CBS News President Won\'t Read Former Correspondent\'s Book

CBS News President Andrew Heyward said he refuses to read
former news correspondent, Bernard Goldberg\'s best-selling book \"\"BIAS: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News.\" According to Heyward, \"I\'ve heard everything in there a thousand times after working with him for 20 years.\" Goldberg first came under fire when he publicly exposed the the television news media in an article he published in the Wall Street Journal. More


Group Cries Foul Over Access to George W Papers

When George W. Bush decided to give his gubernatorial papers to the George Bush Presidential Library, rather than large public universities or the state archives, a consumer advocacy group immediately cried foul. More

Shelter Closes - Homeless Flock to Library

After a Tacoma, WA, homeless shelter was demolished in order to make room for a convention center, those who used the facility began flocking to the library. Library Director, Susan Odencrantz doesn\'t want to throw the homeless people out, but they seem to be taking over the building. According to Odencrantz, since the shelter closed, the library has seen a significant increase in drug trafficking in the men\'s room and prostitution in the ladies room. More


Where to Spend Our E-journal Money?

A preprint of an article that will appear in the forthcoming issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy:

This paper identifies core journals in the life sciences for Cornell University researchers by analyzing the frequency of Cornell-authored citations in Biosis Previews between 1996 and 2001. The distribution frequency of journals confirms Bradford’s Law of Scatter or the 80/20 Rule. The top 240 journals, providing 80% of the citations, were analyzed by publisher type and institutional subscription price. In general, journals from society and associations received the highest number of citations and were priced considerably lower than commercial journals. The methodology described is a fast, no-cost, and scalable procedure that can be adapted to various subject databases, and may be used to provide guidance on which titles to purchase for electronic access.

Thanks to the Free Online Scholarship Newsletter.

Lessons in Librarianship

LLRX writes \"Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen reflect on teaching librarians legal research, offering us insights into how they have selected and prepared teaching materials, the sources they have used, and the lessons they have learned. Published in the January 15, 2002 issue of


Bon Voyage, Northern Light

Anne writes \"There is An Articlein Searchday on the end of the public Northern Light general search engine.

They say news search and search alerts, as well as access to Northern Light\'s Special Collection will remain available to all users, but The company is eliminating its free search engine as part of an effort to concentrate its focus on enterprise customers.

There\'s also some related Words from, where they say they\'ve successfully completed the integration of Teoma search technology into Ask Jeeves.


The Anti-Thesaurus Part 2

Nicholas Carroll writes: \"Pleasant emails from librarians inspired me to flesh out
the anti-thesaurus proposal, which you linked on Nov. 23.

Here Is The Exansion.\"

If you missed the Anti-Thesaurus Proposal For Improving Internet Search While Reducing Unnecessary Traffic Loads, there it is. In short, he says there should be a metadata standard allowing webmasters to manually decrease the relevance of their pages for specific search terms and phrases.

If you liked the first one, The Anti-Thesaurus Part 2 will be just as interesting.


Laura Bush $10 Million to Recruit New Librarians

Gillian Davis was kind enough to pass along Laura Bush Addresses Nation\'s Critical Shortage of Librarians -- From the IMLS Press Release.
You may recall Laura Bush announced a proposed $10 million initiative for 2003 to recruit a new generation of librarians.
Now if we can just get some of that to go to current librarians...


OCLC purchase of netLibrary assets approved

Lee Hadden writes: \"OCLC announced that plans continue for the purchase of netlibrary, a
collection of e-books available to academic, public and special libraries.
Read more about it at the OCLC webpages.
Final closing on the sale of netLibrary assets to OCLC Online Computer Library Center has been set for later this month, based upon approval granted today by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado.\"


Millions, Dilemma Left to Library

Bob Cox and Gary Price both passed along This One on a library in MA that was left $3 million from the estate of a retired letter carrier.

The will stipulated that the remaining money should go to the libraries in Hopkinton and Boston to buy books. Trouble is they are out of room.


Octogenarian filched $26,000 from Library

mary writes \"The video \"Liberace Live\" and 3,100 other library materials were found in the house of 84-year-old Simi Valley resident Ernest Aloise Heyneman...

Full Story

They say he allegedly removed security strips from books, tapes and later stole them. Investigators removed 134 boxes with roughly $26,000 in stolen materials from the Simi Valley home.
If He is convicted, prosecutors will not ask for jail time, given his age and that he has no prior criminal convictions, however, prosecutors might request that he be banished from libraries in the county.


