NYTimes Site Pulls Rall as Editorial Cartoonist


Saying that his work did not fit "the tone" of the NYTimes.com website, the editorial cartoons of Ed Ralls have been cut from the site. Ralls claims that the organization caved into pressure from conservatives who didn't like his work. Ralls is the guy who raised a collective gasp over his 9/11-themed 2002 cartoon satirizing "terror widows." More here from Editor and Publisher. Ralls' cartoons and columns are at TedRall.com.


can be found here (story)

Everyone knows the NYT is liberal biased and hates America.

Actually it may be a little more complex than that. They have had a new ombudsman for a while now, triggered in part by the Jayson Blair scandal. I think they are re-evaluating many aspects of the paper's operation. That was certainly my sense when I corresponded with the new ombudsman over Maureen Dowd's column referring to the Australians, Poles, and others in the Iraq coalition as "poodles". (In case you are wondering, I made it clear that I did not object to opinions different from mine being published in the paper--e.g. I wasn't objecting to Krugman's columns--rather, I wondered if her writing really met the journalistic standards the NYT espouses.) After I initially emailed, I was really surprised (and impressed) to receive email from the man himself.

Damn Liberal Media

Has it occured to anyone else that perhaps Rall wasn't satirizing the terror widows but the view the cynics have of them as greedy and grasping?

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