Best of chi-web & sigia-l

Scott Berkun has cobbled together a Best of chi-web & sigia-l page.

The chi-web and sig-ia mailing lists are two email based discussion groups on the topics of web usability, design and human computer interaction (the later with a heavier emphasis on information architecture).

Using the archives for each mailing list, he\'s compiled a list of the summary postings from useful threads, and a few personally selected favorite postings. The list is not an exhaustive list of summary postings. Just the ones he found most salient and valuable for reference.

Has anyone done this for any librarian lists?

Oprah, Bill Gates and the Future of Books

MSNBC has a Story on two troubling aspects of modern book publishing. The first is that many contemporary writers are perpetually insecure about who is actually reading them. The second and more disturbing fact is that Oprah Winfrey can control the fate of so many copies of a book.
It\'s an interesting look at how things work in the industry.


Collection letter sent to a 9-year-old

Bob Cox points out, A nine year old got a letter from a collection agency saying her account had been turned over to it and she was expected to pay the fine immediately. Her mother refused to pay the fine or to let her daughter pay it with her own money.

She said she is outraged that the Bethel Park library would sic a collection agency on a child and she believes the fine - based on Bethel Park\'s $2-per-day late fee on audio visual material - is excessive. She said she told library officials the only way she would pay the fine was if she got to keep the CD, an offer they refused.

Full Story

\"People think that taking library books and not returning them is no big deal. But libraries are paid for with taxpayer money. They belong to the taxpayers,\" said Marilyn Jenkins, director of the Allegheny County Library Association.

The Quiet In The Library

The CSMonitor says competition from the Internet and electronic databases, have thrown the quiet world of the college library into a state of flux.

They say Legislators and even college administrators are looking for proof that libraries still matter to students, who would rather use a search engine than hike to the library for a book.

Does anything outside of Beer and Football matter to most students?

Yahoo to put price on searches

CNET Says Yahoo! plans to unveil a pay-per-view search product tomorrow.

Dubbed \"Yahoo Premium Document Search,\" the service is designed to expand on an existing agreement with search technology provider Northern Light, which last year created a premium search engine for Yahoo\'s corporate clients.

I\'m not sure if they knew Northern Light Was Bought or not when they annouced this.


Once-Trustworthy Newspaper Databases Have Become Unreliable and Frustrating has a Story that says The New York Times Company v. Jonathan Tasini and related cases have perhaps permanently changed electronic databases.

Almost 20 years\' worth of newspaper history, a vital source of information for those studying history, politics, society, the media, and other subjects, is shot through with more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.


Happy Birthday Weekly Reader

jen writes \"
The Weekley Reader turns 100.

100 years since its debut in an earlier guise, Weekly Reader has reached and shaped
children who went on to shape the world. To help celebrate its centennial, several famous names have responded to the Reader\'s request for testimonials on its impact on them as children. \"

Full Story

ALA Announces Award-Winners

ALA has just announced the winners of the Newbery Medal and
the Caldecott Medal, as well as other book awards for children and
young adults.
The Newbery goes to A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park, and the
Caldecott was won by David Wiesner\'s The Three Pigs.
You can read the press release here.


More Publishing Consolidation

Hoovers has a Press Release that says Advanced Marketing Services is going to Acquire Publishers Group West. They say Publishers Group West is North America\'s largest distributor of independent publishers.
So much for independants, or independance.


60 Sites in 60 Minutes

LLRX writes \"Leanne Battle\'s list of useful sites for researchers covers topics including: books and articles online, genealogy, personal/personnel development, and reference.
Published in the January 15, 2002 issue of\"


Library Patron Pleads Guilty to Child Porn

Someone passed along This One
on a guy from Wheeling, Ill., who pled guilty
to three counts of child pornography charges for downloading
dozens of images from computers at the Vernon Hills Public

he got 30 months of probation and 6
months of periodic imprisonment in the Lake County Jail.
Dirkes also was ordered to seek counseling, was barred from
using the Internet and ordered to stay in his home until
space became available for him in the jail\'s periodic
imprisonment program.


Coca-Cola and Canadian storytimes

Coca-Cola, the Canadian Library Association and the Canadian Association of Children\'s Libraries join together to support Share the Story reading circles. This new initiative will \"help to eliminate waiting lists and lottery systems for popular storytimes\".

