln’s re-election.\" More


Internet Child Porn Ring Bust

Police from several countries have broken yet another Internet child pornography ring. Some of those involved are from the United States. \"Police said thousands of new images of child abuse had been discovered and more than 10,000 people were found to have visited the Internet sites in a two-week period.\" More from Wired News.


Campaign for Canada\'s Libraries

The Canadian Library Association has begun a Campaign for Canada\'s Libraries.
The purpose of this campaign is to \"educate government
decision-makers and the public on the importance
of libraries in the government’s new innovation
agenda and to the emphasize the need for a
Canadian Council of Libraries, a new National
Library building and the continuance of the Library
Book Rate\".
Unfortunately, detailed information is only available on the members only section of the CLA website.

Sampling The Circle Of Gifts

I\'m not sure Walt Crawford ever sleeps, or, he may actually write in his sleep....
This month in Econtent Magazine [The story isn\'t online] he has a story about what\'s working on the web today.

He says it\'s OK that not everything on the internet isn\'t about making money, unlike what we see on TV all the time, and in fact, the internet got started by an informal circle of gifts. Everyone chipped in a little, and things worked pretty well. He covers several internet based media types that are working well (Weblogs like this being one) and says being in the current circle of gifts is just fun.
He\'s right, it really is fun!


Need more bad news? Try schools without books

Donna Marentette sent This Story on from The Globe and Mail on budgets and library staff in Canadian schools.

But hey, everything we need is on the internet now, right?

\"Across Canada, teacher-librarians are a vanishing breed. Their acquisition budgets have nearly vanished, too. Public libraries have cut back on hours and staff who know what children like to read. And instead of buying new library books, schools are pouring millions into computers and Internet connections.\"

Porsche returns Kafka\'s Library to Prague

BBC News reports that Kafka\'s library is returning to Prague. The library includes around 1,000 books and first editions of Kafka\'s work.


Time to Get the Numbers on Digital Reference

From Library Journal:

After studying seven libraries that provide digital reference services, a team of researchers has concluded that, to improve future projects, better evaluation and assessment methods must be found and implemented. The conclusions were reported this month at the third annual Virtual Reference Desk (VRD) Conference, held in Orlando, FL. Charles McClure, director of the Information Use Management and Policy Institute at the School of Information Studies, Florida State University, Tallahassee and one of the study team, told LJ that the team will \"draft a procedures manual for how to collect this data and analyze it.\" He said that, as traditional statistics for circulation and in-house reference decline, libraries underreport their electronic activity \"because they can’t count effectively what they do in the networked environment.\"



Reisman bans Mein Kampf from Chapters and Indigo

Cabot writes \"Heather Reisman, chairwoman and CEO of Indigo Books and Music Inc., has ordered all copies of Mein Kampf pulled from the shelves of Chapters and Indigo bookstores and deleted from the company\'s on-line ordering service.

Full Story \"

\"We consider it hate literature,\" she said. \"With freedom of expression, the line is drawn on hate literature. It\'s a corporate decision. It\'s what we stand for. It\'s our point of view.\"


Systems Librarians Needed

Rachel writes \"For a forthcoming book on \"accidental systems librarians,\" I am seeking a number of people willing to take some time to answer a short survey on their experiences with systems librarianship. Thanks in advance for your time!

The survey can be found online at:

It is available both as an online form and as plain-text for those who would prefer to respond via e-mail. Thanks!


Justices Revisit Child Online Protection Act

NYtimes Story and a Story on the Supreme Court hearings yesterday on the Child Online Protection Act.Many More Stories on this.

\"Doesn\'t any jury necessarily apply the standards of its own community?\" Justice Antonin Scalia asked, adding: \"What does a juror who has spent his whole life in North Carolina know about Las Vegas?\"



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