Bodleian as film set again

Charles Davis writes \"The Bodleian Library, Oxford and its associated buildings,
the Divinity School, Convocation House and Chancellors Court are to be the location for
scenes from the forthcoming movie \"Cromwell & Fairfax\" starring Rupert Everett as Charles I
and Tim Roth as Cromwell.
Filming takes place between 14-28 February 2002. \"

Maybe there will be some librarian cameo\'s?


A Fond Farewell to a Great Bookshop

A nice tribute to NYC\'s soon-to-be-dearly-departed Coliseum Books from the New York Daily News:

By this time next week, there will be more left of the Colosseum in Rome than of Coliseum Books on Broadway.

Yes, the building that has housed Coliseum Books since July 1974 will presumably remain intact, a few steps below Columbus Circle. But in a way, that makes Coliseum\'s Friday closing all the more haunting.

There\'s a singular emptiness in looking through the window of a store that has closed. It was true of Altman\'s or Woolworth\'s, and it\'s especially true of places where you leave a piece of your life. Coffee shop, record store. Automat. Bookstore . . .



Leaping to Life in the Archives

From the New York Times (registration required):

The Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center is one of the city\'s great cultural treasure troves. It is the largest dance archive in the world, with holdings that date back to 1460. But even dance fanatics tend to forget about this research center once known simply as \"the Dance Collection.\"

What could dance, that restlessly vital art form, have to do with dusty tomes pored over in sleep-inducing fluorescent light and in tomblike silence?


Group Opposes $25 Million Librarian Discrimination Payout

A homeowner\'s group in Atlanta, GA is opposing the $25 million payout that has been awarded to eight librarians who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Fulton County Library System.
The money will be paid by the city\'s general treasury. More


Nigerian Law School Libraries Seek Donations

Forwarded by Allen Overland:

Steve Perry, Information Resource Officer for the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria (U.S. State Department) is actively soliciting book donations for the four branches of the Nigerian Law School in Abuja, Kano, Jos and Lagos. We specifically would like donations of reference books, law books, classic books of cases, torts, study manuals and anything else you might find appropriate in building up a legal collection.

Ideally, it would be great if we could obtain four copies of each book for the four branches of the Law School. This way, each Law School would ideally
receive the same books. If you are cleaning out your Law Offices, weeding Law Books from University Libraries or other collections, might I suggest that this would be a perfect way to make a real difference. Nigerian Law
Schools are increasingly interested in American Law and actually turn to American Law (and not British Law) for precedents in a variety of new law cases that are currently being heard around the country. One additional consideration: the Nigerian IT infrastructure is so fragile and so undeveloped that it will be years before the legal profession here will be able to rely on the Internet for any type of legal research. What the Law Schools here need are books and plenty of them.

The Public Diplomacy Offices of the US State Department in Lagos and Abuja will find a grant for shipping these books from the nearest port in the U.S. (probably Baltimore) to Lagos, Nigeria where they will be cleared from
customs here by an accredited representative of one of these Law Schools.

What we need now (besides the actual donations of books, of course) is for one person to temporarily be responsible for collecting these books from potential donors, storing them temporarily, and making sure they are picked
up in a responsible manner by the shipping company before they are finally shipped to Lagos. We thank you so much for whatever efforts you can spare in this important endeavor.

If interested please contact:

Stephen Perry, IRO, Lagos
8300 Lagos Pl.
PAS Lagos
Washington, DC 20521-8300
[email protected]

Tel: 234-1-263-4868

Please visit our Website at:

Lillian Hellman Birthplace Celebrated

Tanya writes \"One of the reasons I\'m often homesick for New Orleans is that I miss the history and richness of the city. It seems around every corner there is a house or place desginated as an historical treasure of one kind or another. And the best thing about it is that most of these places have resonance for all of American culture and not just the local area. With the help of the ALA yet another piece of New Orleans is being recognized, the birthplace of Lillian Hellman. Today at 3pm the house will become the next in a growing number of National Literary Landmarks recognized in the U.S. Previous National Literary Landmarks in the city include the home of Tennesee Williams and the home of William Faulkner.

Full Story from\"


Security System of Death

Genie, Web Manager at The Virtual Chase, passed along This One about a woman, whose pacemaker was reset by a library\'s anti-theft device, in Japan.

A doctor accompanied the woman to the library and confirmed her pacemaker was reset when she passed through the entrance.

