Locating old podcast episodes

I've been away at a job with an employer that is in the middle of a crisis. The crisis has been getting worse and frankly I have not been keeping on top of much of anything. When alternative download formats for podcasts were being rolled out, Archive.org was used for storage. Essentially that acts as our backup. Since the iTunes Music Store has dropped the podcast listing for the time being, users looking for old episodes can visit Archive.org to find more.

As to rebooting the podcast(s), we need to take things one step at a time. I need to ride out the crisis with my current employer as it is. Whether or not my current employer survives the crisis is thankfully not up to me.

Harvard Library’s “Cold Storage”

Last month, the Harvard MetaLAB released Cold Storage, a mini-documentary about the Harvard Depository (HD), a 127,000-square-foot “guarded compound” 25 miles from campus where approximately 9 million of Harvard Library’s lesser-used books, pamphlets, records, etc. are stored in a space reminiscent of Home Depot.  

From Harvard Library’s “Cold Storage” - The Fine Books Blog

11 Of The Coolest Librarians From Pop Culture

If that clichéd version of a librarian doesn’t sound familiar, you must be one of the lucky ones who knows the cardigan-wearing, tea-drinking, bright-eyed mistresses of the Dewey Decimal system. Your kind of librarian helps you find just the right book every time, and she always winks as she waves your late fee. Whether you know the crotchety, nightmare-inducing vision from your high school or the soft voice and vanilla-scented angel from the days of early reading, most people think of one these conventions when they think of librarians.

From 11 Of The Coolest Librarians From Pop Culture, Because Not Every Librarian Is Like the One From Your High School | Bustle


In the first Hebrew city, a final farewell to Yiddish

What he learned in that advertisement was that the Tel Aviv municipal library would be giving away its entire Yiddish book collection – an opportunity, from his standpoint at least, that could not be missed. “I came with an empty suitcase, and I plan to fill it entirely with these books,” says Kleiner, who hails from Dusseldorf, where he began learning Yiddish about five years ago. What he’s mainly in the market for, he reports, are Yiddish-language biographies and diaries.

From In the first Hebrew city, a final farewell to Yiddish - Jewish World Features - Israel News | Haaretz


Why we can't live without books in pictures and words

Children’s authors and illustrators including Chris Riddell, Michael Morpurgo and Rachel Renee Russell tell us why they can’t live without books, as part of our World Book Day celebrations

From Why we can't live without books in pictures and words | Children's books | The Guardian


How the Disabled Benefit from Libraries

All across America, public libraries are either closing or having their funding reduced to such a level that their futures remain uncertain. The effect these closings will have on the wider public remains unclear, though it’s guaranteed not to be good.

And for the disabled people who depend on libraries to provide a slice of normality in a life that already faces enough uphill battles, where will they turn?

From How the Disabled Benefit from Libraries | Reading, Writing, Research

Woman who performed sex acts at library fired

The rules include no men or minors on camera for any reason and no "actions that may be deemed obscene in your community," according to the website.

From Woman who performed sex acts at library fired | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun

Reviving the Library in Greece: The Future Is Now for the Future Library Network and the INELI-Balkans Project

The importance of this is astronomical for the people as a whole and for the revival of the country's library community, in particular. Since its inception four years ago, the Future Library Network of public and municipal libraries in Greece has prospered and advanced all manner of learning, creativity, technological understanding and innovation. It currently consists of 140 Public and Municipal Libraries, with 7,354 individual members and has renovated 8 children's libraries in Central Macedonia and established 9 Media Labs across the country. It's hosted over 9,800 events in more than 100 Greek cities which have drawn in over 300,000 participants. It's also organized training programs for "future librarians" and has distributed approximately 50,000 books and all matter of technological equipment to over 120 libraries nationwide. Its yearly Summer Campaign has so far hosted 8,402 activities and events for 200,000 children aimed at promoting Reading & Creativity.

From Reviving the Library in Greece: The Future Is Now for the Future Library Network and the INELI-Balkans Project | Sara Lee Bentley


The Anti-Information Age

Two beliefs safely inhabit the canon of contemporary thinking about journalism. The first is that the Internet is the most powerful force disrupting the news media. The second is that the Internet and the communication and information tools it has spawned—like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook—are shifting power from governments to civil society and to individual bloggers, netizens, or citizen journalists.

It is hard to disagree with these two beliefs. Yet they obscure evidence that governments are having as much success as the Internet in disrupting independent media and determining what information reaches society.

