Nancy Drew Gets a Makeover


Taking a clue from her retail pal, Barbie, Nancy Drew is putting away her wool plaid skirt and gee-whiz attitude and taking a giant step into the 21st century. According to this article in the Northwest Indiana Times, Nancy will now be "getting about in an environmentally friendly gas/electric car, using computers to solve her mysteries, and making current pop culture references that will make her more relevant to her latest fans." The new Nancy is being launched this month with a news series of four paperback titles.

Tucked in a booth with galpals Paris Hilton and Courtney Love at an after-Oscars party, Drew rolled her eyes when asked about a possible hook-up with the Hardy brothers. "Nice guys, but they are soooo 1940s. I offered to give them the number of my stylist, but they're working with the Queer Eye guys."


Pop culture dates *very* fast.Yes, she should get new technology, but it should be vaguely modern. High gas mileage car, or alt-fuel would be good. Citing a particular MPG == bad. Using computers and databases == good, using a pentium chip == bad. Using a sony memory stick == bad.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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