Barefoot patron suing library

Robert Neinast sued the Columbus Metropolitan Library, saying that the ban on going barefoot blocks a healthy lifestyle and his First Amendment rights. Luckily, Judge Algenon Marbley told Neinast that he might not let the case go to trial.
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Putting Books Online for the Visually Disabled

Gary Price passed along This One on a nonprofit technology developer, has come up with a book-swapping website that is working to put books on line.

Imagine spending hours tediously scanning hundreds of
pages and converting them to a special digital file every time you wanted
to read the latest bestseller. (Not to mention the cost of the scanner
itself.) Until now, many who are visually impaired have resorted to just
that. Less than 5 percent of books are available in Braille or audiotape
formats, by some estimates. But Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit
technology developer, has come up with, a book-swapping
website that brings more than 10,000 books to people with visual disabilities.\"


Spies, Lies and the Distortion of History

Luis Acosta writes \"The Washington Post, in a story about a KGB archivist who meticulously collected and smuggled out information concerning the KGB\'s activities in Afganistan after the 1979 Soviet invasion, calls the archivist\'s work \"one of the most impressive acts of heroism ever performed by a librarian.\" More generally, the story highlights the difficulty of reconstructing history when events are manipulated by layers of misinformation by competing intelligence agencies.
See Steve Coll, \"Spies, Lies and the Distortion of History,\" Washington Post, February 24, 2002, page B1, or On The Web \"

ID State library trying to survive

More Bad State Library News from the Pacific Northwest.

This time, the Idaho State Library budget may be cut 15 percent. They say fewer agencies have taken advantage of the library partly because so many people use the internet now.
The librarian says:
\"Its our belief that state agency folks don\'t know as much about us as they we think they should.\"

These are the times we should ALL be Reading Up On Marketing.

Countering Marginalization: Incorporating Zines Into the Library

Marginalization: Incorporating Zines Into the Library

is an article by Jason Kucsma, editor of Clamor Magazine
and former zinester. It\'s longish and interesting and it
is on the web as a recent supplement to Library Juice. Kucsma
writes, \"The
acquisition of more alternative
literature titles can help bridge the gap between the
traditional notion
of a library that focuses primarily on the printed word
and the more
unconventional idea of the work of libraries that we see
in the Popular
Culture Library. Included in the realm of alternative
literature are the
independently produced zines that have exploded in
numbers during the last
twenty years.\"


Proposed Fees for Broadcasting Songs Online Worry

jen writes \"Proposed Fees for Broadcasting Songs Online Worry College Radio Officials
Story from

Not only are the proposed fees too high, radio officials said, but many college stations will have trouble with the requirements for tracking the number of people who listened to the songs over the Internet. Payments are to be determined by multiplying a base rate by the number of songs played and the number of online listeners. \"
Another Story sets the price at 0.14 cent per song, while AM and FM radio stations pay 0.07.


Version 41, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Charles W. Bailey writes:\"Version 41 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
is now available. This selective bibliography presents over
1,550 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources
that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet.

Word 2000


The Scientist Articles

Lee Hadden Writes: \"The magazine, \"The Scientist,\" has several articles and letters of
interest to librarians in recent issues.
In the December 10, 2001 issue, is an article by Isaac Ginsburg on
\"The Disregard Syndrome: A Menace to Honest Science?\" discusses the use of
older information that is not available in electronic format.
This article sparked a series of letters to the editor in the next
issue, January 21, 2002, \"More on the Disregard Syndrome.\"
There is also an article by Eugene Garfield,entitled \"Demand Citation
Vigilance.\" This article can be read online at:

In the February 4, 2002 has a letter on \"The Six Degrees of Medline.\"
See it at:
Finally, this month there is another commentary by Dr. Christian G.
Daughton, \"Literature Forensics: Navigating Through Flotsam, Jetsam and
Lagan.\" The author says,\"
More Below...


Without book menders, library would be in a bind

A Nice Story on some swell ladies who spend their afternoons at the library mending damaged books. The most common books that come to Haggard for repairs are Harry Potter books and Curious George books. They aren\'t sure sure if it was because of poor manufacturing or because the books are so popular.

