Collecting Bibliomysteries

Bibliomysteries was created by academic librarian Marsha McCurley, using her own collection of bibliomysteries as the starting point. Bibliomysteries are mysteries that haves settings, plots, or characters in them related to the world of books, writers, archives and libraries.


January 2002 issue of D-Lib

The January 2002 issue of D-Lib Magazine is out with some great articles on interoperability and digital preservation. The opinion piece on the role of the library in text encoding is close to my heart (or, more accurately, the heart of my library school thesis work!). I will be reading it over a cup of tea today.

Project Mobilivre-Bookmobile

The projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project is a traveling exhibition of artist\' book works, zines, and independent publications. Traveling by way of a vintage Airstream, the BOOKMOBILE aims to make its way to community centers, schools, festivals, artist run centers, libraries, prisons, and remote regions where independent publications are hard to come by.

Spotted at Mefi


Updates on Blogs, Training and Legal Portals

LLRX writes \"Cindy Curling suggests some additional Weblogs for your consideration; shares written feedback from Web trainers about how research should not be conducted; and details additional legal portals that are well worth a look. Published in the January 15, 2002 issue of\"

She missed LISNews again, but it\'s still a good read.


Library Lovers Month

The Friends and Foundations of California Libraries has created a cool page to celebrate libraries. \"Library Lovers Month is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone, especially library support groups, to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the Nation\'s libraries will continue to serve.\" The site includes a How To Love Your Library Page, a Promotional Calendar of Ideas a Valentine for your library and more. Check it out at


Grammar Freaks

Fiona writes \"Strange things abound in Australian country towns. A Grammar freak has been changing the word \"got\" in library books -

\"Please respect the right of others to use an undamaged book. Would the grammar \"expert\" who objects to \"got\" please stop!\"

Full Story \"


UGA Mentor Program

This was posted to the newlib-l discussion list today and seems a very interesting idea that other institutions may want to look into:
\"The UGA Libraries’ Committee on Research and Professional Development is proud to announce the launch of The Mentor Program. Mentoring at the UGA Libraries encompasses counseling and guidance, collaboration,
research assistance, professional development needs and much more.
Feel free to look around and let us know what you think. We hope to have a well established and successful program in the near future.\"

Here\'s the link to the University of Georgia Libraries Mentor Program.

Is the Sun Setting on E-Bookstores?

eCommerce Times has a Business Oriented Story that says Wall Street seems to be looking for Net booksellers to have an exterior safety net, such as additional product categories or offline partners, and they may have little margin for error to remain in business.

\"Overall online retail sales still represent 1 percent or less of all retail sales in the U.S., so there\'s still a lot of growth opportunity, but we\'re certainly seeing a flattening of the curve for books because it\'s one of the most mature online industries.\"


Reference Encounters

Laura Kortz put together a group of interesting Reference encouters.What follows are several pages representing several days worth of reference encounters at the desk of a medium-sized branch of a major public library system in a large city.


BANaRAMA: A Registry of Library Promotional Banner Pages

Gerry McKiernan writes: \"I am greatly interested in learning of candidates for inclusion in
BANaRAMA, my registry established to serve as a resource for libraries who seek examples of banner \'ads\' or scrawling or scrolling text ro promote library services, resources, or collection.

Current banner \'ads\', scrolling text, refresh rotation, etc. in BANaRAMa(sm) range from the subtle to the sublime [:->].

I remain interested in multimedia banner \'ads\' that include streaming audio and/or video .

[Think about the possibilities of streaming audio/video *library* banner \'ads\'!]\"


NISO Establishes Networked Reference Services Committee

Marilyn Geller writes: \"NISO, the National Information
Standards Organization, has announced that a new standards committee is now
being organized to develop standards that will enable interoperable,
networked reference services. Digital reference services are a rapidly
growing extension of the traditional \"behind the desk\" reference service
offered by virtually all libraries. Digital reference, whether delivered via
real-time chat or asynchronous e-mail, allows library patrons to submit
questions and receive answers via electronic means.

