King of the Quickies

So what is up with the book that is going to change the world? The Plant seems to be growing. Salon says that he is breaking even from sales. \" King has said he will keep writing as long as 75 percent of readers pay up. As of Monday, payment had either been promised or received for 76.4 percent of the 152,132 downloads of the first installment of \"The Plant\" in the first week of its availability online\"The NY Times has a story that says the same thing. So far so good, we may see the final chapter. I\'ve collected a few other stories related, read on for more.....Would You Pay $1 for this Article?
Intellectual says that King is making a good move \"...he may have hit on the first business model for supplying Internet content that has a chance of actually working in the sense of producing profits for the content owner. (It is just a bit of extra satisfaction that in this case the content owner is also the artist.)\"

Will Stephen King change the publishing industry?
From CNET\"\"The King example is an interesting one, but I\'m not sure whether it is likely to change, except in limited circumstances, the information-business model we\'ve seen emerging on the Web,\" said Wharton legal studies professor Dan Hunter. \"There are a few information providers who operate in an environment of price insensitivity for their product. The Wall Street Journal is one, and many porn providers are another. These providers are, however, the exception.\"

King \'Plants\' News on His Site reports that there is one way to get news on the site, go to the site.\"in order for the press to get that news they had to do the same thing as King fans: visit King\'s website.
King explained in a letter posted on his site: \"The people who drive this and are paying their dollars are the people who visit this website, not the people who necessarily read The New York Times or watch CNN. Good or bad, you deserve the news first, you deserve to read it here, and that\'s the way it is going to play out. For the time being, just let me reiterate that this experiment seems to be working. I am delighted.\"

Stephen King\'s online book sales wilt
The Register had this to say on Kings latest ebook last week. The Plant, which King is flogging at $1 per chapter, attracted just 41,000 customers at its cyber-debut on Monday. King said he would not be giving out any more figures until July 31.

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