Virgina Hamilton Dead at 65

Someone passed along This NYTimes Obit on Virginia Hamilton, Writer for Children.

They say \" an internationally recognized writer for children whose work celebrated the African- American experience as an essential component of American life, died yesterday in Dayton, Ohio. She was 65 and lived in Yellow Springs, Ohio.\"


Digitized Linus Pauling Research Notebooks Available

Images of Pauling\'s 1922-1994 notebooks from the Oregon State University Library:

As with many scientists, Linus Pauling utilized bound notebooks to keep track of the details of his research as it unfolded. A testament to the remarkable length and diversity of Dr. Pauling\'s career, the Pauling Papers holdings include forty-six research notebooks spanning the years of 1922 to 1994 and covering any number of the scientific fields in which Dr. Pauling involved himself. In this regard, the notebooks contain many of Pauling\'s laboratory calculations and experimental data, as well as scientific conclusions, ideas for further research and numerous autobiographical musings.

The entire collection will be available by 2/28/02. The library has also assembled an exhibit to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Pauling\'s birth.


Microsoft Ordered to Release Windows Code to Opponents

The BBC is reporting that a Supreme Court judge has ordered Microsoft to hand over to legal opponents, the code to its famous Windows operating system. Microsoft is trying to avoid releasing the code. More


Clinton Library Woos Blacks After Destruction of Slave Landmark

\"Despite the demolition of an African-American landmark on the grounds of Bill Clinton\'s future presidential library, library officials are now openly wooing black tourists and businesses. But Phyllis Berry Myers, president of the Centre for New Black Leadership, told CNSNews the Clinton library\'s current efforts to attract
African-Americans \'cannot make up for the disrespectful and disgraceful destruction\' of the African-American landmark known as the Choctaw Terminal. \'Clinton is always alluding to \'preserving his legacy;\' yet, he dismissed the legacy of former slaves as \'of no use to anybody,\' said Myers.\" More

Who is responsible for Children In The Library

uible writes \"
For the last six months Adena Wilson\'s 15-year-old son has been going to the Westerville Public Library. She thought he was improving his mind. Then she found the porn pictures he had dowloaded while using the library computers. According to his mother, \"[he] had never seen pictures like that until he was here.\"

Westerville Public Library\'s Don Barlow explained that the filter used by the library is site specific, in order not to wholesale block sites. Barlow also pointed out that parents have the responsibility of policing their children, not the library. The mother contends that at the library, the library is responsible (she claims responsibility when he is home).

There is also a survey on the same page about who is responsible for keeping children away from pornography on the Internet - parents, librarians, filters, or combination of the three. At this point the run-away favorite is parents, then combination of the three. Librarians - 0%! \"
Full Story

Web rage hits the internet

The BBC has a Story on \"Web Rage\".

More than half of all internet users admit to losing their \"rag\" with the net at least once a week, according to a MORI study.

High on people\'s stress meter is the length of time it takes websites to appear, help buttons that do not offer any help and requests for personal details before being allowed into a site.

Check out if you need to relax.


Copyright Debate Getting Hotter

From Wired News...
\"Copies of old books, movies and songs are being lost before they can be archived because Congress has over-reached its authority by extending copyright terms on creative works. Hundreds of thousands of works will be kept from the public domain for another 20 years unless the statute is overturned.\" More
Still More

Michael Moore On Tour

Michael Moore is hitting the road in support of Stupid White Men:

On Tuesday, populist filmmaker-writer Michael Moore will start out on a 13-city book tour that almost never happened - for a book that was nearly shredded.

The saga of \"Stupid White Men\" (HarperCollins), Moore\'s book lampooning President George W. Bush as well as much of Establishment America, is one of a major U.S. publisher flirting with self-censorship in the wake of Sept. 11.
\"They wanted me to pay for the privilege to censor myself!\" Moore says. \"Suddenly, you\'re in Kafka-land.\"

It\'s also a tale of how an intransigent author, a host of angry e-mail-writing librarians and a nascent outcry within the publishing world itself turned the contretemps into a 1st Amendment triumph - and the book itself into a best seller . . .

More from The Chicago Tribune.


Michigan Library Explores User Fees

From Michigan Live:

The Hudsonville Library Board has adopted a schedule of user fees to be imposed on patrons who live outside the city limits.

Commissioner Arlen Dykema, who serves on the Library Board, told the City Commission last week the Library Board expects to begin a system of user fees by July 1 \"to give us time to look it over and adjust it a little bit.\"

The board began investigating user fees last fall when Library Director Melissa Huisman noted that nearly half the library\'s circulation was to non-residents, primarily Georgetown Township residents. While Hudsonville residents pay $1 million for library operations, no funds are received from neighboring municipalities whose residents use the library.


