More on Australian exhibition

Charles Davis writes \"The Bodleian has contributed at least two items to this
which make curator Margaret Dent\'s top 10 items she would like to take home !
They are St Margaret\'s Gospel Lectionary and the original design for the dust jacket of \"The Hobbit\"
Full Story.
Note incorrect spelling of \"Tolkien\" in this article as \"Tolkein\".
Google has produced 591,000 pages with Tolkien and 16,700 with Tolkein ! \"


New Video Screen Is Like Paper

Steve passed along This One on a device, described in Thursday\'s issue of the journal Nature, that is fired by plastic transistors that are flexible, potentially inexpensive to make and work well enough to constantly refresh a screen to create moving images. The tiny display uses active matrix technology, the kind used in good quality laptop computer displays.

Yahoo!\'s eBooks news section has more stories, and there\'s also a Story @ BBC.

Deck the Halls with Books!

In case your library is looking for some Christmas decorating
ideas, how about a Book Tree? This one
was built by the Teen Advisory Board at the Coshocton Public
and entered in the community\'s Festival of Trees.
Here\'s how to build
book tree of your own


National Library of Australia borrows from friends

The British Library is lending rare items, including manuscripts by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, to the National Library of Australia in Canberra. They will form part of an exhibition of literary treasures contributed by libraries from all over the world, the first of its kind. The full story from BBC News.

I\'m currently trying to plan a trip to Oz for next year but if I don\'t get there before February 24th, it looks like I\'ll miss out on this exhibition.

Raise literacy level to achieve citizen empowerment

This just in from Botswana!!....
\"Accepting 300 books donated by Books Abroad, a British
charitable organisation, at the Gaborone National Library last
week, labour and home affairs deputy permanent secretary Lillian
Mpotokwane said the government \"continues to develop libraries
to provide relevant information and resources to facilitate the
development of an educated and informed nation as envisaged in
Vision 2016\".\"

Full Story

Research library top collections include Black press

From Black

\"We asked Bernard Reilly, president of The Center
for Research Libraries, to list his facility\'s 10 most
interesting collections. Here is the list, and his

The list includes The African-American Press
Collection, Khmer Rouge Top Secret Documents,
Civilian Conservation Corps Newspapers, 1934-1942,
The Ethnic Press in the United States and more....

See the Full Story

Raise Literacy Level to Achieve Citizen Empowerment

\"Citizen empowerment can not be achieved without raising literacy levels among the people and ensuring the provision of relevant information where it is needed.\" More from Botswana Daily News.

What Every Librarian Should Know about the Americans with Disabilities Act

\"Reprinted from American Libraries, September 1991, This Article by Michael Gunde discusses some of the legal facets of providing library access to patrons with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act has made many librarians aware of a group of people who libraries have failed to serve. Some see the Americans with Disabilities Act as a newly imposed burden and seek only to find how to fulfill its minimum requirements with as little effort and cost as possible. Others see it as an exciting challenge to include entirely new populations of patrons into their service. What the law means and how to apply it is still in flux. Many specific items will only be defined through case law. In order to avoid the expense and unpleasant publicity of legal action, this article suggests that a pro-active policy can keep a library out of court and at the same time provide the satisfaction of giving meaningful access to previously under-served library users.\"


A Daring Expose on Harry Potter Fans

Children, Creepy Middle-Aged Weirdoes Caught Up in Harry Potter Craze from The Onion

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Harry Potter And The Sorcerer\'s Stone, the hit film about an orphaned boy and his pals at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, continues to break box-office records, casting its magic spell over children and creepy middle-aged weirdos alike.


The Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga

The Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga, from

\"You may have had some very young skate board toting library
patron ask you, "Do you have any Guyver?" or a student
requesting the seven tape set of the Hakkenden, subtitled,
or had a club ask to use your meeting room to show anime. Have
you wondered what all of this was about?

Given the increasing popularity of anime
and manga in the English speaking
world I feel that it is perhaps time that a resource be created
to help librarians understand what this is all about and to aid
in the selection of items for their collections.\"


Poems on Libraries and Books: A Librarian\'s Mini-Anthology

The Librarian of Babel: The key to the stacks

The Librarian of Babel: The key to the stacks.

The Librarian, ably assisted by Mike Holderness, considers one of the obstacles to the unhindered dissemination of human knowledge, and makes a modest proposal. This article appears in the Web, and not the print, version of Ariadne.

\"As Librarian, I am proud to announce the Library\'s new Mission Statement:

To make accessible to all the totality of human knowledge.\"


Once upon a trauma ...

According to a pair of features in today\'s Chicago Tribune, to cope with fears and concerns, kids are flocking to scary stories (like the Series of Unfortunate Events books), as well as to books about Afghanistan and parables about war.


New Virtual Libraries Have Some Growing to Do

For BusinessWeek Online, Stephen Wildstron writes...

\"Libraries are essential because only a tiny fraction of the knowledge contained in books is available on the Web--and what\'s there is hard to find or use. Things should change as more and more books are put into electronic form and as publishers and distributors figure out how to make money in the process. More


The Invisible School Librarian

SLJ ran The Invisible School Librarian: Why Other Educators Are Blind to Your Value Part 1 and Part 2 way back in \'97, but if you\'ve never read it, it\'ll be new to you.

\"It\'s time for librarians to fight back against budget cuts and layoffs, the handiwork of forces that ignore you -- or worse, would diminish or eliminate you. The way to fight back is to make the role and contributions of school librarians visible to those people who have the power to make a difference.\"

The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb

The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb is a A Lecture Delivered at the New York Public Library, as part of the The Gilbert A. Cam Memorial Lecture Series October 14, 1994, by Kenneth Arnold.

\"Enter the librarians, who seem precisely suited to shape this information or knowledge structure--and, not surprisingly, many of them are addressing these questions, often in league with publishers and computer programmers. I have described their role in the title of this lecture in grammatical terms--the librarian as a verb--because what we are talking about is in fact creating a syntax of digital knowledge. That is certainly more palatable than \"information processing.\" Given the computer\'s capability to connect us to a seemingly unlimited array of subjects and objects in the digital language, how should we manage that capability most effectively?\"


Clinton Library Groundbreaking to Begin Today

Groundbreaking for the $200 million Clinton Presidential Library begins today. Construction of the library has been no less controversial than the former president\'s terms in office. Two Supreme Court lawsuits, one challenging the city\'s funding of the library and the other an eminent domain case, have proven to be no match for the Clintons. A third lawsuit, over violations of federal preservation laws is in the works. It seems that a historic building was destroyed in order to make way for the new library. GO figure. More

Bad Sex in Fiction Award winner announced

\"Her hand is moving away from my knee and heading north. Heading unnervingly and with a steely will towards the pole.\"

Christopher Hart has won the Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Full Story. See Also, or, See Also.


\'Goner\' Goes to the Library

Another virus alert goes out to the masses. Some of our library system members have reported that they\'ve been infected with this nasty thing. It\'s name is \"Goner\" and it\'s gaining steam as it spreads. Once in your system, it can disable your firewall and anti-virus protection. Clients running Windows are urged to update their virus definitions. Mac, Linux and Unix are not affected. More from ZDNet Still More from Wired News.


The Problem With Community Standards

Ever vigilant James Nimmo passed along word on The movie
Fat Girl being banned in Ontario because it
violates \"community standards.\"

First it was delayed, refused for a second time to release it, while the director says he Is Stupified, and People Are Not Happy Aboot This.
It may help them here though, as newspaper advertisements in Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle, where Fat Girl opens on the weekend, will carry the words \"Banned in Canada\" in their copy, not a bad Idea, eh?



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