Free Speech Fettered


ABC News
had a rather interesting show on the other day. Free Speech
covered the new wave of attacks on the
1st Ammendment. The show was almost hard to
watch, due to what it covered, and
the web site does a good job covering most of what
was on the TV that night. The Chat
is pretty interesting.

need to pay close attention to such questions and be
aware of efforts by powerful people in government and
private institutions who believe it is their duty to curb
offensive language with speech codes or bans on
certain kinds of behavior.More from ABCNews

\" “In America
today, a dangerous new commandment has appeared:
‘Thou shalt not hurt others with words.’” he says. “This
is a terrible idea; it’s a threat to liberty and even

     Others, however, reject criticism of their efforts to
draw limits around certain kinds of expression. Rep.
Bob Barr, R-Ga., for instance, defends those who have
voted to ban flag burning: “We are not limiting free
speech,” he says. “We are limiting offensive conduct.”
Stossel focuses on several controversial cases in
which free speech has collided with someones’ ethical,
political or moral sensibilities and led to fierce debates
about the freedom and its discontents. Such debates
are neither new, nor likely to disappear; but they do
seem to animate fundamental contradictions in our
ideas about what makes America a free nation.

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