\"The program, established more than five years ago, saves the library more than $1,000 each month, Baumbach said. \"When you consider the staff time it would take to do it ourselves and the cost of replacing these books, it well exceeds $1,000,\" she said.\"

Libraries get Loud

This Story says we need to start yelling about something other than filtering, or we wil go bye-bye

\"Libraries do not have a vocal constituency,\" he said, explaining why Winnefox could be punished despite its model of cooperation. \"We talk to legislators. What they say is, ‘Nobody every tells us about libraries.’ So, being cost effective isn’t enough. You’ve got to be loud about it, too.\"


Bookstore Subpoenas and the First Amendment

Julie Hilden has written an article at FindLaw about the increasing frequency of bookstores, both online and off, being subpoenaed to turn over customer purchase records to prosecution attorneys. She makes reference to an Ohio case in which was subpoenaed to release the purchase records of Ohio customers who bought certain erotic audio CDs. (That Article available at More from FindLaw


Supreme Court To Hear Internet Copyright Challenge

Hiawatha Bray writes...

\"A New Hampshire man\'s challenge to the federal copyright law is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And if Eric Eldred of East Derry is victorious, the nation\'s recording companies, book publishers, and movie studios could lose control of vast libraries of intellectual property worth billions of dollars.\"

AT&T Sued for Profiting from USF (E-Rate) Charges

USA Today is reporting that AT&T has raised their USF
(E-Rate) charge to nearly double what the federal government mandates. The company is being sued, as a result. According to an attorney involved in the case, \"If successful, the case could result in an award of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.\" More


Queens, NY Public Libraries Face Deep Cuts

From the New York Daily News:

Queens Library will need to reduce its staff by 200 full-time positions and cut hours at most of its branches, its executive director warned yesterday.

Under the city\'s preliminary budget for fiscal year 2003, the library is facing \"the single largest funding reduction ever in the history of the Queens Library,\" Gary Strong said at a hearing of the Queens Borough Board on the budget . . .


Bush\'s \'Shallow Credentials\' Cited in UCLA LIS Student Protest

From the UCLA Daily Bruin:

Despite being 3,000 miles away, Laura Bush fueled debate between administrators and students who objected to the possibility of having the first lady speak at this year\'s commencement ceremony.

Students in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies met with Dean Aimee Dorr on Friday to demand that she rescind the invitation to Bush.

\"The commencement speaker should speak to us based on achievements in the field,\" she said. \"(Bush) has no merit.\"

Watford then read a quote in which Bush allegedly admitted to becoming a librarian to expand her dating circle . . .



Really Hot Librarians

Brock writes \"I wanted to pass along this link which contains a photo of the new Honda Accord and includes text comparing the new model to a \'really hot librarian.\' \"

You\'ve probably seen it before, but just in case, there it is again. If you are actually looking for \"really hot librarians\", try This Guy or anyone on This Page.


Circulation Statistics Up

Genie Tyburski writes \"I haven\'t seen this posted and it looks like an article of potential interest to your audience. Library Journal illustrates how library lending statistics are up and suggests why that is the case.

See The Full Story \"

They say average circulation, which dipped in 1999 and barely rose in 2000, has leapt up a robust 2.9 percent. Reasons? Increasing population, better book budgets, longer hours, the ease of reserving from home, better promotion, better programming, marketing and merchandising.


Child pornography found, library computers seized

Found out about this one from Library Stuff:

After printouts of child pornography were found in a garbage can, police seized 26 computers from a library in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. A police spokesman said the authorities also grabbed a library security videotape and "a list of those who returned or checked out items."

Story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Entertainment Public Performance Movie Copyright Compliance for Public Libraries

The following was posted to a listserv and is being submitted verbatim (so to speak).$presentations/movliclib.pdf
\"ST. LOUIS - Movie Licensing USA, Licensing Agent for Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, DreamWorks, Columbia, Sony, MGM and other major motion picture studios, now provides Movie Copyright Compliance Site Licensing to public libraries for the public performance of entertainment videos. The Movie License ensures copyright compliance for showing of films in the library facilities which were produced by the studios represented.

Library: the most powerful tool on the planet

Someone passed along This Fine Story from over at Kuroshin.

\"In short, I would like to say that perhaps I would be happier if I had never been to a public university with a proper library of 2 million volumes, with good databases and interlibrary loan. I would never know that I was missing anything, I would have no conception that the rich people in large cities have access to actual research facilities that the poor and the distant could only dream of. I would have no knowledge of the brutal and disgusting disparity between those who think it is OK for them to decide everything for the rest of us, who hoard the truth for thesmelves, and the poor schleps who must live with whatever goggle eyed elitist decisions they come up with, while we sit around blabbering with half baked ideas that we can only research so far before we run up against \'copyright: you cannot view this\' or \'this material is unavailable to you\'.



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