City Council Says Library Staff are Too Well Paid, Cuts Budget

City council members in Passaic, NJ feel that the library staff are too well paid. The director has resigned, citing politics as the reason. Members of the city council want the board of trustees to follow her lead. More


Petitioners Seek to Dissolve Library

Some Washington residents are petitioning to have their library district dissolved, or else have its funding slashed from $25 per capita down to $6. The reason being cited by the petitioners is that the library has \"too much fat in its budget.\" More


So, You want to be a librarian?!

So, You want to be a librarian?! is a funny poem by Ralph Sanderson, it begins...

\"So, you want to be a librarian,
And manage lots of books?
Just go and tell your friends that
And imagine all the looks\"

Read it!


The School Librarian\'s Role in the Electronic Age

ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology has The School Librarian\'s Role in the Electronic Age by Carol Simpson.

She says librarians are evolving From warehousing to consulting in Schools today.

\"The school librarian in the electronic age expands the services available from the library to include computer-based data and sophisticated information-seeking strategies. Working in concert with classroom teachers and curriculum experts, librarians form a comprehensive team designed to enhance student academic achievement and critical thinking skills necessary for success in lifelong endeavors.\"

Google 20 Year Usenet Archive Now Available

Google Groups now goes back twenty years, which is cool, but what\'s really cool is this Google Groups Time Line that includes links to the First Spam, Linus Torvalds\'s Linux announcement, C.E.R.N.\'s Announcement of the World Wide Web project, and even First mention of Krispy Kremes


The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies

Stephen Walker and V. Lonnie Lawson wrote The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies.

\"Hollywood movies influence the public\'s thinking about the image of librarians, but how much is hard to say. However, by looking at Hollywood\'s treatment of librarians we discover indications of how the public is viewing us. To the general public the word \"librarian\" is a readily recognizable label. The label need not include those aspects of librarianship that librarians want to claim. Several years ago on the \"Family Feud\" game show a group of 100 people were surveyed and asked what they believed to be typical \"librarian\" characteristics.The top 5 characteristics disclosed showed that librarians were...\"


Of Tolkien manuscripts And British Libraries

Charles Davis writes \"Story from
Ananova, A rare first edition of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy has gone on display at the British Library.
The display also includes a first edition of The Hobbit and
letters from JRR Tolkien to his grandson. In one of the letters Tolkien talks of losing his privacy, having become an unwilling celebrity.\"

In other news from England, Project to refurbish Bodleian Old Library complete, A four-year project to refurbish all the reader areas of the Bodleian Old Library has been completed, ahead of the Library\'s 400th anniversary next year.

A New Bodley Library Exhibit \"A Nation of Shopkeepers - Trade Ephemera from 1654 to the 1860s in the John Johnson Collection\" has gone online.


Public / Academic Library Collaboration in Florida

From the Chronicle of Higher Education;

Over the weekend, Nova Southeastern University celebrated the opening of a five-story, 325,000-square-foot library with an unusual genesis: Half of the building\'s $45-million construction cost was covered by Broward County, Fla., the county in which the university is located. The building will operate both as an academic facility and as a public library.

\"To our knowledge, it is the only such facility where there\'s been a collaboration between an independent, not-for-profit university and a public body,\" said Ray Ferrero Jr., president of the university. In 1999, San Jose State University agreed with the City of San Jose to build a $177-million library serving both the campus and the city. That project, now under way, will be finished in 2003.

More. The library\'s homepage is here.


Shedding writer\'s block

CSMonitor has A Story on the tiny structures that have since become icons of the writing life and the unique demands the craft places on those who pursue it.

They say a space dedicated solely to writing, even a veritable hovel, is, for some writers, more sympathetic and more necessary than a house, an office building, or a classroom.



Bob Cox passed along This One from The National Post on Today\'s most stylish home accessory being the hard-to-get book. They point out it seems ironic that, as the big chain bookstores offer their consumers an overwhelming selection, it\'s getting harder and harder to put together a decent library.
I can\'t wait till I\'m so rich my biggest worry in life is trying to have a library cooler than my neighbors.

\"Vogue then feted Cassavetes -- who is far more glamorous than your typical bookworm -- and other practitioners of this newly coined profession, as \"literary curators.\" This job, the magazine explained, is to locate editions one would never find in local stores.\"


Request prompts policy over book in school library

Most challenged book stories go something like this:
Angry parent: \"Your books are ruining the world Satanist!\"
Angry librarian: \"Shut up Nazi!\"
ALA: \"Come to our conference, we got donuts!\"
School Administrator: \"Duuuh, me read good\"

This One has a bit more information. Interesting to note is the challenger disagreed with the committee\'s use of American Library Association policy in the decision, because it may not say the same thing as the school policy.

