Book Drop Bomb


According to this article from Denver Post, someone put a pipe bomb in a library book drop.\"On the sidewalk near the library\'s main doors, police found a message spray-painted in black: \"If you don\'t stop your harassment you will be murdered,\" Thomas said.\"

\"Library officials were at a loss to explain what might have motivated the bomb or the message, or if the two acts were connected.\"

\"We can\'t say for certain that it was the same person,\" said library spokeswoman Anya Breitenbach. \"Also, we can\'t pinpoint the motivation. I\'ve talked, at length, with our security director and he said, \"No, there haven\'t been any incidents that could be tied to this.\'- \"

\"The library closed at 5 p.m. Saturday and isn\'t open on Sundays.\"

\"The bomb, described as about 18 inches long, was discovered by a custodian at about 7:40 a.m., before the library opened. Police searched for evidence in the library, which was declared clear of danger and opened at 10 a.m.\"

\"Sgt. Dave Marker of the bomb squad said the device could have caused death or injury to anyone nearby if it had exploded.\"

\"They can be really sensitive. Sometimes it doesn\'t take much to set them off. They could go off with heat, shock or friction,\" Marker said.\"

\"He said it\'s unlikely a book dropped into the chute would have set off the bomb.\"

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