Reisman bans Mein Kampf from Chapters and Indigo

Cabot writes \"Heather Reisman, chairwoman and CEO of Indigo Books and Music Inc., has ordered all copies of Mein Kampf pulled from the shelves of Chapters and Indigo bookstores and deleted from the company\'s on-line ordering service.

Full Story \"

\"We consider it hate literature,\" she said. \"With freedom of expression, the line is drawn on hate literature. It\'s a corporate decision. It\'s what we stand for. It\'s our point of view.\"


Systems Librarians Needed

Rachel writes \"For a forthcoming book on \"accidental systems librarians,\" I am seeking a number of people willing to take some time to answer a short survey on their experiences with systems librarianship. Thanks in advance for your time!

The survey can be found online at:

It is available both as an online form and as plain-text for those who would prefer to respond via e-mail. Thanks!


Justices Revisit Child Online Protection Act

NYtimes Story and a Story on the Supreme Court hearings yesterday on the Child Online Protection Act.Many More Stories on this.

\"Doesn\'t any jury necessarily apply the standards of its own community?\" Justice Antonin Scalia asked, adding: \"What does a juror who has spent his whole life in North Carolina know about Las Vegas?\"


Development of Electronic Reserves at the University of Calgary

From the November issue of D-lib:

This article will lay out the issues surrounding the in-house development of a fully featured electronic reserve platform known as Allectra at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. It will move through every issue surrounding digitization in general, with the added topics of authentication and copyright management. To show the scale of this pilot project, during the winter 2001 term, the 85 documents on Allectra for 22 courses at the University of Calgary were accessed more than 5,000 times.


Un-depositing material

Mary Minow passed along This Story on a recent government order that caught some local librarians by surprise and made the people who spend their professional lives providing information to others a bit uneasy.

The Government Printing Office ordered the libraries to destroy public information — specifically, a CD-ROM on reservoirs and dams prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey. The reason for the order: national security

\"“In some cases, removal of information may be justified,” he said. “The problem is it’s happening on an ad hoc basis with no criteria of what should be removed. In some cases, the agencies [are] forgetting the reasons the information was disclosed in the first place.”


University Libraries Embrace Information Technology

Steven Bell writes \"Here\'s a nice article about the library at Penn State University that appeared in one of their campus publications. I\'m providing the Link that appeared in\"

\"Where does anyone looking for information
go? For 150 years, people have gone to the
public library for books, reference materials,
periodicals, research and peace. There is no
other institution so accessible to the public.
It costs its patrons next to nothing. Its boundaries
are completely colorblind and bias-free,
ageless. It is almost always open. And it is changing.\"

Bodleian Library is one of Mick Jagger\'s favourite

Charles Davis writes \"from

A new website,, has been dressed up to
resemble a teenage site. There are music videos, chat rooms
and handy biographical details (\'Over the years, Mick Jagger has
been many things... rock superstar, sex symbol, cultural
revolutionary, musical poet, tabloid subject and all-around pop
culture provocateur\'), titbits of personal interests (his favourite
websites are devoted to cricket, Bhutan and the Bodleian Library) and, of course, Jagger himself in a black shirt, unbuttoned to the waist. \"


LIS Job Title Generator

The traditional job title \"librarian\" has become surprisingly controversial--and possibly outdated. Is \"librarian\" still an accurate reflection of our jobs? If many of us will not be called \"librarians\" when we graduate, what kind of job titles will we have?

Click here to find out - so far I\'ve come up with \"Information Services Manager\" and \"Automation Coordinator\"

Thanks to Blisspix.


UCLA / Mellon Foundation E-Journal Study

Via the Free Online Scholarship Newsletter:

During 2001 and 2002, the University of California libraries will be participating in a research project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The goal of this project is to determine user responses to relying on digital access to selected journals, print holdings of which will be relocated to remote storage during the project. The study will test the hypothesis that effectively shared digital resources can begin to relieve the pressures on physical facilities and capital budgets to house and manage print materials.

For more information about this initiative, click here. The project is expected to be of critical importance to all of UC’s libraries as we develop strategies, policies, and programs for managing research library collections of print and digital materials. In addition, we expect that the project’s outcomes will also be of considerable interest to academic and research library communities nationwide.


LOC & Preservation Technologies Announce Contract

From Excite News:

Pittsburgh-based Preservation Technologies, L.P., signed a new five-year contract with the Library of Congress (LC) to preserve over a million books and 5 to 7.5 million manuscript pages using its Bookkeeper process. This is the first step toward the LC\'s goal of preserving 8.5 million retrospective and new books over the next 30 years.