Price Cutting and Oversupply Imperil Art Book Houses

Bob Cox passed along This NYTimes Story on whether so much low- price competition may have squeezed the market for high-quality illustrated art books out of the national chains and back to the more esoteric world of museum shops and boutiques, a serious challenge to the established publishers that had come to depend on a mass market.

\"Without the chains you can only be so successful, even for high-end books,\" said Sharon Gallagher, founder of D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, which distributes other publishers\' illustrated books and a few of its own. \"But they may not be the best place to sell some very high- end art book any more.\"


Spike in Filtering Numbers a Concern to Some

David McGuire writes...

\"A reported spike in the number of U.S. libraries using filtering software has rekindled concerns among some civil liberties advocates that library administrators may be bowing under federal pressure to limit access to adult materials on their computers. In a survey published by Library Journal, 43 percent of libraries polled said that they electronically filtered Internet access in 2001, up from 31 percent the previous year. More


Librarians Lobby to Save Electronic Library

Rozella Hardin writes...
\"If you can surf the Internet or find your way to a Tennessee public library, you\'re only a few keystrokes away from an $11,000 information windfall known as the Tennessee Electronic Library. For no charge, you can dig into virtual mountains of reference materials, magazines, almanacs, encyclopedias, academic journals, and directories. Since 10/1999, the electronic library has provided access to nearly 4.7 million documents on topics ranging from business to literature to current events to health and wellness. Librarians report using it for purposes as serious as aiding in cancer research at St. Jude Children\'s Hospital and as frivolous as answering an office trivia quiz about why a Fig Newton is so named.\" More


CBS News President Won\'t Read Former Correspondent\'s Book

CBS News President Andrew Heyward said he refuses to read
former news correspondent, Bernard Goldberg\'s best-selling book \"\"BIAS: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News.\" According to Heyward, \"I\'ve heard everything in there a thousand times after working with him for 20 years.\" Goldberg first came under fire when he publicly exposed the the television news media in an article he published in the Wall Street Journal. More


Group Cries Foul Over Access to George W Papers

When George W. Bush decided to give his gubernatorial papers to the George Bush Presidential Library, rather than large public universities or the state archives, a consumer advocacy group immediately cried foul. More

Shelter Closes - Homeless Flock to Library

After a Tacoma, WA, homeless shelter was demolished in order to make room for a convention center, those who used the facility began flocking to the library. Library Director, Susan Odencrantz doesn\'t want to throw the homeless people out, but they seem to be taking over the building. According to Odencrantz, since the shelter closed, the library has seen a significant increase in drug trafficking in the men\'s room and prostitution in the ladies room. More


Where to Spend Our E-journal Money?

A preprint of an article that will appear in the forthcoming issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy:

This paper identifies core journals in the life sciences for Cornell University researchers by analyzing the frequency of Cornell-authored citations in Biosis Previews between 1996 and 2001. The distribution frequency of journals confirms Bradford’s Law of Scatter or the 80/20 Rule. The top 240 journals, providing 80% of the citations, were analyzed by publisher type and institutional subscription price. In general, journals from society and associations received the highest number of citations and were priced considerably lower than commercial journals. The methodology described is a fast, no-cost, and scalable procedure that can be adapted to various subject databases, and may be used to provide guidance on which titles to purchase for electronic access.

Thanks to the Free Online Scholarship Newsletter.

Lessons in Librarianship

LLRX writes \"Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen reflect on teaching librarians legal research, offering us insights into how they have selected and prepared teaching materials, the sources they have used, and the lessons they have learned. Published in the January 15, 2002 issue of


Bon Voyage, Northern Light

Anne writes \"There is An Articlein Searchday on the end of the public Northern Light general search engine.

They say news search and search alerts, as well as access to Northern Light\'s Special Collection will remain available to all users, but The company is eliminating its free search engine as part of an effort to concentrate its focus on enterprise customers.

There\'s also some related Words from, where they say they\'ve successfully completed the integration of Teoma search technology into Ask Jeeves.



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