\"If you read the U-32 library policy, that (bill) is not even mentioned\" he said.
The story described the ALA\'s recommendation for educational libraries as essentially stating that any expurgation of a library\'s materials is a violation of the ALA\'s bill of rights.
I bring this up as a possible example of \"Waving the ALA guidelines around\"


Google lets users rate pages

I don\'t remember seeing this on LISNews already, but this recent story from Search Engine Watch reports that Google is adding a new feature to its toolbar: little happy/sad faces to allow users to rate a page. Although it is not going to be used to affect search ranking, Google state that this rating process will alert them to which pages need \"human review\".


Graphic novel wins Guardian book award

This guardian Story is on
an award winner which began life as newspaper cartoon strip.

It became the first graphic novel to win a big British literary award.
The £10,000 prize, in which reading groups at Borders stores have a say, whittling down a longlist of nine, is the first to go to a graphic novel since Art Spiegelman won a Pulitzer prize for his concentration camp story Maus in 1992.


Post-9/11 LIS Education

From the December issue of First Monday:

The terrorist attacks of September 11th on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have had profound implications for many aspects of American and global society. This essay explores the many implications for library and information science schools educating the next generation of information professionals. The essay considers an array of opinions by the faculty located in one such school regarding how to reflect on the aftermath of the attacks for basic aspects of teaching, research, and curriculum design in library and information science schools. Topics examined include disaster preparedness and recovery, knowledge management, workplace design and location, technology and the human dimension, ethics and information policy, information security, information economics, memorializing and documenting the terrorist attacks, the role of the Internet, and preservation.

More, featuring Richard Cox, Jose-Marie Griffiths, Chris Tomer, and others.


Stanford celebrates 10th anniversary of first U.S. Web site

Since nothing really counts until it happens in America, you should know Paul Kunz\'s Web site, which first appeared Dec. 12, 1991, was the first U.S. site on the World Wide Web, which was then just a year old.

Does anyone know what the first library site was?

Full Story.
Truly amazing how far the web has come, and how much it has changed my life, in 10 years.


Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation

I first saw the Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation at LITA, Karen Schneider used it as part of the closing session, and Mefi just reminded me that I\'ve never posted a link here.

Be Sure To Read the The Making of the Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation as well, it may not be as funny if you don\'t.


NYTimes CyberTimes Navigator

I never though I\'d be able to find something to put here on Fark, but I just did.

It\'s the CyberTimes Navigator from The NY Times.

\"Navigator is the home page used by the newsroom of The New York Times for forays into the Web. Its primary intent was to give reporters and editors new to the Web a solid starting point for a wide range of journalistic functions without forcing all of them to spend time wandering around blindly to find a useful set of links of their own. Its secondary purpose was to show people that there\'s a lot of fun and useful stuff going on out there.\"


Chronicles of Narnia to become a live-action movie

jen was kind enough to send along a story
From Entertainment Weekly on the film \'\'The Chronicles of Narnia,\'\' from C.S. Lewis\'
seven-part series of novels about four British children who find
a portal in the back of a wardrobe to a fairy-tale world facing an epic
good-vs.-evil struggle. This is being
backed by billionaire and committed Christian Philip Anschutz, owner
of several of the U.S.\' most prominent theater chains. The first film,
\'\'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,\'\' should be out in 2004.


Internet Use Second Nature for Canadian Kids

From Canada Computes...In yet another Internet study, Creative Research International discovered that \"The Internet is becoming an integral part of life for the majority of Canada’s youth, with numbers in nearly all categories of Internet availability and use rising over previous years.\" No surprise there. What I found interesting was that for the first time, girls lead the Internet pack. I guess I\'ve always been under the impression that girls spent more time on the Internet than boys...More


The Virtual Library, Past, Present, and Future

Holly M. Riccio, Librarian/Marketing Research Specialist, has written an article for LLRX about the virtual library, what it means, where it\'s going, and what are the advantages and disadvantages. When she began her research, she was confronted with material that was outdated by half a decade, but as she states in her piece, \"the opinions and frustrations that librarians expressed about virtual libraries back in 1993 are still with us today. As much as technology has moved forward, sometimes at what seems like lightening speed, the things that librarians deal with in terms of virtual libraries are very much the same.\" More



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