With strong support from Congress, LC has worked with Preservation Technologies since the mid-1990s to preserve hundreds of thousands of books. As the national library and the official library of the U.S. Congress, LC\'s mass deacidification efforts have focused primarily on its collection of \"Americana.\"

After rigorous research and review, the successful treatment of more than 300,000 books and the successful completion of a four-year contract, the new contract ensures that the Library of Congress and Preservation Technologies will continue to work together to preserve endangered volumes.



Rapper\'s riches benefit library to tune of $10,000

Bessie Barnes passed along
This one on a donation by Afeni Shakur, mother of slain rapper and \"Thug Immortal\" Tupac Shakur.
The $10,000 donation is the largest unsolicited donation in the library system\'s history.

\"Basically, she came in to use the library, looked around, then came to the circulation desk and told them that she wanted to make a donation to the library,\" says Fisher, who grudgingly allows that he enjoys The Beatles, folk singers like Pete Seeger - and the symphony.\"

That Darn Cat

Bob Cox sent along 2 stories (One and Two) on that guy whose assistance dog was attacked last year by a library cat that served as the Escondido library\'s mascot filed a $1.5 million lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Escondido.

He alleges the city violated state civil rights laws, including laws designed specifically to protect the rights of the disabled, by denying him full access to the library with his assistance dog. He also alleges that a library administrator and a patron chastised him for ignoring the sign and bringing Kimba into the library and that police did not promptly respond to his call for assistance.
Charles Davis added One More Story, as well.


United Through Reading Program Lets Sailors Read to Their Children from Far Away

Washington Post author, Carol Morello, writing from aboard the USS Roosevelt, shares a story about sailors reading bedtime stories to their children at home. The ship\'s library contains a collection of children\'s books that parents can read aloud on videotape and send home to their families. The activity is part of the United Through Reading Program, launched some years ago, in order to keep parents stationed offshore connected with their children. More


Cleaned-Up Version of Joyce\'s \'Ulysses\' Banned

stuart yeates writes \"
Yahoo is carrying a story about a modernised, sanitised version of Ulysses being banned for copyright resaons.

A High Court judge in London, ordered that undistributed copies of a ``Reader\'s Edition\'\' of the book published by Picador under the Macmillan imprint be handed over to the trustees of Joyce\'s estate.

He said it breached copyright because it contained words not published in Joyce\'s lifetime


Story Book Christmas Project Gives the Gift of Reading, Clifford Style

Clifford the Big Red Dog will be visiting the home of every first-grader in Baytown, Texas this Christmas. In an effort to get kids reading, librarians and school teachers, with the help of community members, have purchased thousands of Clifford books to be given away to the kids as gifts. The program is in its second year. More


Freeport Library to Become Safe Haven for Domestic Violence Victims

The Freeport Public Library (IL) is in the news again, but this time it\'s not about their new library building woes. The library is going to serve as a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. Librarians, along with law enforcement officials, will be trained in how to \"establish community libraries as central repositories and safe environments where victims of violent crimes can get information about local assistance and shelters, as well as how to apply for crime victim\'s compensation.\" More

Author Pushes Own Books for Community Read...Sort Of

For The Palm Beach Post, Frank Cerabino writes...

\"In March we\'re all supposed to be reading the same book. It\'s a fad: Seattle did it. Chicago did it. Now, Palm Beach County is going to do it. What book? We don\'t know yet. Of course, March is when the new Shady Palms story will run -- the serialized third installment of my novels set in a fictitious Boynton Beach condominium. But it would be graceless for me to pitch my own stuff.\" More


Newspaper Center Turns a New Page

From The Toronto Star...

\"With the help of a $2.5 million donation from the Toronto Star, North America\'s busiest library system unveiled its revamped newspaper centre yesterday. It brings together two natural allies, both committed to the most basic tool of any civilization — the written word; both wedded to the simple yet profound principle of equality of access for all citizens.\" More


Library Of Congress To Stage Opera

Pulitzer prize-winner Roger Reynold\'s new opera will premiere at the Library of Congress as part of their bicentennial celebration. The Library\'s famous Bibles, the Gutenberg and the Bible of Mainz are going to be stored in a vault during performance- not because they might go missing, but because the noise of the air conditioners keeping the Bibles in good condition would interfere with the sound of the opera. Story from The Guardian.

Sklyarov Update

An update on Dmitri Sklyarov\'s case from Politech:

This is an update from the status conference for Dmitry and Elcomsoft today. As expected, the only issue discussed was the setting of dates for pre-trial motions. The issues were divided into two categories:

DMCA (possible claims are unconstitutionality including vagueness, First Amendment and lack of constitutional authority), and non-DMCA issues (possible issues are jurisdiction, a bill of particulars, and the conspiracy charge).

The non-DMCA dates are:
Jan. 14, 2002 - the opening brief is due,
Feb. 11 - the opposition (govt.) brief is due,
Feb. 25 - the Dmitry reply brief is due, with the
March 4, 2002 - hearing.

Thanks to Library Juice.



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