Signing on the Dotted Line: Licensing Essentials for Library Professionals

There is a new, free, educational service from ALA\'s Office for Information Technology Policy.

\"Signing on the Dotted Line: Licensing Essentials for Library

Beginning February 25th through April 5th, OITP will host an online e-mail tutorial on licensing. Similar in format to the successful copyright and UCITA tutorials offered in 2000 and 2001, the licensing tutorial will cover licensing basics in 25-30 brief, but informative messages written by Lesley Ellen Harris, a recognized expert in copyright law and the author of Licensing Digital Content: A Practical Guide for Librarians.


Baker & Taylor Agree to Reimburse Ohio Libraries

The following is a press release from the Ohio State Attorney General\'s Office regarding the lawsuit brought against Baker & Taylor on behalf of Ohio libraries.

\"In 1999, the Ohio Attorney General\'s Office brought a lawsuit against book distributor and publisher Baker & Taylor, Inc., alleging misrepresentation of discounts to public, school, and university libraries throughout Ohio. While claims against co-defendants WR Gracve remain pending, B&T entered into a settlement agreement with the Attorney General\'s Office in October 2001. The company agreed to provide credits to libraries, schools, and universities involved in the action, with which boks may be purchased.


Bodleian to honour eminent librarians

Charles Davis writes \"Four distinguished men and women with close connections with the
library world will be awarded honorary degrees at a special
ceremony to mark the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the
Bodleian Library on 8 November 2002 (subject to approval by
Congregation). They are:
James Billington, Lynne Brindley, Professor Sir Brian Follett and Paul LeClerc.
Full Story


Philosophy of Information

John Castledine writes \"
You are cordially invited to join a new Yahoo Group
called Philosophy-of-Information. The purpose of the
group is to facilitate scholarly discussion about the nature and
meaning of information. At this time, it is open to
anyone who wants to think seriously and deeply
about information. That includes professional philosophers,
as well as information scientists and librarians.

Group Information

John Castledine

War Between the Sexes is Over!

Lee Hadden writes:\" In a rare example of cooperation between magazines from different
publishers, Cosmopolitan (Hearst Corp) and Maxim (Dennis Publishing), got
together to create a new publishing alliance. They both have decided to run
articles in their March issues declaring the war between the sexes is over.
The two magazines hope the peace treaty, may also push the boundaries of
magazine publishing.
We will see if the media is the message.
Maxim, often called \"The Cosmo for Men,\" and Cosmopolitan (which is
not known as the \"Maxim for Women\"), both tend to place the opposite sex on
a pedestal, yet as an object of mystery to be figured out, rather than
simply ogled. Both are also renowned for their R-rated, come-hither cover
Read more about it in today\'s Wall Street Journal. \"Hey Babe, Your
Pages of Mine? How the First Encounter Unfolded: In Curious Editorial
Coupling, Cosmo, Maxim Magazines Declare War of the Sexes Over.\" By Matthew
Rose. Monday, January 14, pages B1 and B3.
See you at the front lines...\"

New 3M Marketing Award

SomeOne writes \"New Marketing Award offered by IFLA/3M to all libraries worldwide that promotes library services. Application forms available on or 3M.

ALA Announcement \"

Police arrest men for library sex

Colleen writes \"Eeeww gross.
In London, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) police arrested two men for having sex in the library\'s washroom, located in the children\'s section.
Good lord, get a hotel! Full Icky Story \"

The Gutenberg Purge

Aaron writes \"
The Online has a chat with Nicholson Baker
about his new book \"Double Fold: Libraries and the
Assault on Paper\".

Makes for an interesting read about the role of libraries
and the speed of information in today\'s age. \"


NC Library May Add KKK Tape to Collection

From the Raleigh, NC News & Observer:

The city library may add a videotape produced by the Ku Klux Klan to its collection if the tape doesn\'t violate copyright law. Klan members also mailed the tape to libraries in High Point, Winston-Salem and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, saying it was a protest against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Skip Alston, the president of the state NAACP and a Guilford County commissioner, said adding the tape to any collection would insult blacks . . .

\"It\'s our whole mission to provide free and equal access to information,\" Library Director Sandy Neerman said. The city\'s policy on library materials says that items shouldn\'t be banned just because they might be unpopular or controversial.



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