New Generation of Video Games Promote Hate Group Agenda

I thought this was a little bizarre...

\"Hate groups are increasingly using racist and anti-Semitic computer games to recruit young people, the Anti-Defamation League charged in a report released Tuesday. \"Ethnic Cleansing,\" \"Shoot the Blacks\" and \"Concentration Camp Rat Hunt\" were some of the titles studied by the ADL. The objective of these first-person shooters are predictably similar, to kill as many non-whites, Jews and everyone else they hate as possible. The proliferation of so called white power games, which can be bought or downloaded online, is part of a larger strategy by extremists to recruit younger members, according to the ADL.\"


Schroeder Speaks: On Copyright Protection, More

The latest issue of Book Publishing Report has an Interview With Pat Schroeder. Access is via subscription, so I haven\'t read the interview yet, though it may show up on Lexis Nexis at some point. Can anyone point to another (free) source?

In a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on a variety of publishing-related subjects, including why ad gurus won’t take publishers’ money, why John Adams gives her hope and why Pearson chief executive Marjorie Scardino is \'a puffball\'.\"


Technology changes role of librarian

Here\'s Another \"Technology changes the role of the librarian\" story we\'ve been seeing all over the place lately. The stories are no doubt goof PR for all of us.

\"The fact we offer Internet usage brings in a totally different clientele,\" Chaudoin said Wednesday. \"We have about 25 to 30 people in here using computers this morning.\"


Open Source Book Collaboration

Wired has a Little Blurb on Douglas Rushkoff\'s Exit Strategy.

The book is being published in print with footnotes contributed by readers of the free e-book version published last July. More than a thousand people around the world participated in the project, with a disproportionate number from Croatia, Rushkoff said.

\"Open source means to prove that collaboration works better than authority, or private authorship, for that matter. Universal autonomy beats slavery to absolutes,\" he said. \"It\'s the point of the book, too. What my modern-day Joseph learns is that people who build pyramids are slaves -- whether they\'re physical pyramids or investment ones.\"

Overweight truck fines And Libraries

I post This One because I am suprised to learn overweight truck fines account for 15 percent of the Monroe County, MI Library System\'s budget. For some reason the fines fell last year to their lowest level since 1989.

Is this at all common, do other public libraries find funding from such sources?


Filtering Smut In Public Libraries

The Tampa Tribune has An Editorial that says a bill approved by a FL state House committee that forces any public library that provides computers used by children to install filters to block certain Internet sites goes to far, and libraries are local institutions, and they protect children from pornography in different ways.


internet archive et al argue copyright to supreme court

Ryan writes: \"If it wasn\'t for the purportedly archaic copyright law, argues law professor Mark Lemley, representing the non-profit Internet Archive, \"digital archives could inexpensively make the other 9,853 books published in 1930 available to the reading public starting in 2005,\" he wrote. If the law \"still stands, we must continue to wait, perhaps eternally, while works disappear and opportunities vanish.\"

Brief filed by Archive and friends.

NYT Story, Login may be needed before long; wasn\'t at 11.40 this morning, don\'t know how long it takes \'fore this is no longer breaking news.

Gary Price pointed to a number of see also\'s over on his Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk.


March Issue of <i>Cites & Insights</i> Available

The March issue of Cites & Insights is available:

March 2002: Vol. 2 No. 4 (16 pages)

  • Get Outta Town!
  • Bibs & Blather
  • Feedback and Following Up
  • Text-e Part II
  • The Good Stuff
  • DisContent: Getting the Context
  • Ebooks and Etext
  • Trends and Quick Takes
  • Topic: 

    Intellectual Property Ecology

    Troy Johnson writes \" Good article on ecology of intellectual property that discusses how the oppossing sides of the intellectual property debate may have shared interest that they need to look out for. The shared interest are similar to how bird watchers and bird hunters have a shared interest in preserving birds.

    Spam Spam Spam Spam

    LLRX writes \" We have a Review of SPAMEATER, M. Sean Fosmire reviews an application that works by scanning e-mail messages as they are queued on the POP3 server, and applying a series of defined filters before the mail is downloaded. New on for February 15, 2002 \"

    A Related Story explains the Origin of the term \"spam\" to mean net abuse.


    Harry Potter banned in United Arab Emirates

    The Star Says The United Arab Emirates has banned 26 books from private school curriculums, including Harry Potter, and \"Animal Farm\".The ministry warned private schools to abide by its decision and required them to present a list of books to be taught to students.



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