The COPA Commission Reports


A Report from Wired on the final hearings at the COPA Commission. They seem to think the problem (Porn on the web) has gotten worse, and the technology to stop it (filters) has gotten better. This leads them to believe the injunction should be lifted and the law should be enforced.

\"If the government can establish that the problem has gotten worse and that the technology has gotten much better, it then becomes easier for the government to prevail,\" More from Wired

\"Torres said the court relied on facts available at the time, October 1998. The Internet landscape and technologies are much different now, Torres said, and more helpful to the government\'s case. Filtering technology has improved and the porn industry has gotten more aggressive, using mouse-traps and bait-and-switch techniques, he said.

The government\'s case would be more likely to survive constitutional scrutiny if it used a more narrowly tailored technological solution, Torres said.

The panel listened to an array of filtering technology and family-oriented website specialists pitch their wares and present testimony.

One proposal for keeping porn away from the eyes of children was to create a new .xxx top level domain.

\"A red-light district is really a compelling answer,\" said Robin Raskin of Family PC magazine. \"If you have pornographic material on your site you carry a .xxx domain. If you do not (use a .xxx domain), then perhaps you should be susceptible to the law.\"

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