They the system works like this:
\"Electromagnetic waves in anti-theft devices pick up the
small metal plates attached to the goods as would-be
shoplifters pass through the gates and an alarm is set off.\"
I always wondered what was in those tatle strips.


Translate into Eight Different Languages.

  into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.  --> Pick the language from BabelFish\'s
pull down menu.  Try the \"World
\" a new feature AltaVista
has added since last I checked the site.

-Hermit ;-)

A True Case of Library Pornography

Joe Cadieux, editor of The Shy Librarian passed along this True Case of Library Pornography , By Gerry Molyneaux, Media Librarian, West Hartford Public Library, West Hartford, Connecticut.

\"In reality what I was watching in my office was no Jewel—or American Civil War—nor did the leather and thong feature come close to the magical touch of Ang Lee. I leaped from my seat, spilled my coffee, and scalded my lap: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this was not the video I intended to buy—-why, this was certainly... pornography!\"


LIS Students\' Best Work

At the University of Alberta, graduating MLIS students must
produce a \"capping exercise\", a web page that contains one of
their best term papers or other work. The topics range from
Information Needs and the Studio Arts
to Harry
Potter Tuesday Fun
Library Systems and On-line Services in China

Here are the listings:
Capping Exercises
(only one so far)
Capping Exercises

Capping Exercises

Capping Exercises

Fulton County must pay librarians $25 million

Bob Cox sent along This One on a ruling that Fulton County, GA, must pay nearly $25 million for discriminating against eight white librarians.

The librarians contended they were demoted to smaller branch libraries from jobs in the more desirable central branch because of a concentrated effort to reduce the number of white employees working downtown.

\"It appeared there was a cover-up,\" Hughes said. \"They were managers who all were demoted. They were demeaned and humiliated. . . . They weren\'t treated how professional employees of the Atlanta-Fulton Library System should be treated.\"


Library Rejects KKK Tape Citing Lack of Educational Content

A promotional videotape for the Ku Klux Klan won\'t be added to a North Carolina public library\'s collection because, officials say, it was \"poorly produced and lacks educational content.\" The likelihood that this tape would have even lasted long is slim. Someone would have undoubtedly stolen it, just because of where it came from. More
Ryan posted an earlier story Here.

Catch Up On Your Classic Novels

Classic Novels In 5 Minutes A Day, brings you the Classic Novels, delivered in daily five minute installments to your e-mail. They have several novels running concurrently, and you can Vote for the next novel.


The Internet Under Siege

The Internet Under Siege, an article at

\"Who owns the Internet? Until recently, nobody. That\'s because, although the Internet was \"Made in the U.S.A.,\" its unique design transformed it into a resource for innovation that anyone in the world could use. Today, however, courts and corporations are attempting to wall off portions of cyberspace. In so doing, they are destroying the Internet\'s potential to foster democracy and economic growth worldwide.\"


`Google Effect\' reduces need for many domains has an Interesting Story on what the author calls the \'Google Effect\'.

He says search tools are so good now the need for a highly specific domain names has practically disappeared. Google is so good at finding stuff, a good domain name, or site, is no longer needed.

Any implications here for libraries and librarians?


Bedtime Reading Week (March 11-17)

Bedtime Reading Week is coming, March 11-17 2002 in the UK (though that doesn\'t mean it can\'t be observed elsewhere). Established by William Sieghart, who also founded National Poetry Day, and backed by various national initiatives, it was first celebrated last year and aims to \"encourage everyone to enjoy reading together\". There is a page of ideas for teachers and librarians.


Woman stabbed in kids\' section of Denver library

From the Denver Post, a patron was stabbed by another patron, apparently a random attack.

Full Story


Collecting Bibliomysteries

Bibliomysteries was created by academic librarian Marsha McCurley, using her own collection of bibliomysteries as the starting point. Bibliomysteries are mysteries that haves settings, plots, or characters in them related to the world of books, writers, archives and libraries.


January 2002 issue of D-Lib

The January 2002 issue of D-Lib Magazine is out with some great articles on interoperability and digital preservation. The opinion piece on the role of the library in text encoding is close to my heart (or, more accurately, the heart of my library school thesis work!). I will be reading it over a cup of tea today.

Project Mobilivre-Bookmobile

The projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project is a traveling exhibition of artist\' book works, zines, and independent publications. Traveling by way of a vintage Airstream, the BOOKMOBILE aims to make its way to community centers, schools, festivals, artist run centers, libraries, prisons, and remote regions where independent publications are hard to come by.

Spotted at Mefi



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