From The Anti-Information Age - The Atlantic


Three Emerging Digital Platforms for 2015 | Fail!lab

‘Twas a world of limited options for digital libraries just a few short years back. Nowadays, however, the options are many more and the features and functionalities are truly groundbreaking.

From Three Emerging Digital Platforms for 2015 | Fail!lab


Actually Stoll's 1995 anti-Internet column was amazingly on-target

Stoll predicted that the Web would be a fount of misleading information and outright lies, that it would be oversold as a tool for education and governing, and that it would isolate people more than bring them together. "A network chat line is a limp substitute for meeting friends over coffee," he wrote. "No interactive multimedia display comes close to the excitement of a live concert. And who'd prefer cybersex to the real thing?"

From Actually, that 'off target' 1995 anti-Internet column was amazingly on-target - LA Times


Yale first institution in the country to actively collect VHS tapes

Yale has become the first institution in the country to actively collect VHS tapes, thanks to the initiative of Kaplanoff Librarian for American History David Gary and Aaron Pratt GRD ’16. Although the collection, which arrived late last week, is wide-ranging, a large portion consists of horror-genre movies, and most of the movies are from the 1970s and 80s.

From Library acquires 2,700 VHS tapes | Yale Daily News

Douglas Adams made me a writer: Neil Gaiman salutes his friend and inspiration

Paying tribute to his genius at the annual Douglas Adams lecture, writer explains how meeting the Hitchhiker’s Guide author at 22 changed his life

From Douglas Adams made me a writer: Neil Gaiman salutes his friend and inspiration | Books | The Guardian


Cosplay, Comics & Geek Culture in the World of Librarians

For all you comics geeks.

Graphic novel and comic book fans are book lovers, so it is no surprise that libraries and librarians are portrayed fairly frequently in all sorts of graphic works. Here are some comics that feature libraries and librarians and are perfect for some light reading or for a fun library display.

Not As Cool As *Real* Librarians, But...

Bustle.com references 11 of the coolest pop culture librarians in this piece.

“Richard Tyler, consider this your passport to the wonderful and quite unpredictable world of books.” Have truer words about a library card ever been spoken? The Pagemaster’s librarian Mr. Dewey, whose mystic, alternate form is the Keeper of the Books and Guardian of the Written World, is eccentric to say the least, but he knows just how magical of a place a library can be. Plus, hes nice enough to bend the rules and let you check out as many books as you want… just this once, of course.

Tammy 2, Parks and Recreation

She might be criminally insane, but I’ll be damned if Tammy Swanson, the oversexed Deputy Director of Library Services from Parks and Recreation, isn’t the most hilarious librarian in the history of librarians. A master seductress and queen manipulator, she is certainly the kind of librarian that would liven up your book club.

In Praise of Libraries | The Rotarian

“The library is especially valuable to people as they grow older,” she says. “You cannot overstate this. Maybe you’re sitting at home, all alone. Maybe you don’t get that many visitors anymore. So you come here. When you go to the library, you see children, families, people of all age groups. It makes you feel that you are part of a community.” She pauses.

“In the library, you get to feel that you are part of something bigger than yourself. It’s life.”

From In Praise of Libraries | The Rotarian


The library card - The Lancet

Thanks to Lee for passing this one along!

I keep coming back to the library card. Why did he have it? What did he do at the library? Did he surf the Internet, or check out books? Did he look at newspapers? Or did he just go to the library to escape the elements, to sit in a quiet place, where everything was calm?

From The library card - The Lancet

Burn After Reading

In 1971, William Powell published The Anarchist Cookbook, a guide to making bombs and drugs at home. He spent the next four decades fighting to take it out of print.

From [Special Feature] | Burn After Reading, by Gabriel Thompson | Harper's Magazine


What Reading Does for the Mind

Lack of exposure and practice on the part of the less skilled reader delays the development of automaticity and speed at the word recognition level. Slow, capacity-draining word recognition processes require cognitive resources that should be allocated to comprehension. Thus, reading for meaning is hindered; unrewarding reading experiences multiply; and practice is avoided or merely tolerated without real cognitive involvement.

From What Reading
Does for the Mind
[PDF Link]
Via Reddit

Stephen King’s Reading List for Writers

As you scan this list, please remember that I’m not Oprah and this isn’t my book club. These are the ones that worked for me, that’s all. But you could do worse, and a good many of these might show you some new ways of doing your work. Even if they don’t, they’re apt to entertain you. They certainly entertained me.

From Stephen King’s Reading List for Writers | Aerogramme Writers' StudioStephen King's Reading List for Writers



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