The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb

The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb is a A Lecture Delivered at the New York Public Library, as part of the The Gilbert A. Cam Memorial Lecture Series October 14, 1994, by Kenneth Arnold.

\"Enter the librarians, who seem precisely suited to shape this information or knowledge structure--and, not surprisingly, many of them are addressing these questions, often in league with publishers and computer programmers. I have described their role in the title of this lecture in grammatical terms--the librarian as a verb--because what we are talking about is in fact creating a syntax of digital knowledge. That is certainly more palatable than \"information processing.\" Given the computer\'s capability to connect us to a seemingly unlimited array of subjects and objects in the digital language, how should we manage that capability most effectively?\"


Clinton Library Groundbreaking to Begin Today

Groundbreaking for the $200 million Clinton Presidential Library begins today. Construction of the library has been no less controversial than the former president\'s terms in office. Two Supreme Court lawsuits, one challenging the city\'s funding of the library and the other an eminent domain case, have proven to be no match for the Clintons. A third lawsuit, over violations of federal preservation laws is in the works. It seems that a historic building was destroyed in order to make way for the new library. GO figure. More

Bad Sex in Fiction Award winner announced

\"Her hand is moving away from my knee and heading north. Heading unnervingly and with a steely will towards the pole.\"

Christopher Hart has won the Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Full Story. See Also, or, See Also.


\'Goner\' Goes to the Library

Another virus alert goes out to the masses. Some of our library system members have reported that they\'ve been infected with this nasty thing. It\'s name is \"Goner\" and it\'s gaining steam as it spreads. Once in your system, it can disable your firewall and anti-virus protection. Clients running Windows are urged to update their virus definitions. Mac, Linux and Unix are not affected. More from ZDNet Still More from Wired News.


The Problem With Community Standards

Ever vigilant James Nimmo passed along word on The movie
Fat Girl being banned in Ontario because it
violates \"community standards.\"

First it was delayed, refused for a second time to release it, while the director says he Is Stupified, and People Are Not Happy Aboot This.
It may help them here though, as newspaper advertisements in Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle, where Fat Girl opens on the weekend, will carry the words \"Banned in Canada\" in their copy, not a bad Idea, eh?


Anonymous library cards?

Ender, The Duke of URL passed along This From Wired, with a question, \"Would they float, with a deposit?\".

The ALA OIF said that \"librarians should not notify the person whose records are the subject\" of requests from the police, since they can\'t inform patrons of government surveillance, thanks to the patriot act.

So... is this a big deal, and if so, would it be possible to create some kind of anonymous library cards?

Bad time to Give A Print to get a book?


Python\'s Gorilla Librarian has A Transcript of the \"Gorilla Librarian\" bit that Monty Python did long ago.

\"Chairman: Now could you tell us roughly why you want to become a librarian?

Gorilla: Er, well, I\'ve had a certain amount of experience running a library at school.\"


Bad Sex In Fiction Award

SomeOne passed along This story on The winner of the Literary Review\'s Bad Sex In Fiction Award will be announced tonight.

The award is presented to the author who has written the year\'s worst fictional description of the sexual act.
This year\'s nominees include Jonathan Franzen, Simon Armitage and Adele Parks.


Journal of Electronic Publishing

Someone passed along Journal of Electronic Publishing, a new journal [ok, so it\'s new to me, but it ain\'t so new] I wasn\'t aware of.

\"The Journal of Electronic Publishing is for the thoughtful forward-thinking publisher, librarian, scholar, or author -- in fact, anyone in this new business -- facing those challenges. We aim to range widely in our coverage, but the emphasis will be on the broader issues that should shape policy, and on professional, scientific or academic publishing, both books and journals.

JEP faces the same problems as any electronic publication, and we intend to make a virtue of that by using the Journal as a testbed to try ideas and to show to you, our readers, what happens when we do. We hope for successes, of course, but we will report on our failures, too.\"

I am the Very Model of Computerized Librarian

I am the Very Model of Computerized Librarian, Lyrics by Diane M. O’Keefe, M.S.L.S.
Based on the song \"I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General\" from Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance.