Apparently Coca-Cola is \"sensitive to the issue of marketing to children\".


Books Can Reflect Children\'s Worlds

Someone writes...
\"The job of children\'s book reviewer is a cross between therapist and librarian. One of the myriad uses for books is to offer a mirror to life, helping children understand the world around them.\" More


ASU to Sell Collection of 6,000 Vinyl LPs

The University of Arizona is selling off its entire collection of vinyl LPs at .50 cents each. The collection contains some 6,000 items of varying genres from teh 1950s through the 1980s, and also includes some very rare finds. Anyone wishing to learn more may contact them directly at (480) 965-3587. More

Forestry Literature Available More Cheaply

Via the Malaysian National News Agency:

Over 1.5 million articles on forestry are now available to foresters and forest researchers at a lower cost, thanks to the on-line Interlibrary-loan (E-Loan) programme introduced by the Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Institutions (APAFRI).

The programme, APAFRI Treelink Information Service (ATIS), is part of the APAFRI-TREELINK project sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The agreement for the CND$3.5 million project was signed by APAFRI and CIDA through the latter\'s executing agency, Salasan-Treelink in October 1998.

APAFRI\'s Executive Secretary, Dr.K Baskaran said the on-line service was made possible by the linking of libraries from four of its members -- the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Kasetsart University of Thailand, Universiti Putera Malaysia, and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia . . .

. . . Dr Baskaran said the objective of the four-year APAFRI-TREELINK project was to increase the ability of APAFRI member institutions to contribute to the renewal of Asian forests through the conservation and domestication of indigenous forest resources . . .



Shifting Patron Demographics at Delhi\'s Oldest Library

From the Delhi Newsline:

Delhi\'s oldest library, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s library commonly known as Hardayal Library, recently inaugurated an entire section for Indian freedom fighters . . .

On the occasion, the library exhibited some of its oldest and rarest books. However, what came to light was its declining popularity with both corporators and bureaucrats . . .

The white-and-yellow domed Victorian building is known to house over 1.7 lakh books in Hindi, English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. This collection is formed by, among other things, 8,000 rare books and 3,123 Gazettes of India and Delhi gazettes and 386 manuscripts belonging to Mughal Emperor Humayun and five volumes of Sir Walter Raleigh’s travelogues.

But the library’s impressive wealth of books has been unable to draw the attention of corporators sitting in Town Hall right next door . . .


Redrawn Political Boundaries Redefine Patron Population

From the Montreal Gazette:

When Gayle Stein wanted to borrow a book from the CÙte St. Luc library, she used to have to get her mother, who lived there, to do it for her. But since the island of Montreal became one big city on Jan. 1, Stein and hundreds of others have become full-fledged members of the Cavendish Blvd. institution, borrowing books, videos and tapes that used to be reserved only for CÙte St. Luc residents.

\"For us the merger is very good with respect to the services because we don\'t have any,\" said Stein, of Hampstead . . .

Montrealers have been flocking to suburban libraries since Jan. 1, thrilling some library-lovers, but worrying politicians who fear the quality of service at some libraries will diminish as they try to serve more people . . .


Exploring The Catcher in the Rye

Exploring The Catcher in the Rye is a site that covers just about anything you could want to know about the book.

It includes A Catcher in the Rye Album, which is a collection of images of scenes, places, and other stuff from the book.


The worst sex scenes of all time in Canadian literature

Metafilter pointed the way to This Globe & Mail Story on the worst sex scenes of all time in Canadian literature.

Definitions and criteria: Bad sex, meant bad writing, not the author\'s choice of partners, positions or fetishes. As for technique, it was literary, not physical prowess that they graded. The task was to ferret out pretentious, clichéd, implausible and boring descriptions of sexual intimacy.


Bodleian as film set again

Charles Davis writes \"The Bodleian Library, Oxford and its associated buildings,
the Divinity School, Convocation House and Chancellors Court are to be the location for
scenes from the forthcoming movie \"Cromwell & Fairfax\" starring Rupert Everett as Charles I
and Tim Roth as Cromwell.
Filming takes place between 14-28 February 2002. \"

Maybe there will be some librarian cameo\'s?



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