Dusty Books=Lung Cancer,Heart Attack

An Anonymous Patron writes "Hassan Bolourchi has a site dedicated to the health hazard of book dust. He says many librarians who work with dusty books suffer from different illnesses related to book dust. Some of these illnesses like allergy problems and asthma are well known and librarians are aware of them. This new study proposes that long-time exposure to book dust can cause many illnesses like lung cancer, heart attack, allergy, asthma, skin problem, depression, etc."


When I was cleaning out the files, office and back room of the library I took over in 1986, I found little flat ceramic dishes. Apparently, they were "equipment" for measuring dust. Can any library historian verify that for me? My own library shelves at home are probably more dusty than most public libraries who have paid staff to take care of those details.

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