\"I am the very model of computerized Librarian,
I seek out information zoologic to agrarian,
I know each subject that is found in an encyclopedia...\"


Review of SurfWax - A Web Research Tool

LLRX writes \"Kathy Biehl evaluates a tool called SurfWax that makes it easier to locate and organize online information and research into a more efficient, manageable process. The article is published in the December 3, 2001 issue of \"

I\'m not sure what to make of Surfwax myself, Kathy has written an excellent review, Check it out , and then check out Surfwax, could be the shape of search engines to come.


Student Employee, Professor\'s Son, Steals $2 Million in Rare Books from Yale

The son of a Yale University professor, and summer employee of one of the University libraries has admitted to stealing items form the archives and selling them. Libraries whose collections contain rare materials are often an easy target for thieves, even though the libraries themselves take extensive precautionary measures to guard against theft. Since many libraries don\'t report the theft of materials, there is no way of knowing exactly how costly the problem really is, overall. More

How to Build a Digital Librarian

Kirk Hastings and Roy Tennant wrote How to Build a Digital Librarian on dlib way back in \'97.

\"Digital librarians are required to select, acquire, organize, make accessible, and preserve digital collections. Digital services must be planned, implemented, and supported. Unfortunately, there are presently very few opportunities for librarians to receive training in the new tasks and responsibilities that digital libraries demand.\"


The End User XP Gets Explained

For The International Herald Tribune, Lee Dembart takes \"end users\" on a tour of Windows XP. \"Once upon a time - 10 years ago, say - everyone in the know believed that computers would replace paper altogether. Not for the first time, everyone in the know turned out to be wrong. We have more paper now than ever. For example, if you go into a well-stocked bookstore, you will find an enormous section of computer books, row after row of them, many of which offer to explain how to use the computers that were supposed to make things simpler. Windows XP, the latest operating system from Microsoft Corp., has been out for just over a month, and, true to form, the shelves are groaning with volumes, thick and thin (mostly thick), that guide us through the ins and outs of it. Herewith, a guide to the guides. More


NetLibrary sale plans move forward

A judge approved a loan to netLibrary going and granted its sales procedure, which in effect allows the sale to go forward, and opens the door to competitive bids, if any.

The remaining workers worked for the equivalent of unemployment benefits — $9 an hour — in the weeks following netLibrary\'s decision to put itself on the block. They are back to normal pay now, the company states, but are owed about $500,000 in back pay.

Full Story from


Melvil Dewey vs. the Library Labyrinth

The story of the DDC in too short, very simplistic, but cute cartoon form, courtesy of Brooklyn Expedition.


Missourians Unite to Read a Painted House

They\'re doing it again, this time in Missouri. Residents in the city of Cape Girardeau will all be reading John Grisham\'s book, \"A Painted House.\" The program is called United We Read. Discussions are to begin on February 1, 2002.More

Topic: is a nifty site put together by the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative.

They have everything you may need to lure someone into librarianship.... Scholarship Links, Profiles of librarians, ALA’s Guide to Choosing a School, and more.


Dead Books

Daniel Traister has written an interesting Look At Books, specifically, preservation and collection. He says his effort is to think about a set of interrelated questions:
what libraries collect;
what libraries don\'t collect;
why libraries make the decisions about what to collect they make;
and why libraries are (and, obviously, whether they should be) so devoted to impossible ideals of universal preservation (the goal of universal acquisition having been effectively, although not intellectually, abandoned long ago).

\"I think we need realistically to come to grips with limits. I think we need to come realistically to grips with mortality. I think we may even need to admit that, counterintuitive as it may seem to \"us,\" there are not only some books that will die, but also some that should. And then start choosing.\"


Creating a Personal Online Reference Desk

LLRX writes \"The
December 3rd issue of has an article
on creating a Web page to collect and access research
links. Just follow Diana Botluk\'s efficient step-by-step
guide, and what once may have seemed an
intimidating process will become a straight-forward
and easily accomplished task.
See ll
for the article.


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